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Dessinateur de presse

Cartoons for Africa! Victor Ndula. Victor Ndula has worked professionally for eight years, four of those freelancing and four as a fulltime editorial cartoonist for the Star.

Victor Ndula

Doodling early in his school books, Victor’s career path was firmly on course. Passionate about telling the African story through his cartoons, Every morning he is tasked with the responsibility of reminding, persuading, cajoling his readers to pay close attention to issues affecting them. As a cartoonist, Victor hopes his work will bring humor to our breakfast tables as he articulates pertinent issues without fear or favor. New York Times Cartoons. CartoonArts International maintains one of the world's most extensive cartoon archives, with more than 550 artists from over 75 countries.

New York Times Cartoons

Pulitzer Prize-winning illustrators like Joel Pett join other award-winning artists in providing thought-provoking commentary on the biggest news stories and personalities. Readers enjoy witty interpretations of current events from the world’s most creative minds. Current Political Cartoons - Editorial Cartoons and Comics. Cartoon Movement. La faim en Afrique. La pauvreté. Global Political Cartoons. Dessinateurs francophones. Courrier International Cartoons. - le premier hebdo satirique chaque mardi, actualité, dessins, mauvais esprit et beaucoup d'humour.

Cartooning for Peace - Dessins pour la paix. Journée internationale de la démocratie : exposition. Quand le Printemps arabe fait oeuvre d’art. Couverture de l'album DEGAGE !

Quand le Printemps arabe fait oeuvre d’art

De Plantu et du collectif Cartooning for Peace. Dès ses débuts, le Printemps arabe s'est accompagné d'une importante production artistique. Caricatures et Caricature. - Home. Riber.

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