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Ginger: The Complete Herbal Wonder Medicine. Ginger: The Complete Herbal Wonder Medicine What is Ginger?

Ginger: The Complete Herbal Wonder Medicine

Ginger is an aromatic, pungent and spicy herb (part of the Zingiberaceae family, as are cardamom, turmeric and galangal) that has tremendous therapeutic qualities. The underground stem (rhizome) can be used fresh, powdered, dried, or as an oil or juice. Ginger: Medicinal History The ancient medical science, Ayurveda, gives ginger the status of a virtual medicine chest. Modern scientific research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including antioxidant effects, an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory compounds, and direct anti-inflammatory effects.

Health Benefits that you Cannot Ignore: Continue reading to understand 15 amazing health benefits of this wonder herb: Anti-coagulant: It helps make blood platelets less sticky reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and also reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients. » A Point of a Hundred Diseases on Your Body: Here is What Will Happen If You Massage It. Following the advice of his father, the son massaged this point every day and he lived to see the birth and death of several emperors.

» A Point of a Hundred Diseases on Your Body: Here is What Will Happen If You Massage It

The massaging of some points is one of the oldest methods of treatment in the East, which has been used for thousands of years. Overall, the human body has 365 points and 12 main meridians, which is the same as the number of the days and months in one year. The effects of these massages (acupressure, finger pressure to certain points), is based on the theory of the meridians and channels that are connected to certain organs.

In Chinese medicine, the body is seen as an energy system, and therefore, the massage can affect the flow of energy and the functional activity of the organs. » How To Eliminate Your Cough In One Day. After a while coughing can get annoying, while it is a perfectly normal occurrence it should be treated if it persists for more than a week.

» How To Eliminate Your Cough In One Day

Onions are recommended for respiratory conditions, including cough and colds. When they are taken raw, it can be a good expectorant. Their flavonoids and sulfur compounds make onionsbeneficial for the heart, cholesterol levels, diabetes, arthritis, and generally as an antioxidant. Ingredients: Is Circumcision necessary and healthy? Curejoy Expert Dr.Janardhana Hebbar Explains: Circumcision has been practiced for centuries by many people around the world for a multitude of reasons.

Is Circumcision necessary and healthy?

This makes it a hugely debatable issue. During circumcision, the foreskin is held out, cut with a knife and a new edge is sewn shut, right below the rim of the penis head. Adults are given an anesthetic, a privilege that is not always extended to infants. The skin which is sewn shut becomes ‘tough’ or ‘keratinized’ making it more impervious to infections. Что делать, если хрустят колени. Causes and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis: Ayurveda and modern perspective. Causes and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis Ayurveda and modern perspective There are many diseases explained in Ayurveda, the causes and symptoms of which match exactly with the current day diseases.

Causes and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis: Ayurveda and modern perspective

Rheumatoid arthritis is one such example. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease mainly affecting joints. » How To See Without Glasses, No Matter How Bad Your Vision Is. » Mysterious honey discovered that kills all bacteria researchers throw at it. Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists throw at it.

» Mysterious honey discovered that kills all bacteria researchers throw at it

AUSTRALIAN researchers have been astonished to discover a cure-all right under their noses — a honey sold in health food shops as a natural medicine. Far from being an obscure health food with dubious healing qualities, new research has shown the honey kills every type of bacteria scientists have thrown at it, including the antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” plaguing hospitals and killing patients around the world. Some bacteria have become resistant to every commonly prescribed antibacterial drug. 7 Things Better than Drugs for Health and Healing. Written By: Sayer Ji 7 Things Better than Drugs for Health and Healing Natural medicine is an amazing field, full of inspiring stories and an ever-accumulating body of scientific research to support its increasingly popular view of health.

7 Things Better than Drugs for Health and Healing

In fact, at we specialize in dredging up from the National Library of Medicine’s 23-million citation deep, seemingly oceanic database, highly promising clinical pearlsindicating not only the value of natural substances in disease prevention and treatment, but sometimes their clear superiority versus drugs. What’s not to like about that? But our project, and natural medicine at large, is not without its challenges, one of which is that it is quite easy to get caught up in the allopathic model of treating surface symptoms, albeit naturally.

Cinnamon & honey the magic mixture. Cinnamon & honey the magic mixture It is found that mixture of Honey and Cinnamon cures most of the diseases.

Cinnamon & honey the magic mixture

Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. 14 Yummy And Healthy Facts Of Your Favorite Potatoes. 14 Yummy And Healthy Facts Of Your Favorite Potatoes.

14 Yummy And Healthy Facts Of Your Favorite Potatoes.

The potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial nightshade Solanaceae family whose other members include tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and tomatillos. The English word potato comes from Spanish patata (a compound of the Quechua papa (potato) and the Taino batata (sweet potato)). There are about 100 varieties of edible potatoes and are classified as either mature potatoes (commonly used), and new potatoes (smaller since they are harvested before maturity).

Some of the popular varieties of mature potatoes include the Russet Burbank, the White Rose and the Katahdin, while the Red LeSoda and Red Pontiac are two types of new potatoes. The skin of potatoes is generally brown, red or yellow, and may be smooth or rough, while the flesh is yellow or white. How To Remove Moles Naturally?

Curejoy Expert James Dudley Explains: Moles are not harmful but can make you self-conscious.

How To Remove Moles Naturally?

They can occur either naturally or due to accidents, burn injuries, scars or skin diseases. Moles can be naturally removed with the following simple home remedies. Apple cider vinegar A simple application of apple cider vinegar on the moles everyday can easily vanish the moles. » STAY POSITIVE: The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Health. Humans experience an array of emotions, anything from happiness, to sadness to extreme joy and depression. Each one of these emotions creates a different feeling within the body. After all, our body releases different chemicals when we experience various things that make us happy and each chemical works to create a different environment within the body. For example if your brain releases serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin, you will feel good and happy.

Health In Focus 4 Silent Signs You May Have Clogged Arteries and the Best Foods to Eat To Prevent It - Health In Focus. Image (under license) – © The human body is a system with built-in warning signs against serious disease. The following signs we have listed, some of which are very discreet, might mean that a visit to the doctor is in order. 1. Ayurvedic Morning Rituals. Ayurvedic Morning Rituals Are you a person who dreads waking up in the morning? Put your alarm on snooze, everyday? Is this affecting your ability to work productively? Well, ayurveda has some solutions to kick-start your day so you can be up and running in no time. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, your immune system’s health depends on the choices you make every day. According to ayurveda, the first item one ingests sets the mood for the rest of the day.

Ayurveda -Natural Home Remedies for Weak Eyesight. Ayurveda -Natural Home Remedies for Weak Eyesight As you read this article, off a tablet or a computer screen, you are unwittingly exposing your sensitive eyes to ill-willing factors. Harmful air pollution is real, too, and we can even feel our eyes tire out in front of bright sunlight, dust and other elements. As our generation spends more and more time indoors, away from natural settings, there is absolutely no respite for tired eyes. Eye Muscle Strain: Most of us involuntarily force our eye muscles to cringe and squint, to be able to read fine print or to focus hard on the excel sheet, or an engrossing movie, or an interesting article.

How To Detoxify Liver Naturally? Curejoy Expert Dr.Janardhana Hebbar Explains: Considering the toxic environment that we live in, being exposed to poisons in water, food and air is something that we have evolved into. Both your kidneys and your liver filter your blood of toxins but the liver does an additional role-that of breaking these toxins down for quick expulsion. The two-phase enzymatic process first neutralizes toxins and then binds these broken fragments to other molecules, negating their toxicity and excreting it through bile, urine or stool. Yoga For Migraines: 5 Yoga Poses To Heal Migraines.

Yoga For Migraines: 5 Yoga Poses To Heal Migraines. How Long To Nap For The Biggest Brain Benefits. » 15 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is a pretty simple routine to get into and will have tremendous effects on your overall health. Since I started this simple and surprisingly healthy habit a few years ago, I definitely noticed the difference. Pineapple: Juicy Natural Detox & 22 Health Wonders. Pineapple: Juicy Natural Detox & 22 Health Wonders. 10 Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones. » 5 Foods To Eat For Healthier And Stronger Teeth. Eating balanced diet can be an equally powerful solution as well. 5 Health Benefits From Eating Magnesium Rich Foods.

5 Huge Health Benefits From Eating Magnesium Rich Foods. Топленое Масло Гхи: 7 удивительных качеств. Pneumonia Cured In 3 Hours Using Natural Medicine. » Ancient Egyptian Scrolls Document Natural Herbs and Holistic Medicine That Saved Lives and Cured Disease. » Inflammation: The Root Cause of All Disease. Is Nutripuncture Better Than Acupuncture?

Abhyanga - The Healing Daily Ayurvedic Massage. How Balancing Our Spiritual Energy Can Heal Us Of All Disease. Pranic Healing Through Chakra Colors. Who Needs Medicines When Herbs Can Heal You Naturally? Why Should You Sit On The Floor While Eating? Natural Living: Health Tips. 6 Most Ignored Causes Of Back Pain. » Drink This After Every Meal – You Will Lose Weight Extremely Fast. Simplifying Your Fitness To Get And Stay Fit. How To Get Rid Of Sinusitis With Yoga. 6 Yoga Poses To Practice On Bed After Waking Up. Right Time To Drink Lime Water, Before Or After A Workout? » Arthritis Cure Found in Nature. How The 7 Chakras Influence Our Endocrinal System. » How To Heal Cavities Naturally. 6 Reasons Why You Should Go For Cinnamon ~ The Medical Facts.

Foods That Help You Get Some Sleep ~ The Medical Facts. Орехи продлевают жизнь. Alter Your Genes and Cure any Disease. Modern Science Finally Validates One Of The World’s Greatest Cure-Alls. 19 Super Foods To Naturally Cleanse Your Liver. Superfood Smoothies To Fuel Your Body with Power. JEWSNEWS » Is this the juice that reverses Type 2 diabetes in two weeks. Turmeric Golden Milk - The Ancient Drink That Will Change Your Life. » Scientists Find Treatment To Kill Every Kind Of Cancer Tumor. » How To Survive A Heart Attack When You’re Alone.

» The Mental Trick That Will Help You Fall Asleep, Fast. » Three glasses of milk a day can lead to early death, warn scientists. 5 Best Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain in Hands. Vitamin B12: The Most Important Nutrient You Aren’t Thinking About. How Often And When Must One Brush Their Teeth? 21 Ways Pomegranate Revitalizes Your Heart And Liver. Want to Build up Endurance, Boost your Energy and Increase your Speed? 24 more reasons to eat Beetroot. » 170 Scientific studies confirm the dangers of soy. Why "A Pear a Day" is the New Health Mantra. Six Non-Dairy Bone Building Superfoods. Move Over Greek Yogurt, Hello, Skyr! Ayurveda : Restore Your Balance Naturally. Asthma-Role Of Antibiotics Probiotics & Fish Oils- CureJoy. Inflammation and Chronic Disease - Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods. Natural Ways To Boost Your Sex Life. Su-Jok: Pain Relief through Hand Acupuncture.

The health benefits of honey. What is the advantage of Yoga over to other Exercises? Turmeric A magical plant with healing properties Archives. Top 10 Ways To improve Digestion. 5 Health Benefits of Broccoli. Unwrapping Christmas Myrrh's Cholesterol Lowering Properties. Does Garlic Work for Lowering Cholesterol? Building Optimum Immunity: Ayurveda Perspective. Erectile Dysfunction - 9 Natural tips That May Help. Saw Palmetto: Ancient Herb For Prostate Health. 12 Uses For Cloves - A Wonder Spice With The Highest Antioxidant Value. Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. 7 Foods that will help to lower your blood pressure… Quick and Natural Ways for Effective Weight Loss. Eating Seasonal Foods & Balancing Organ Systems.-Curejoy. Fennel’s Health Benefits, Healing Properties, Usage and Side effects. Back Strengthening Exercises You Can Do at Home- Curejoy.

» 2000 Years Old Tibetan Remedy Prolongs Life and Prevents Tumor. The Best Ayurvedic Treatments For Stress Management. Antiseptic Mouthwash Can Kill You. Superfoods That Promote Beauty, Inside and Out.-Curejoy. 20 Reasons Why Guava Is Truly The Ultimate Super Fruit. Expert Interview with Lee Dennis, ND: How to Care for Your Thyroid? 17 Reasons why Almonds have been a prized fruit since the biblical times. A fruit that even Gods would want to eat. Why You Should Soak Nuts Before Eating Them? Is Ayurveda focused on treatment or prevention? Can Ayurveda be imbibed as an integral part of everyday life? Triphala – An Ayurvedic formula for Detoxification and Rejuvenation. 13 Amazing Healing Powers Of Super Spice Clove. 8 Amazing Spices and Their Medicinal Benefits.