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La Petite Mélancolie. All Content Copyright ©Toshio Yamamoto.

La Petite Mélancolie

All rights J'aime : J'aime chargement… Sur le même thème. Japan's Modern Divide. Throughout his career Hiroshi Hamaya pursued objective documentation, while Kansuke Yamamoto favored avant-garde forms of expression.

Japan's Modern Divide

These photographers embody two sides of modern Japanese life: the traditional and the forward looking, the rural and the urban, the Eastern and the Western. Both artists grew up during the brief Taishō era (1912–1926), a period of industrialization and experimentation that ushered in the modern Shōwa era (1926–1989). It was during this time, between the international Depression and World War II, that Hamaya began to document regional traditions and social issues, primarily on the country's rugged "back coast" along the Sea of Japan. Loeildelaphotographie.

On connaît bien les Sand Dunes de Shoji Ueda, ces mises en scène à tonalité surréalisante dans les dunes de sable de sa région natale de Tottori, débutées dans les années trente.


Des enfants en déséquilibre ; lui portant un chapeau melon et tenant un ballon flottant au bout d’un fil pour un autoportrait étrange ; sa femme en kimono dans le désert, entre autres. Et l’on a tendance à le réduire à cette imagerie. Le nouveau livre que lui consacrent les jeunes éditions Chose Commune évite cette série et l’évoque juste en citation.

Shashasha 写々者 - Delivering Japanese and Asian Photography to the World. - Album on Imgur. Wildlife Photography. Photography in Japan 1853-1912. ISSEI SUDA (*1940) Japanese Photographer - Photos and books - black and white photos - Artists - Roland Angst Only Photography. Issei Suda (須田一政) born in Tokyo in 1940, he graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 1962.

ISSEI SUDA (*1940) Japanese Photographer - Photos and books - black and white photos - Artists - Roland Angst Only Photography

From 1967 to 1970 he worked as the cameraman of the theatrical group Tenjo Sajiki, under Shuji Terayama. He has worked as a freelance photographer since 1971. See Everyday Life in Japan Through the Lens of a Famous Photographer. Seemingly oblivious to the presence of the camera, a middle-aged woman sits on a bench, shaded by her umbrella, she takes in the surroundings of Hachimantai Mountain in northern Japan.

See Everyday Life in Japan Through the Lens of a Famous Photographer

Nearby, steam rises from hot springs, adding a sense of drama. On the opposite side of the bench sits a young man dressed in black, his back turned to the lens. He gives a sideways glance, almost as if he knows he is being watched. The two have inadvertently become actors in a form of theater of the everyday documented by the photographer Issei Suda. File 8: "Kamagasaki" by Seiryu Inoue, 1985, reviewed by Natsuko Oda. Most of the photos were taken secretly, or taken without looking at the viewfinder, in order to avoid any possible conflict with Kamagasaki residents.

File 8: "Kamagasaki" by Seiryu Inoue, 1985, reviewed by Natsuko Oda

The photos are therefore out of focus, and the compositions are often not fixed, although they successfully deliver the emotions of residents living in tough situations. The captured images are sensational; a woman, maybe a sex worker, is loitering on the street. A man, who maybe relieved himself, is exposing his back hip on the side of the road.

A thin, malnourished girl has vacant eyes. Numerous hands of unemployed people looking for work float across the pages. Through these straightforward and cruel close-up shots, we experience the actual events as they were. Artist Info: Seiryu Inoue Japanese, b. 1931- d. 1988. Reminders Project & Reminders Photography Stronghold. 東日本大震災で被災した子どもたちが写真と文章を使い、3/11のその後を世界に向けて定期的に発信するプロジェクトです。

Reminders Project & Reminders Photography Stronghold

2011年6月より岩手、宮城、福島から33人の子どもが参加して始動。 3月16日の写真展オープニングでは、岩手、宮城、福島からメンバーを招いて、撮影した写真や活動についてお話をします。 Read more 写真集に関するイベント「PHOTOBOOK REVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR(写真家と写真集をレビューする日)」の第5回目の写真家はディビッド・チャンセラー。 Maiafushi : Dora Maar , Double portrait ... MARK COHEN - Attention aux détails. C’est dans un lieu unique, sa ville natale de Wilkes-Barre, cité minière en déclin de Pennsylvanie, que Mark Cohen a fondé son oeuvre.

MARK COHEN - Attention aux détails

Loin de toute intention documentaire, le photographe a cherché, en déambulant encore et toujours dans les mêmes rues pendant près de quarante ans, son Leica à la main, à fouiller les corps et en extraire des fragments. Point de visage, point de rencontre. Mais des entrées en collision avec ses sujets, qui tentent de rendre compte de la beauté élémentaire des lignes et des formes. Fotografia na świecie: Japonia, cz. 2 - Wersja mobilna. Czytaj także: Wiek XX przewrócił dotychczasowe porządki w Japonii do góry nogami.

Fotografia na świecie: Japonia, cz. 2 - Wersja mobilna

Odizolowane do tej pory państwo zaczęło z olbrzymią szybkością adaptować zachodnią technologię, obyczaje i kulturę. Nie pozostało to bez znaczenia również dla fotografii. Bardzo długo żywe było wśród japońskich fotografów zainteresowanie piktorializmem – miękkie kształty, malarskie formy, inscenizowane sceny padły tu na podatny grunt. To skutkowało tradycją fotografii dekoracyjnej, ale mało oryginalnej. W drugiej połowie lat 30. fotografia stała się w Japonii przede wszystkim narzędziem propagandy wojskowej.

Japon 1945-1975. Jusqu'au 15 juin 2003, l'hôtel Sully réunit les grands maîtres de la photographie japonaise dans une rétrospective allant de 1945 à 1975.

Japon 1945-1975

Offrant un panorama sur 30 ans de photographie, l'exposition survole des travaux aussi divers que ceux de Shomei Tomatsu et de Eikoh Hosoe et va des lendemains de la seconde guerre mondiale jusqu'au dynamisme économique et à la société de consommation des années 1970. Akira SATO "Woman" 1971 Chuo Koronsha. Hajime Kimura of theory of clouds. Tracks self-published by Hajime Kimura. Tracks FotoVisura "This series depicts the life of horses in the island of Hokkaido in the coast of Japan.

Here, horses are mainly a resource of food and gambling. Through this project, I hope to bring awareness to their life and use of horses in Japan. This story is my tracking of horse life to make sure what... Hajime Kimura 12/14/12 "This series depicts the life of horses in the island of Hokkaido in the coast of Japan. f100: Hajime Kimura and Kazuhiro Yokozeki. PRISKA PASQUER. Interview with Priska Pasquer at AMA Owner of Priska Pasquer gallery and member of the Art Paris Art Fair committee, Priska Pasquer plays an important role in the Parisian art fair. In an exclusive interview with AMA, the German gallerist gives a very positive report on the 3rd edition of the fair.

Would you say that the number of visitors seems to be much higher this year? Hajime Kimura. Akira SATO "Woman" 1971 Chuo Koronsha.