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Have You Ever Wondered How to Eat a Pomegranate? Juicy, bright, and bursting with flavor, it's hard not to love pomegranates.

Have You Ever Wondered How to Eat a Pomegranate?

The process of extracting the seeds can be messy and ultimately seem like more trouble than they're worth. However, they have incredible benefits and there are a variety of uses for pomegranate seeds. They are even an ingredient in our Daily Shakes. So, we've come up with a fool-proof method for those wondering how to eat a pomegranate. The next time you're shopping for groceries, don't shy away from these ruby-colored beauties!

Just one serving of pomegranate seeds provides almost half of our daily need for vitamin C. Pomegranates have a concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols, which have an antibacterial effect in the mouth and body. The high concentration of polyphenols and other anti-cancer properties helps fight all cancers but has specifically powerful effects on prostate and breast cancer. You can find us eating pomegranates by the spoonful when they're in season. Instructions: What Do Vegans Eat on the 21-Day Clean Program. We receive quite a few inquiries from prospective cleansers regarding whether or not the 21-Day Clean Program is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What Do Vegans Eat on the 21-Day Clean Program

And ... the answer is YES! The cleanse diet is a whole foods diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, gluten-free grains and starches, vegetable protein, nuts, and seeds. If you eat primarily vegan, we're here to help you figure out "What do vegans eat on the 21-Day Program? " Since recent surge in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles over the past few years, there are many more food companies that now offer vegetarian and vegan food options.

This is fantastic, but please tread with caution when you are skipping down the grocery aisle and you spy a product that is labeled vegetarian or vegan. These food options do not always equate to healthy eating. If you are not a vegetarian or vegan but you are thinking about transitioning into more of a meatless diet, the program can be a great time to test this option out. The Dairy-Free Matcha Latte That Will Make You Forget Coffee. For many people, the ritual of a hot cup of coffee is the only thing that gets them out of bed in the morning.

The Dairy-Free Matcha Latte That Will Make You Forget Coffee

While coffee may have some benefits, it also can have detrimental side effects like acidity, dehydration, and potential to cause anxiety. We recognize the power of a warm, comforting mug in the morning, so we've created this immunity-boosting matcha latte to get you going without the negative side effects. It's also a wonderful healthy beverage to drink while participating in the 21-Day Clean Program, so stir it up and go! If you haven't heard of matcha yet, you're about to become addicted! Are You Wasting the Best Part? Try These Spicy Pumpkin Seeds. This time of year pumpkins have been standard doorstep decor, coffee shop latte flavors, and the base for many pastries and desserts.

Are You Wasting the Best Part? Try These Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

We're excited to feature one of the lesser appreciated parts in this spicy pumpkin seeds recipe. Often we toss the seeds, whether we're carving a pumpkin for decor, or trying to extract the flesh for a dessert. This cleanse-approved recipe is so simple, the seeds will never go to waste again! Aliment naturel - Levure nutritionnelle. Healthy Green Smoothies to Increase Energy. In the previous post about healthy smoothies, we discussed some reasons why they are such an important daily habit.

Healthy Green Smoothies to Increase Energy

Even more important are healthy green smoothies. If we are already making a smoothie, especially on the 21-Day Clean Program, why not put some greens in the blender? It's an easy way to plant nutrition and reap energy from our diet. The Easy Hemp Milk Recipe That Will Help Boost Your Metabolism. Oct, 19, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Eats After the 21-Day Clean Program some of us may find we feel best avoiding dairy products, like cow’s milk.

The Easy Hemp Milk Recipe That Will Help Boost Your Metabolism

Will This Be Your New Favorite Cashew Milk Recipe? Oct, 5, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Eats Dairy alternatives are in popular demand, and the options seem endless when searching for the best choice.

Will This Be Your New Favorite Cashew Milk Recipe?

Nut, soy, and coconut are just a few options out there, but not all dairy replacements are made equal. Overcoming Procrastination is Easy with These Helpful Tools. Oct, 3, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Life We often hear the phrase: “I wish I had more time in the day.”

Overcoming Procrastination is Easy with These Helpful Tools

It seems like the hours sneak up on us far too often. Overcoming procrastination can be quite a challenge, especially after we have finished our 21-Day Clean Program and are attempting to maintain the clarity and sense of purpose we achieved on our program. I can remember days that were shaping up to be luxuriously long sessions of crossing important tasks off of my to-do list, somehow turning into an evening of cramming necessary obligations in as deadlines loom nearer. How to Make Almond Butter Better. Sep, 28, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Eats Nothing is more versatile than creamy, subtly sweet almond butter.

How to Make Almond Butter Better

We can use it as a smoothie ingredient for a dose of healthy fats in our Daily Shake, as a partner to fruit, or as a base in savory sauces. Good quality, raw almond butter should be a staple in any cook’s pantry. We love it when a snack is needed on the 21-Day Clean Program with some crisp apple slices! Sweet Potato Toast - What Is It All About? Oct, 12, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Eats Sweet potato toast is one of our new favorite recipes to make these days.

Sweet Potato Toast - What Is It All About?

Text to reduce brain cancer. 1. Text to reduce brain cancer A study by the Journal of Oncology has shown that there is a dramatically increased risk of brain cancer for people who use cell phones. And the more hours, the greater the risk, especially on the side of the head that you hold the phone the most. The results of this study are sobering. Most of us are using cell phones every day and have been for years. Use the speaker on your phone or an air tube headset to keep it away from your brain, and if you don’t, swap ears regularly.

Want all the stats from the study? 2. If you’re sick of being tired and dragging yourself through the day, it’s probably worth looking at the quality of your sleep. How to Make Almond Butter Better. How to Make the Best Poké Recipe at Home. Sep, 14, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Eats Poké (pronounced POH-kay) is a hot new food trend, with restaurants and food trucks taking over the dining scene throughout the country. This poké recipe is a traditional Hawaiian dish that’s protein-rich and dense with dynamic flavors that will leave you both full and satisfied. Although you can probably find poké at a nearby restaurant, it is just as simple to make at home! With a few simple tweaks (leaving out jalapeño and using cooked tuna), this recipe easily becomes Cleanse-friendly, and can be perfect as an appetizer or main course. Sesame for Good Reason Sesame is one of the main ingredients in this dish – sesame oil serves as the base for the dressing, and it is topped with sesame seeds for a crunchy finish.

Macadamia Nuts for Glowing Skin To add even more crunch and texture to this poké recipe, we’ve sprinkled macadamia nuts on top. A Paleo Parfait to Power Up Your Mornings On-the-Go. Jul, 27, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Eats A Paleo Parfait is the perfect treat if you feel like having dessert for breakfast. There are many savory Paleo breakfast ideas out there, but finding something sweet while sticking to a Paleo diet can be a challenge which is why we created this gorgeous parfait full of healthy fats and free-radical-fighting antioxidants.

The cashew cream base of our Paleo Parfait adds a lightly sweet richness that pairs perfectly with the tartness of the berries. We topped ours off with protein-rich chia seeds, goji berries (not approved on the Cleanse, more on this below), and lemon zest. Vibrant Pitaya Bowl Recipe to Make Your Day Sparkle. Jun, 8, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Eats A cool and colorful pitaya bowl is the perfect summer treat! This smoothie bowl may grab some attention because its bright pink — no wonder pitaya bowls are Instagram-sensations. The best part? They’re all-natural — who knew such beautiful colors could come from nature? Savory Spinach Pancakes for a Healthier Brunch. May, 25, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Eats Spinach pancakes are a surprising savory addition to your weekend brunch table.

While these deliciously nutrient-dense pancakes are not approved for the 21-Day Program (due to containing nightshades and eggs) they are gluten and dairy free, making them the perfect meal, snack, or treat for anyone looking to eat healthier or maintain their results after a cleanse. The Life-Changing Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar. May, 23, 2016 by cleanteam in Clean Beauty The health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV) are championed by beauty buffs and nutrition experts alike. No-Bake Energy Balls. May, 11, 2016. Easy Overnight Oats. Easy Overnight Oats. Supercharged Green Smoothie Recipe. Clean Eating Snacks Dilemma: To Snack or Not to Snack.


Viande et poisson. Desserts. What Are You Craving? Clean Food Substitution Guide. Nov, 9, 2014. Clean-guide-to-cooking-oils. Clean_Lasagna. Snack. Hibiscus_Stone_Fruit_Smoothie. Cold Almond Curried Noodles. Jul, 24, 2013 by jenny in Body Food The perfect summer meal; quick, easy, light and delicious. Tropical_Turmeric_Tonic.pdf. Spiced_Socca. Socca_Pizza. Curried Avocado Bisque. Chilled Pea and Caramelized Onion Soup. Vegetable Lasagna with Cashew Cheese. This is an absolute Clean kitchen staple, and a definite favorite of each Clean Chef. Pureed_White_Bean_Soup. Chocolate_Apricot_Shake. Clean_Golden_Milk. Warm_Immunity_Elixir. Pumpkin_Pie_Shake. Artichoke_Dip. Mediterranean rice noodles. Mushroom_Lasagna. Parsnip_Hummus.1. Spinach_And_Preserved_Lemon_Soup. Local_Vegetable_Frittata. Baked_Eggs_With_Asparagus_And_Spinach.

Dinner_Omelette.1. Roasted_vegetables_and_rice. Cumin_Roasted_Carrots. Shiitake_and_Onion_Noodle_Bowl. Thai_Noodles.1. Cold_Almond_Curried_Noodles. Sauce_and_Dressing. Farm_Fresh_Egg_and_Cucumber_Salad. MIso_Baked_Black_Cod. WINTER SQUASH STEW WITH KELP. Winter_Squash_and_Lentils. Wild_Rice_Stuffed_Acorn_Bowl. Fiddlehead Salad. By jenny in Body Food This recipe is for the Clean Cleanse, Gut and Refresh Programs It’s spring and that means fiddleheads are one of the first fresh green edibles we start seeing in many parts of the country, particularly the Northeast.

If this antioxidant-rich plant isn’t available where you live, this recipe will be a great example of how important it is to eat local to your own unique area. All of our recipes are easily altered to include ingredients that are local and seasonal for everyone in our worldwide community. So feel free to substitute baby spring asparagus or nettles or dandelion greens here. . . whatever is growing right now where you live. Note: If you’re using the fiddleheads, make sure you cook them as they can be toxic when raw, but are totally fine when they’re bright green and tender. Serves 1 Ingredients Mixed greens, enough for one serving of salad, roughly 2 handfuls for one person (depending on how hungry you are!) Directions. Marinated Broccoli Salad. Brocoli Rabe. Salade mixte. Light_Coconut_Raita. Falafel_Tahini_Sauce. Clean_Water_Buffalo_Stir_Fry_Recipe. Spinach_and_Carrot_bisque.1. Paprika_Dusted_Summer_Vegetable_Rounds. Chimichurri. Butternut_Squash_Soup.1.