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Qualities of Effective Educator Professional Development. Most administrators and teachers believe in the importance and value of professional development.

Qualities of Effective Educator Professional Development

Sadly, though, too many teachers believe that those mandatory, one-size-fits-all professional development sessions offered by their schools are a waste of time and money. Effective Teacher Professional Development REPORT. Tech Coaching is about Relationships not Tech. Most tech coaches end up in the role of tech coach or Tech TOSA (Teacher On Special Assignment) because they are good at using tech and integrating it into their classroom.

Tech Coaching is about Relationships not Tech

That’s how I got into the role and pretty much everyone else I know as well. However, once you are in the role of a coach things change. Your job isn’t to use tech with students, rather it’s to support teachers in using technology with students and supporting teachers is a whole new ball game. January 2017 PD in PJs. ​Personalizing Professional Development For Teachers, By Teachers. What do students need to be successful?

​Personalizing Professional Development For Teachers, By Teachers

Why not ask them directly? When we posed this question to our students at Bismarck Public Schools (BPS), here’s what some had to say to their teachers about what they need: “Give me more time to explore my interest.” “I like having a choice of what I get to do.” “I like when it’s challenging, but not to the point where I would want to give up.” All the wishes they’ve expressed are pieces of a personalized learning environment. On Flipboard. Educational Leadership:Instruction That Sticks:The Right Questions.

Professional Development and Virtual Schools: Swapping Ideas and Practices. Distance Learning Professional Development and Virtual Schools: Swapping Ideas and Practices Michele Eaton, director of virtual and blended learning for the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, explains how teacher professional development has evolved over five years at her virtual school.

Professional Development and Virtual Schools: Swapping Ideas and Practices

The Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township offers students a variety of blended and online learning opportunities. The district also administers Indiana's only public, non-charter virtual high school, Achieve Virtual, which is based in Wayne Township but open to high school students across the state. Achieve Virtual employs about 60 part-time teachers who have full-time positions in other parts of the district, the state and, in the case of our Chinese language teacher, the world. There is a misconception that an effective face-to-face teacher will automatically be an effective online teacher. A Model for Teacher Development: Precursors to Change – Medium.

Originally published at Too often teachers are passive recipients of professional development rather than being active agents of their own development and change.

A Model for Teacher Development: Precursors to Change – Medium

Several recent reports have indicated that teacher professional development, as it is being implemented in most schools, is ineffective and a waste of time and money. Several studies over the past few years that have found professional development to be largely ineffective or unhelpful for teachers. Only 30 percent of teachers improve substantially with the help of district-led professional development, even though districts spend an average of $18,000 on development for each teacher per year, according to a new report. Most professional development today is ineffective. The hard truth is that the help most schools give their teachers isn’t helping all that much. Time to Rethink Our PD Paradigms - Teacher-Leader Voices.

By Sarah Brown Wessling I often find myself in conversations with administrators who ask familiar questions: Why can't our school make change?

Time to Rethink Our PD Paradigms - Teacher-Leader Voices

Why don't these initiatives change instruction? We did the PD, so why didn't the plan work the way we designed it? Sometimes the questions give way to probing discussions. When Professional Development is Just an Experience. By Katrina Keene, Education Strategist, Dell Education Why are teachers so rarely asked for input?

When Professional Development is Just an Experience

As a former administrator with extensive experience in the classroom, I empathize with teachers whose professional opinions on education are far too often undervalued. Decisions are sometimes made without the consideration of teachers — the people who experience the outcomes firsthand. Edcamps: The New Professional Development. By now, many educators are familiar with Edcamps, also known as unconferences.

Edcamps: The New Professional Development

Hundreds of Edcamps have occurred on the ground and virtually in at least 18 countries since 2010. Kristen Swanson, an originator of the movement and board member of the organization, discussed its history and features in her Edutopia post Why Edcamp? The Edcamp premise is unlike most forms of professional learning. Instead of traditional conferences, where organizers usually serve as gatekeepers and must approve which kind of knowledge can be provided by whom, Edcamps work differently.

Conversations are the platform for the sharing of information. The key to it all is that Edcamps cultivate a space filled with choice and voice. ​3 Types of Summer PD That Won’t Sacrifice Your Vacation. 20 Questions That Schools Should Be Asking About Professional Development. 20 Questions That Schools Should Be Asking About Professional Development by Drew Perkins, Director of TeachThought Professional Development Planning for Professional Development can be a tricky proposition.

20 Questions That Schools Should Be Asking About Professional Development

As an “administrator” you’re responsible for being an instructional leader for your staff and you’re trying to find something that they’ll find interesting, engaging, useful and more while trying to balance costs and hours and available days in your calendar. The focus on teaching and learning can become lost in the hustle and bustle of running a school every day. Forbes Welcome. 10 Ways to Maximize Your Professional Development. How to Manage the 4 Types of Teachers You Meet in Professional Development. In my heart, I will always be a middle school English Language Arts teacher.

How to Manage the 4 Types of Teachers You Meet in Professional Development

As I continue this path as a district administrator, I want to hold close to my heart the plight of the teacher: what it’s like to have to work all day with children and then go home and work on lessons, assessments, grading, etc. What it’s like to sit for hours in professional development sessions and be bored because you already know it or frustrated because it’s way over your head or not relevant to your grade level or content area. So in my role, I find that it is imperative to provide Professional Learning (PL) opportunities that are relevant, on-going, and effective. In the article, I’m going to highlight the types of educators that we may encounter and ways to provide PL that is beneficial for all.

In a book titled " Crossing the Chasm" (1991, revised 1999 and 2014), Geoffrey A. The Lagger “I don’t like technology. Revolutionizing Teacher Professional Development. By Andrew Larson This post originally ran on the New Tech Network blog. When I was hired to help open our school in 2006, I had no idea what I was getting in to. No clue. If I had known how grueling it was, I might have never agreed to take the job. Thankfully, I didn’t know, because even after having taught for eight years, I was as green as a celery stick. How, one might ask, was I so green after nearly a decade of teaching? Personalized Professional Development: At the Center of Your Own Learning. Edsurge. Many people think they know exactly what “professional development” is.

But do they, really? Let's start by giving “professional development” a definition. PD is a process that responds to a phase of personal growth and self-realization experienced by each individual. Professional development allows the person to establish an itinerary of evolution, taking into account the person’s work experience, acquired knowledge and vocation. But good PD is so much deeper than that, and it depends on the individual. Edsurge. Designing Digital Learning Professional Development. Collaborative and experiential. Connected to classroom practice. Created by teachers.

Sound familiar? These are three characteristics that teachers often state they want professional development to include. Recent studies, such as the The Center for Public Education’s Teaching the Teachers Report, show that these characteristics are consistent with effective and transformative professional development. Fortunately, many organizations are acknowledging they need to foster the expertise of teachers and empower them to be the designers of professional development. digiLEARN, a non-profit focused on digital learning that was started by former Governor of North Carolina Bev Perdue and former Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer, is focused on doing just that.

Sustaining a Culture of Learning for Educators. Sustaining a Culture of Learning for Educators If we want our teachers to allow students the opportunity to personalize their learning experiences, then we should afford teachers those same opportunities. As stated in the 2016 National Education Technology Plan, “Professional learning and development programs should transition to support and develop educators’ identities as fluent users of technology; creative and collaborative problem solvers; and adaptive, socially aware experts throughout their careers.

Teachers come together on Twitter for professional development and inspiration. Although Nikki Vradenburg is the only K-1 teacher in her Bozeman, Montana-based school, her personal learning network includes fellow educators from across the region, country and globe. “Our state is so spread out that teachers do not often have the opportunity to meet and work with other teachers,” said Vradenburg, who has spent 15 years in the classroom. “I use Twitter to share ideas and get information from other K-1 teachers. It keeps me from working on an island.” Although Vradenburg has followed educational technology developments her entire career, she was “inspired to try blended learning” approaches after joining Twitter and participating in Twitter chats three years ago. “It helps to have people sharing their thoughts and resources during the event in case you can’t attend all of the sessions,” she said, adding that “the backchannel conversations during the event are almost more interesting than the live presentations.”

Sean Gaillard, principal at Winston-Salem, N.C. Teachers come together on Twitter for professional development and inspiration. Beyond PD. 10 Characteristics of Professional Learning Tha... Teacher professional learning pedagogy needs to change too. Why Edcamp Is the Future of PD. In 2010, I wrote a post for Edutopia called Introduction to Edcamp: A New Conference Model Built on Collaboration. Just three months earlier, myself and a team of fellow educators organized the first Edcamp unconference at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

We had no idea back in May 2010, after Edcamp Philly came to a close, how the Edcamp model would change the landscape for professional development across the entire globe. Teacher Micro-Credentials: PD Revolution, or Just Electronic Flair? - Teacher Beat. You've probably overheard the term "micro-credential" and wondered what the heck people are talking about. Smithsonian Produces Weird Series Of Prof. Dev. Videos For Teachers – Some Might Be Helpful. The Smithsonian has produced an animated series professional development videos for teachers (with a focus on science educators) called Good Thinking. I only looked at a couple of them, and they seem pretty weird to me. How To Turn Daily Tasks Into Opportunities For Professional Development. The Teacher Curse No One Wants to Talk About.

Knowledge is a curse. Knowing things isn't bad itself, but it causes unhealthy assumptions -- such as forgetting how hard it was to learn those things in the first place. It's called the Curse of Knowledge. » Making a difference: a practical approach to evaluating the impact of professional development. Getting Smart on Transformative Professional Development Smart Bundle FINAL. 15 Useful DIY Professional Development Resources for Teachers. Teaching is a constantly evolving profession; new ideas and new techniques that may help you become a more effective educator are constantly emerging. However, ongoing training for teachers often comes in the form of expensive conferences that are beyond the district’s budget. What’s more, too much PD can feel like a distraction and a chore when balanced with your significant teaching load – all the more so when you finally schedule time for it, only to find the course you’ve chosen isn’t as useful as you would have hoped.

How I Hacked My PD: The Power of Twitter As a 24/7 Learning Tool. Have you ever wanted to be in two places at the same time? Welcome to Forbes. Flipping continuing professional development. Flipped classrooms are turning education upside-down: students watch videos in their own time, then come together in a curated discussion to interact and learn together with their teacher. Is Teacher Learning a 'Mirage'? - Road Trips in Education. What Does the Research Say on Professional Development, Anyway?  The Eight Components Of Great Professional Development. How to Create A Personal Development Plan. Professional Development Tools Created by Teachers for Teachers. A Systematic Approach to Personalized Professional Learning. Professional Development Tools Created by Teachers for Teachers. 5 thoughts from ISTE weekend 

Personal Development: 21 Ways to Achieve Wealth and Success. 22 Killer Personal Development Resources You’re Missing Out On. Welcome to Forbes. The Eight Components Of Great Professional Development. Carol Dweck says mindset is not ‘a tool to make children feel good’ 70+ book picks from TED speakers and attendees. Professional Development in Digital Pedagogy. The Unsurprising Need For Differentiated PD (Survey Results) 10 Ideas For Upgrading Your Teaching This Summer.

Teachers As Researchers: The Power of Mindset. Personal Professional Development Using Voxer. Ignite: Sharing our Stories - Side-Effects (with images, tweets) · RosePillay1. Is Your Search for Personal Professional Development Keeping You from Becoming a Better Teacher? Personal Development. What I Want to Ask My PLN.

Professional Development

Educational New Year's Resolution: Embrace Social Media Now. Professional development. Personal Development. Teacher Education. Professional Development. Professional Development.