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X-Icon Editor. Lorempixum - placeholder images for every case. 50 Free PSD UI Kits and Templates for Web Designers. For every web designer, having a selection of pre-designed and editable web UI elements is key to organizing and optimizing work-flow.

50 Free PSD UI Kits and Templates for Web Designers

Not only do web UIs allow you to rapidly prototype multiple web pages with uniformity, they also aid your personal creativity by having each elements basic structure in-place allowing you to give each your own personal design touches. In this post we have 50 beautifully designed and editable pre-designed PSD UI kits, covering all of the major UI requirements of the modern web designer. You will find some basic kits that are perfect for small projects and we also have a huge selection of individual elements covering the more specialized areas of web design, including: Galleries, lightboxes, audio/video controls and players, calendars, specialized forms (contact, search, login…), progress bars, alert boxes… and much, much more.

Complete GUI Templates Simple UI Elements Download Page → Apple Styled UI Elements Download Page → Grayness UI Kit Download Page → - DrawAble Markup Language. 40 Useful Free Folder Icon Sets. Our computer is considered to be our personal library where our important documents are saved and organized.

40 Useful Free Folder Icon Sets

Hence, we tend to make our desktop personalized so as to make it more private and enticing. One of the usual items we see in computers are Folder icons where files are kept and saved. These icons, though small and seem irrelevant, plays an important role for computer-users everywhere. CSS Code Formatter and Optimizer. CSS Analyser. Contents Translations Spanish Version About this Service This service has been provided to allow you to check the validity of your CSS against the W3C's validation service, along with a colour contrast test, and a test to ensure that relevant sizes are specified in relative units of measurement.

CSS Analyser

If the CSS is specified by a URL, it will be loaded into the text area to offer an option to make changes for testing without having to re-upload. A special thank you to Roberto Scano who suggested extending the service to incorporate the validation of CSS, and validating units of measurement. [Back to the contents] Colour Contrast Guideline 2.2 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 requires that foreground and background colour combinations provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having colour deficits, or when viewed on a black and white screen.

CSS Compressor. Online CSS Optimiser / Optimizer. CSS SuperScrub. Code Beautifier:CSS Formatteur et Optimiseur basé sur CSSTidy. CSS Compressor - Online code compressor for Cascading Style Sheets. Clean CSS - A Resource for Web Designers - Optmize and Format your CSS. CSS Organizer. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator - CSS3 Generator. Kuler. DooWikis » Wikis for You or Your Website. PrefixMyCSS - Prefix your CSS3 code. Instantly! Générateur de Sprites CSS. CSS3 Generator - By Eric Hoffman & Peter Funk. Download git clone Instantiation jQuery( '.parallax-layer' ).parallax( options ); What does jquery.parallax do?

jParallax turns nodes into absolutely positioned layers that move in response to the mouse. With a bit of CSS you can either set up windows to see these layers through, or leave them free to roam about. The diagram on the right illustrates what jParallax does to the html: and here's a demonstration with some images: More demos demos/index.html demos/stalkbuttons.html - multiple parallax. demos/remotecontrol.html - parallax by remote control. demos/thumbnails.html - beautiful interactive thumbnails. demos/target.html - demonstrates how smoothly jParallax handles window resizing.

Using jParallax The default behaviour of jParallax is to show the whole width of a layer in response to the mouse travelling the whole width of the mouseport. Therefore, the simplest way to use jParallax is to make the layers different sizes using CSS. Options Layer Options Events Tips. A Hand-Coded Designer CSS UI Kit. Web UI sets have been around for ages, but this takes things a step further.

A Hand-Coded Designer CSS UI Kit

This free UI Kit is coded by hand using HTML5 and CSS3 so you can easily drop these elements into any project you're working on. This code is made to take advantage of modern browsers and to degrade gracefully in older versions of internet explorer, so no matter what your client or visitor is using they will be see an excellent design. Most major web elements are included -- buttons, tables, headings, etc -- and each of these is done in six color variations. Just pick the element you need, insert a few lines of CSS, and copy the HTML elements into your document. Full preview and instructions are below. Preview A screenshot of UI set is below, but to really see what this looks like you should take a look at the live preview. 6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Animations.

The long and illustrious history of moving pictures all started with the zoetrope.

6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Animations

Then there was the thaumatrope, the flip book, and my personal favorite, the phenakistoscope. And now we have (drumroll please): The Internet. People have been excited about moving pictures for ages. But achieving a passable animation has never been as easy or required as little talent as it does today. Previously, we made some suggestions for sites where you can get your webcomic on. 1. For animators who would rather put in a little time rather than settle for a mediocre movie, GoAnimate is the way to go. For almost every component, the website offers a choice between complete customization and a library of already configured objects.

There's also an interesting community feature similar to many social media sites. 4 More Free Web Design Tools and Resources. This post is a roundup of latest free web design resources released during the month of March.

4 More Free Web Design Tools and Resources

This collection includes patterns, icons, themes, and… Continue Reading → This post is a roundup of latest free web design resources released during the month of February. This collection includes ui kits, insignias, backgrounds,… Continue Reading → It’s a new(ish) year and maybe you want to impress with your business? Continue Reading → Artisteer - web design software and joomla template generator.