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Gartner Redefines Gamification: What Do You Think? Gamification is considered a relatively new term. As a new term, its definition is in flux and is continually changing. The popular media and different professionals continue to offer different and sometimes competing definitions. As different definitions are offered, it is up to everyday people to accept or reject those definitions. Gamification Blog

Gamification Blog

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Spigit See highlights of the Spigit platform, including key capabilities, idea markets, 360-degree reputation scoring, automated idea graduation criteria. Hear about the future of work from Susan Andrews of CitiGroup and Ray Wang of Constellation Research. Learn how companies are seeing and measuring social ROI in this presentation from Dr.
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LiveOps Inc., which runs virtual call centers,...
Project Noah These lovely little birds are certainly frugivorous! I saw them for the first time ever right outside on March 24, 2014. They were in the fruit trees right outside of the school! However, I only had my phone camera so the photos weren’t the greatest. So every day this week I’ve had mom bring the camera in case they were back, and sure enough they were!

Project Noah