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Genius Hour Resources

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Different resources for implementing, researching and expanding genius hour. Also known as Passion Learning.

Genius Hour Resources. Genius Hour is a time given during the school day to allow students to follow their passions and learn about topics that interest them.

Genius Hour Resources

My gifted 5th graders participate in this project, and present their learning when they are ready. This page is devoted to sharing some of the resources I’ve collected over the past two years with anyone else who is interested in starting a classroom Genius Hour. *You can download all of my current Genius Hour resources in a bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers for $5. Or, you can still download them separately (for free) by clicking on the links below.

7 Pros & Cons Of Teaching With Genius Hour - 7 Pros & Cons Of Teaching With Genius Hour by TeachThought Staff Genius hour is trending in education, and for good reason.

7 Pros & Cons Of Teaching With Genius Hour -

It is an attempt to restore the personalization, creativity, and authenticity that has been designed out of many schools and classrooms in the modern testing era of ed reform. The Genius Hour Design Cycle: A Process For Planning - 3.

The Genius Hour Design Cycle: A Process For Planning -

Some students need a push in the right direction Some students will come up with projects that are too simple with answers that could be easily Googled. We introduced the students to ‘High Order Thinking Skills’ and built these into the planning forms students complete. Genius Hour Innovation Class. 12 Things You Can Do Starting Today to Be a Better Leader. Some believe certain people are born leaders.

12 Things You Can Do Starting Today to Be a Better Leader

Others think an individual can learn to be a leader. Regardless of how you may feel you obtained your leadership skills, there are always ways to enhance your abilities. This list of suggestions may inspire you to reevaluate your leadership abilities and address any issues you find need improvement. 1. Be a positive role model. As a leader, your actions set the tone for what is appropriate behavior in the workplace. 2. Share the credit for successful projects with your team. When you admit a mistake your employees feel safe admitting their mistakes, instead playing the “blame game.” Completed 20% Product (Responses) 20 Time Ideas - 20-Time In Education Inspire. Create. Innovate. Below is is a list of ideas your students may come up with.

20 Time Ideas - 20-Time In Education Inspire. Create. Innovate.

Notice the list's eclectic and varied topics. What education has failed to recognize over the past 200 years is the uniqueness of every one of our students. We grew up learning only what someone else found interesting enough to teach us. For many of us, this narrowed view of the world was so UNinteresting that we don't even remember anything specific we learned. What access to the internet provides our students with today is a treasure trove of interesting ideas, topics, and accomplishments for our students. Write a novel, children's book, book of original poems. 20 percent projects: 10 must-have tools. Students engaging in 20 percent projects must gather and curate information, share it and present it.

20 percent projects: 10 must-have tools

Here are 10 tools to help. Every good handyman (or handywoman) knows that having the right tool can save minutes — or hours — of work. Academic work is no exception. Students who engage in 20 percent projects — where 20 percent of class time is devoted to a project the student is passionate about — engage in certain activities to prepare for the culminating event: often a presentation in front of their peers. There’s content gathering and content curation to be done. 20 percent projects have been made famous recently by companies like Google — although 20 percent time isn’t like it used to be at Google anymore.

Genius Hour. Genius Hour. The Genius Hour Design Cycle: A Process For Planning - 3.

The Genius Hour Design Cycle: A Process For Planning -

Some students need a push in the right direction Some students will come up with projects that are too simple with answers that could be easily Googled. We introduced the students to ‘High Order Thinking Skills’ and built these into the planning forms students complete. Projects need to include elements of synthesis, evaluation and creativity with the minimum requirement adjusted for individuals.

We provide students with a list of verbs appropriate for the top levels of Bloom’s taxonomy and help them use these in framing their topics. 4. Designing 20% Time in Education. A.J.

Designing 20% Time in Education

Juliani is a co-founder of Education Is My Life. He currently is a K-12 Technology Staff Developer overseeing a 1:1 initiative. There is a movement happening in education right now. Maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe you haven’t yet. It comes in various shapes and forms but the end result is the same: students learning what they want to learn. Yes, I said it, so let me repeat: Students are learning what they want in classrooms across the world. 20-Time In Education Inspire. Create. Innovate. Genius Hour on Pinterest. Genius Hour Contract/Planning Guide - Google Docs. Genius Hour Proposal - Google Docs. Genius Hour - Google Docs. Passion-Based Learning. There is lots of talk about the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) pipeline and all of its leaks.

Passion-Based Learning

My personal mission is to fill the STEM pipeline with so many children that it bursts. To do this, STEM must be taught in an inspiring way. To keep children engaged, we need to bring passion for learning back into the classroom. Passion is hot. It is a force that sells movies and margarine and everything in between. When writing my recent book for TED, Save Our Science, I learned about the alphabet soup of instructional strategies out there, with the common theme of enticing and engaging learning.

The Power of Passion There are two ways to get a child passionate about something: Find out what each child is innately passionate about.Be an instructor that exudes passion for the topic, and infect your students with that excitement. Genius Hour Trailer. The Genius Hour. Introducing Genius Hour (Passion Based Inquiry Projects) October 3rd was our last #geniushour chat (click here to learn more about Genius Hour) on twitter.

Introducing Genius Hour (Passion Based Inquiry Projects)

We had a fantastic conversation and some great ideas were shared. Since that chat (click here to see all archived chats), I have had a few more people ask me about how to introduce Genius Hour. So I thought I would compile a list of all the wonderful strategies that were discussed. Here it goes… Mr. C's SharesEase. This great video clearly outlines Genius Hour movement happening in classrooms across the world! After reflecting for a few months on how to initiate #GeniusHour in my classroom I finally jumped in with both feet, my Genius Journal (click to download) and the question, “What do YOU want to learn Today”?

The response, learning, level of engagement and finished products were incredible! I found my Genius Journal to be incredibly helpful in guiding my students, allowing them to follow a process (QUESTION-PLAN-RESEARCH-CREATE-SHARE-REFLECT) and record their learning. Of course, the process is fluid during their 20% in the classroom. The Research Behind 20% Time. Since experimenting with “20% Time” in my class a few years ago, I’ve been fascinated by the research and history of this practice in education and the business world. This has led me down a long road to finally writing a book (to be published by Routledge) on inquiry-driven education and 20% time. During that time I’ve had hundreds of conversations with fellow teachers practicing 20% time in some way shape or form (Genius Hour, Passion Projects, Choose2Matter etc).

Lately, through the book-writing process I’ve had some more in-depth interviews about inquiry-based education, and I’ve spent a great deal of time researching the beginnings and reasons behind 20% time’s effectiveness. Today I want to shed some light on the research behind 20% time, and more broadly, inquiry-driven education. When folks such as Ewan McIntosh (who I really respect as an educator) stir up the pot with posts like this one, I believe the best way to defend inquiry as a practice is to look at the results. 1. 2. Presentation - Genius Hour by Kirsten Wilson. What's next after #geniushour and #20time projects? And just like that…it was over. I’d pitched the 20% time project to my students with only a few days of planning, but it turned out to be the project that redefined my view of what teaching and learning could look like in today’s modern classroom. If you had walked into my classroom during the days we devoted to 20% time, you would have seen teenagers engaged in conversations about their passions.

You would have noticed a girl in the corner, headphones on, quickly scribbling lyrics on a piece of paper before pressing the rewind button on her latest Garageband beat. Geniushourguidelines. What is Genius Hour? - Introduction to Genius Hour in the Classroom. Turn Genius Hour Into Genius Year. Genius Hour is exciting. Instead of giving students assignments with predetermined topics and step-by-step instructions, teachers set aside a designated amount of time during the week for students to engage in self-directed projects that allow them to pursue their own questions, interests, and passions.

2013-2014 Passion Projects. 6 Principles Of Genius Hour In The Classroom. Genius Hour In The Classroom: 6 Principles Of Genius Hour by Terry Heick. Geniushour - home. Genius Hour. 20-Time In Education Inspire. Create. Innovate.

Genius Hour. Genius Hour-Final Written Reflection. Geniushour - Resources & Documents. Weekly Genius Hour Assessment - The Genius Hour... at Oshkosh West High School. Give your students 20% time to do whatever they want. "Seriously? You're going to let us do whatever we want for 20% of our time in English class? " "I'm skeptical. " "That's awesome. " Taking Google's lead, and inspired by Dan Pink's book, Drive, I decided to take the plunge and give my students the kind of radical autonomy they both suggest, and I gave my students 20% of their time in my English class to pursue a project of their choosing. Rules and expectations. The Genius Hour. Genius Hour on Pinterest. Designing 20% Time in Education. Passion-Based Learning. Genius Hour Trailer. The Passion Driven Classroom Discussion and Study Guide- #PassionDriven Conversations.

Step-by-Step Directions for Creating Passion Projects in Our Classroom. The Genius Hour: How 60 minutes a week can electrify your job. Lots of people believe that a single individual can’t make a difference in an organization. Lots of people, it turns out, are wrong. Take the case of Jen Shefner. She’s an assistant vice president at Columbia Credit Union in Vancouver, WA, in charge of the credit union’s online and mobile services. Last month I met her at a conference, and she told me about a smart and simple innovation that she calls the “Genius Hour.” Jen grooved on Google’s 20% time and Atlassian’s Fedex Days – and wanted to bring that sort of noncommissioned work to her department.

Each week, employees can take a Genius Hour — 60 minutes to work on new ideas or master new skills. Of course, an hour a week for every employee isn’t much time. The boss pitches in. Implementation matters. It’s on the schedule. “Great ideas come from every level,” Jen says. When are you going to give it a try? Genius Hour: Passion-Based Learning.

What is Genius Hour? Passion-Driven Classroom, The: A Framework for Teaching and Learning: Angela Maiers, Amy Sandvold: 9781596671591: Books. Genius Hour Manifesto. Denise Krebs, Gallit Zvi, Hugh McDonald and Joy Kirr came together to discuss “Genius Hour”. Introducing Genius Hour (Passion Based Inquiry Projects) 6 Principles Of Genius Hour In The Classroom. Passion Projects (Responses) What's going on in Mr. Solarz' Class? - Parent (Current Newsletter) School achievement isn't just in your genes - opinion - 18 October 2013. Read full article Continue reading page |1|2. What's going on in Mr. Solarz' Class? - 1. Inspiring Innovative Learners with Genius Hour / 20% Time. Upgrade your KWL Chart to the 21st Century.

One of the take aways from the Curriculum Mapping Institute this past week was that it brought an upgrade to THE trusted KWL (Know, What to Know and Learned) Chart to the forefront. It seems a no brainer…one of those things… “I should have thought about it”… So what is this upgrade all about? An “H” snuck into the Acronym! Lifetramp. Turn Genius Hour Into Genius Year. Genius Hour - Where Passions Come Alive. What is Genius Hour? - Integrating Technology & Genius Hour: My Journey as a Teacher & Learner.