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A Busy Year–and It is Only February. By Bernard K.

A Busy Year–and It is Only February

Means, Director Today, as sufficient snow blankets Virginia for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to cancel classes, I thought I would take some of the time I normally use on commuting (one hour, each way, from my home) and talk about some of the activities of the Virtual Curation Laboratory (VCL) so far this year. We are only two months into the year, and we have already been quite busy. In the first part of the year, from January 7 to 11, I was at the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) annual meeting in Seattle, Washington.

I can say that it is amazing how many 3D printed artifacts one can fit in a suitcase and one’s carry-on baggage. I also participated in a panel and an education forum, both on January 10. Brainstorming in the Visualizing and Exhibiting Anthropology class. The next week, on January 12, classes began at VCU. VCL Interns, or ’90s Alternative Rock Band–You Decide! Like this: Like Loading... Chronos.

Bases de données artefacts

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Centre du patrimoine mondial - UNESCO

Voir Décision 30.COM 8D.1.


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Chantiers archéologiques

Archtools : Archaeology trowels and Equipment for Archaeologists. L'INRS en bref. Notre communauté 684 étudiants (automne 2013) 263 au 2e cycle 421 au 3e cycle 46,9 % femmes (321) 53,1 % hommes (363) 302 étudiants étrangers provenant de 47 pays 66 stagiaires postdoctoraux 2541 diplômés (18 juin 2014) Maîtrise : 1 832 Doctorat : 709 Ressources humaines (au 20 juin 2014) 150 professeurs 21 cadres 66 assistants et associés de recherche 371 professionnels, techniciens, personnel de bureau, métiers et services 4 centres de recherche Centre Eau Terre Environnement Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Centre INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier Centre Urbanisation Culture Société Programmes d'études 25 programmes de cycles supérieurs, dont 14 maîtrises et 8 doctorats, deux programmes courts et un DESS Recherche.

L'INRS en bref

Institute of Social and Economic Research. The Institute of Social and Economic Research, Faculty of Arts, of Memorial University of Newfoundland was established in 1961 to foster and undertake research into the many social and economic questions arising from the particular historic, geographic, and economic circumstances of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Institute of Social and Economic Research

While maintaining its focus on Newfoundland and Labrador, ISER supports comparative research. It encourages interdisciplinary as well as discipline-based research, and basic research as well as work with more immediate application. ISER's studies and research projects are pursued through a system of fellowships and research grants for approved projects. ISER also has grants available to support conferences that fall within its mandate. English colonial settlement in the North Atlantic world: the Calvert estates in Ireland and Newfoundland in the seventeenth century.

Summary of post doctoral research by Dr. Les Laboratoires d’Archéologie de l’Université Laval - Accueil.