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Concrete Examples of How Video Games Normalize Violence Against Women. CLIP: Dragon Age: Origins “Grab a whore and have a good time” Welcome to the second part of our mini-series examining the Women as Background Decoration trope in video games.

Concrete Examples of How Video Games Normalize Violence Against Women

Women Can't Talk About Sports on the Internet Without Receiving Threats of Sexual Violence. It's March, which means that the fanfare surrounding the wildly popular college basketball tournament March Madness has hit a fever pitch.

Women Can't Talk About Sports on the Internet Without Receiving Threats of Sexual Violence

For some sports fans, however, the hullaballoo comes with a side of sexual harassment. Actress Ashley Judd, who has been active in Hollywood for more than two decades, is also a die-hard University of Kentucky Wildcats fan. While watching her team play the University of Arkansas Razorbacks on Sunday, Judd posted a since-deleted tweet that suggested the Razorbacks were playing dirty — an act that apparently triggered an avalanche of online abuse, much of which was sexual in nature. Judd then retweeted one of the messages, from a user whose account is no longer active: A Feminist Ranking of Female Superheroes. As a bonus, the book's current creative team is outspoken in their love for feminism and diversity in comics, and they responded incredibly well to some recent controversy over their representation of trans characters (which, while imperfect, shows they're trying and listening to communities traditionally under-represented in comics).

A Feminist Ranking of Female Superheroes

Plus, Babs Tarr's art makes the Burnside crew look like they belong in the next episode of Broad City. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon & Leslie Jones Are Your New Ghostbusters. The all-female cast of the "Ghostbusters" reboot has reportedly been chosen: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and "SNL" stars Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are negotiating to star in the film, which Paul Feig will direct.

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon & Leslie Jones Are Your New Ghostbusters

Representatives for the actresses did not return HuffPost Entertainment's immediate request for comment. Feig, however, tweeted the following photo just before The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on Tuesday: Paul Feig Says 'Ghostbusters' Backlash Is 'Vile, Misogynistic Sh*t' Paul Feig is not pleased with the sexist reactions to his upcoming female-led "Ghostbusters.

Paul Feig Says 'Ghostbusters' Backlash Is 'Vile, Misogynistic Sh*t'

" While at SXSW for his new comedy, "Spy," the director opened up to Variety about the way many on the Internet responded to the film's announcement. "The Internet is really funny -- I love it, but I hate it at the same time. The first wave when you make an announcement like that is overwhelmingly positive," Feig said. "Then comes the second wave and you’re like, Oh my God. Some of the most vile, misogynistic sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life.” Hath No Fury. The Female Thor Is Already A Playable Video Game Character. 5 Secret Feminist Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice in 'Portal' The two Portal games are memorable for their clever physics puzzles, funny writing that's been run into the ground by Internet memes, a cooperative campaign that ruins friendships, and a popular female protagonist who doesn't serve as eye candy.

5 Secret Feminist Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice in 'Portal'

That last one isn't as unusual these days as it once was, but we think Portal goes deeper into feminism than you probably realize. Amidst the killer robots and hyper-masculine scientists is a clever exploration of a woman's struggle in a male-dominated culture, and we're not just saying that because your only weapon is a gun that shoots vagina metaphors. If you think we're reading too much into it, well, give us a chance to make our case: #5. The Female Main Character Is a Blank Slate (In a Good Way) Valve Corporation. Fantastic Redesigns Of Women Characters By Women Science Fiction Artists.

I like some of these re-designs and particularly the improvements in the armored characters.

Fantastic Redesigns Of Women Characters By Women Science Fiction Artists

Some of the "martial artist" characters would suffer a bit from being changed into loose-fit clothing that provides convenient hand-holds for grapplers, but perhaps the freedom of movement would even that out (not ever having worn spandex, I would not know if it is, in fact, restrictive of movement). I would like to point out that several of the re-designs are not costume re-designs, but physical alterations of the characters. The Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. Today, newer forms of media such as video games and social platforms are duplicating the traditional media perspective in their depiction of women to some extent by also emphasizing their physical features and reinforcing the notion that they are weaker than men.

The Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change

Research by Canada’s Center for Digital and Media Literacy finds a correlation between the objectification and victimization of women in video games and violence against them. The study quotes media psychologist Dr. The plight of the bitter nerd: Why so many awkward, shy guys end up hating feminism. I feel your pain, bitter, lonely, nerdy guys.

The plight of the bitter nerd: Why so many awkward, shy guys end up hating feminism

I really do. It sounds corny to say it like that, but I don’t know how to say it and be believed. I know that because, having experienced this emotion from the inside for most of my life, I sure as hell resisted believing it when I heard people saying it. There’s no one more resistant to being empathized with or more prone to call attempts to do so “patronizing” than the bitter lonely guy, especially when women try to do it but even when other nerdy guys try to reach out. People like Captain Awkward and Dr. Bikini Armor Battle Damage. Glatingloben asked: What if I just think Final Fantasy has bad costume design in general, regardless of sex?

Bikini Armor Battle Damage

Or damn near any Square game? Is it okay to think that? Seems to me it’s okay to think that, especially since we very much agree that FF has LOTS of horrendous female costumes to offer as well.But it’s not so fine if you only voice that opinion with the male characters.It’s really suspicious how people get vocal with “I don’t like it because of bad design” only when a dude is shown in skimpy armor, even though there are plenty more ridiculous female costumes to pick apart. In the context of sexualized male armor, how much comparison do we actually have? Almost none.

"WTF is he wearing?" "Ewwww that design!" ... BOOB WARS AND DRAGON CROWNS (Jimquisition) Des fans de GTA V réclament le retrait de la Bible et de "50 nuances de Grey" des magasins. La réédition du jeu vidéo GTA V, qui permet à ses utilisateurs de voler, agresser, mutiler, assassiner des femmes mais aussi de tuer une prostituée afin de récupérer son argent après des relations sexuelles tarifées, a été retirée au début du mois des rayonnages des deux grandes chaînes de magasins Target et K-mart, en Australie.

[Ω #12] LES FILLES vs LES GEEKS. Blog féministe & geek. Les fans australiens de GTA V se vengent des magasins qui ont retiré le jeu de la vente. Game studies. Game studies or gaming theory is a discipline that deals with the critical study of games. More specifically, it focuses on game design, players, and their role in society and culture. Game studies is an inter-disciplinary field with researchers and academics from a multitude of other areas such as computer science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, arts and literature, media studies, communication, theology, and more. Like other media disciplines, such as television studies and film studies, game studies often involves textual analysis and audience theory. Des prostituées font bannir «GTA V» des rayons - Gamezone.

No correlation between game violence and real-world violence, says new study. Grand Theft Auto V retiré des rayons en Australie car il encouragerait les violences faites aux femmes. GTA V : Rockstar répond au retrait de la vente en Australie. Pourquoi GTA V a été banni des magasins australiens. Malia et Sasha Obama, l'odieuse attaque: 'Pas classe, grimaçantes, sans modèles' Solange Te Parle invitée d'Arrêt sur Images. Gamergate: the internet is the toughest game in town – if you’re playing as a woman. I haven’t always been the kind of man who plays videogames. I used to be the kind of boy who played videogames. We’re inseparable, games and I. Un troll vous menace de viol. Que faire ? Contacter sa maman peut-être - Rue89 - L'Obs. The gaming journalist who tells on her internet trolls – to their mothers. Those who wonder if women gaming journalists are still subject to sexist name-calling and threats of physical and sexual violence need only talk to 21-year old media and communications student Alanah Pearce.

When she’s not studying, Pearce is a video games journalist, reviewing for Australian radio stations (4ZZZ, Triple J) and television. She also has her own YouTube channel, which she believes may have been the prompt for a recent flurry of online abuse. “A while ago, I realised that a lot of the people who send disgusting or overly sexual comments to me over the internet aren’t adult males,” said Pearce from her company’s Brisbane base. The journalist had assumed her abusers were middle-aged men. “It turns out that mostly they’re young boys and the problem is they don’t know any better, so responding to them rationally didn’t resolve the situation.

Video Games, Misogyny, And Terrorism: A Guide To Assholes. As Gaming Editor here, I get to play a lot of video games. I love the gaming medium; I think it’s got the potential to define the 21st century as much as film defined the 20th. I also get to experience the gaming community and industry, which can be a wonderful place. There are a lot of genuinely positive people out there making groundbreaking interactive art, and similarly positive people playing it. Sony's pulled PS Vita ad is embarrassing for everyone. The Remote Play feature the PS4 shares with the PS Vita and Xperia Z series smartphones is a fun, if imperfect, little addition to the hardware's capabilities, especially when your TV needs some freeing up. We're glad it exists. But one of Sony's latest ads playing up the feature misses the mark by turning what should be fun into something a little sleazy. And what makes it worse is that Sony might be trying to do a halfway good thing here.

It should be noted first that Sony already pulled the ad from their YouTube channel, so they might have received some early criticism for running it. But we should still address it. Doctor - Playstation 4 Commercial. The gender inequality in core gaming is worse than you think. Statistics show that almost 50 percent of all gamers are women, but this information doesn’t tell the whole story. Playing an Action Video Game Reduces Gender Differences in Spatial Cognition. PLaying an Action Video Game reduces Gender Differnecies in spatial Cognition. ESA EF 2014. Les pratiques de consommation de jeux vidéo des Français complet. Les pratiques de consommation des jeux vidéo des Français. Le joueur de jeux vidéo moyen est un homme de 31 ans inactif. Le | • Mis à jour le | Par William Audureau Le Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC), qui finance une partie de la production française, a publié mardi 18 novembre une nouvelle étude sur la consommation de jeux vidéo des Français, dont un résumé illustré est en ligne ici.

Ellas también juegan, o por qué el machismo gamer no tiene ningún sentido. Sexisme dans le jeu vidéo. Women and video games. Gender representation in video games. The Mary Sue - The Nexus of Pop Culture and the Uncharted Universe. Sweden’s Gaming Industry Might Consider Adding “Sexist” Labels To Games. Geek Feminism Wiki. Frequently Answered Questions. Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor. Angry GamerGaters Telling Brianna Wu to Shut Up and Make Games, Not Realizing That’s Already Her Job.

Words are Power : un jeu féministe en campagne de sociofinancement. La journée 'Femmes et nouvelles technologies' du 6 novembre 2003 -ada. «Si on ose émettre un discours différent, on devient un ennemi» SR.pdf. Gender representation in video games.

GamerGate, harcèlement développeuses et féministes geek

How female representation in games affects women. Sexisme geek.