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Simple and Elegant Tips for Your Next Boudoir Shoot. In a world filled with the need to stay up to speed with the trending ways of shooting boudoir it is no surprise that it can be exhausting.

Simple and Elegant Tips for Your Next Boudoir Shoot

However keeping up does not always mean having to change the preferred style. Knowing how to keep current with techniques yet staying true to your signature look is not as daunting as it may seem. Rex Jones, located in Saint George, Utah caught the attention of this writer during a boudoir contest on the Fstoppers boudoir group. The simplicity and sheer elegance of his work with Lydia was refreshing to see after a influx of overtly sexual images becoming the new trend in boudoir photography. While this new trend has a beauty of its own, the elegance of Jones's work brought back the beauty in storytelling. The Secret to Crafting Stunningly Sharp Images and Preserving It Across Media. You probably know that getting your uploads to look sharp on screen, in print and on social media goes beyond resizing.

The Secret to Crafting Stunningly Sharp Images and Preserving It Across Media

Now, resizing is incredibly important in order to retain the optimum quality for sites such as Facebook, but there is an element far deeper than that and it is not often discussed. This is the secret to getting your images looking “sharper” no matter the medium. The Headshot Setup That Will Save You Time and Impress Your Clients. I call it the 3-in-1 Headshot Method.

The Headshot Setup That Will Save You Time and Impress Your Clients

As a professional photographer it is imperative that you are able to adapt to your surrounds and the needs of your clients. I run into a situation quite a bit where my client doesn't know exactly what they want out of their headshot session so it’s my job to give them multiple options. In many cases my clients are very busy and they may only have a few minutes to get the shots they need so that doesn't give me the time to tear down my set and build a whole new one just for one look.

Four Must Have Detail Shots in Your Next Boudoir Session. Detail shots are one of the most neglected shots I see missing from boudoir photographers portfolios.

Four Must Have Detail Shots in Your Next Boudoir Session

Not only do they compliment another image when placed in an album, they can help to create larger sales in the end. Keeping a mental note of which detail shots to not forget can help you in your flow during the session as well as helping you see another angle you might not have thought about before. In the last article about maximizing album spreads, the second note was on detail shots. If you have ever shot wedding you understand just how important a detail shot is to the bride and groom.

Mastering Lighting Volume 1 - GfxTimes: Full free download GFX. Fstoppers Reviews Nick Saglimbeni's Mastering Lighting: Volume One. If you are one of the thousands of professional and amauter photographers in the industry at some point you’ve probably hit a creative rut in your work.

Fstoppers Reviews Nick Saglimbeni's Mastering Lighting: Volume One

It happens to the best of us. Lighting setups can quickly become repetitive and boring after shooting for several months. If you’re looking for some inspiration and instruction on how to kick-start your creative lighting skills I might have the perfect tutorial for you. Before I get into the main portion of the "Mastering Lighting" tutorial review I do want to give you a little background into who Nick Saglimbeni and SlickforceStudio are. I’ve been following Nick’s work since early 2012 when I first became a writer for the site. Deconstructing The Light: Herb Ritts. As we’ve said before, the purpose of deconstructing the lighting in the works of famous photographers is to get a better grasp on unique lighting techniques so that we can apply them in our own way.

Deconstructing The Light: Herb Ritts

This particular shot of Madonna has really inspired me to gain a better use and control of hard light. Understanding and mimicking the rectangle of light that Madonna is positioned in made for a unique challenge. Strobepro Studio Lighting Photography Camera & Video Equipment Calgary. Video: A Simple Visual Explanation of Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO.

Prophotographygear. Lindsay Adler's Secret $10 DIY Lighting Tool For Photographers. Lindsay Adler has photographed for some of the worlds biggest fashion magazines, including InStyle, Elle, and Marie Claire, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t DIY her tools to get her shots to look exactly the way she needs them to.

Lindsay Adler's Secret $10 DIY Lighting Tool For Photographers

Today at Photo Week 2016, Lindsay walked us through how she lit the photo below, and one of the tools she used may or may not be a surprise: white foam core. Understanding the Basic Laws of Light and How to Use Them. 3 Essential Lighting Styles for Better Portraiture - ALC. Light is a necessary element for creating a photograph.

3 Essential Lighting Styles for Better Portraiture - ALC

That’s a given. There are several great ways to light someone, both indoors and outdoors, but when you get into studio lighting – where you can fully control color, quality, direction and intensity – the possibilities become endless. Loop lighting. Assign2-sports-and-action - Digital Photography. Always pacing, this lion at the San Francisco Zoo provided plenty of practice when learning to blur the background in a panning action shot.

assign2-sports-and-action - Digital Photography

Photo by Michael Broxton Motivation. Website Magically Turns B&W Photos Into Color Ones Using AI. Edelkrone - edelkrone. Kaldi Gourmet Coffee Roasters - Shopping Cart Contents. 5 Upgrades You Can Make To Your Photo Gear That Will Make Your Life Better. I can see it in your eyes!

5 Upgrades You Can Make To Your Photo Gear That Will Make Your Life Better

Excitement is brewing for some sort of fancy new lens or the latest camera body that breaks all the megapixel records. I know because I do the same thing! Surprisingly, though, in my experience it isn't the latest, fancy, glass that truly improves my photography, rather, I've found that making the right small upgrades tend to have a much more profound impact as they make the act of doing photography so much less of a hassle. Systemizing Versus Empathizing Tendencies in Boudoir Photography. When it comes to boudoir photography, everyone has their own opinion as to what constitutes as a boudoir session. It is soft and romantic? Is it edgy and seductive? Is it only meant to be seen by the clients partner? Free Photoshop Tutorials, Custom Shapes, Photo Effects, PSD Files and More. The Exposure Triangle Sucks, Here's Why. 3DBuildbox – 3D PRINT IN OVER 50 MATERIALS, EVEN GOLD! Photographer Sean Tucker Explains How To Capture Authentic Portraits Of People.

The War In Every Portrait is an interesting video from photographer Sean Tucker that explores the idea of capturing authentic moments in a portrait session. Tucker muses that there is a constant battle between the subject and the photographer. The goal is to find the kink in the armor of their exterior persona and expose the "real" person hidden inside. Inside the Home Studio with Tony Corbell. 1 Light Beauty Portrait Setup. I have a lot of respect for photographers who solely focus on beauty imagery. It’s definitely a skillset that I’ve been honing over the past few years, but ultimately one that I’ve come to develop an appreciation for.

However, beauty photography does not have to be terribly difficult. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create beautiful beauty lighting with a single studio strobe and a reflector. 5 DIY Tutorials and Gear Hacks for Filmmakers. Top image via Deakins Online We are big supporters of DIY filmmakers and hacked-together video equipment.

It’s problem solving at its finest. The Natural Light Portraiture & Retouching Guide. Photorealism Explained. Three Methods to Match Skin Tones in Photoshop. A question asked very often by photographers is "How do I fix red or mismatched skin tones in Photoshop? " As with everything in retouching there's hundreds of ways to achieve the same thing. So the question you're left with is, which is the most efficient method that has the best results. Dodge And Burn Secrets: Adobe Photoshop CS6. Understanding the Inverse-Square Law of Light. How to Reduce Noise Only in Shadows Using Photoshop's 'Blend If'

One Portrait Background to Rule Them All. Where studio portraiture often lacks in external interest and bokeh, it makes up for in image quality, clarity, and full light control. However, always shooting on a black or white backdrop is wildly limiting but having a whole host of different backdrops and changing them can be a pain in the proverbial. There is a much easier way to change your background completely in camera using only light and the right shade of gray. Understanding the Inverse-Square Law of Light. Understanding Color. Three Methods to Match Skin Tones in Photoshop. Dodge And Burn Secrets: Adobe Photoshop CS6. The Amazing Power of Frequency Separation Retouching in Photoshop. Tutorial: Basic Studio Lighting. How to create natural light with flash – Profoto. The weather, on the other hand, was exactly what you expect in early spring in the British countryside – cold, grey and windy.

It didn’t quite fit the look and feel Adam was going for. Zenit is Back! First Look at New 50mm f/0.95, 50mm f/1.2, and 85mm f/1.2. I Wish All Lighting Diagrams Were That Awesome. If you are doing anything that has to do with lighting, you know the value of Lighting Diagrams and setup shots as a teaching tool (we use them a lot here on DIYP). But usually they are boring photos with descriptions of flash settings and iso points.

Photo de nu et photo de charme. CamFi - Wireless Camera Controller. Shooting 7 Headshots on 1 Wall with 1 Model. 6 Tricks That Will Make You Look Great In Every Photo You Take. Bettina Rheims. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Bettina Rheims en 2004. Lauren Naylor Photography - Portfolio. Home - NIF Magazine. Natural Light with Sue Bryce. The world's best camera remote releases. 15 of the Best Cheat Sheets, Printables and Infographics for Photographers. Everyone loves cheat sheets, and photographers are no exception. 7 Must Know Tips To Improve Your Portrait Photography Blog.

“Photography is a passion. 7 Must Know Tips To Improve Your Portrait Photography Blog. The Rule of Thirds in Real Life: 21 Perfectly-Composed Photos. 5 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas You HAVE to Try. Picture-show-you-clearly-the-effects-aperture-shutter-speed-and-iso-images. Bodyscape by Anton Belovodchenko. Five Things Every Model Should Do Before a Shoot. Julia I by Galina Tcivina. London Based Photographer. Saint-Lothain. Light Blaster. LG 34UC97-S 34" UltraWide QHD Curved LED Backlit 34UC97-S. All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic]

Infographie : Nouvelles dimensions des images sur Facebook – 04/2014. The Ultimate Guide to Composition - Part One: Just Say "No"keh.