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Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan käyttö 2010. Korjattu 26.10.2010 klo 10.

Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan käyttö 2010

Ensimmäisessä taulukossa: Internetin käytön ja eräiden käyttötapojen yleisyys 2010, %-osuus väestöstä lukujen pyöristyksistä johtuvat korjaukset on merkitty punaisella. Internetin käyttö yleistyy edelleen. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010. 5 Most Engaged Brands in Social Media. Engaging in social media is about being extremely open, creative and flexible.

5 Most Engaged Brands in Social Media

To stay competitive online, brands need to be investing in social media as a way to extend themselves to their customers. While advertising and cultivating an image are still important, it's interaction that creates loyal customers. Wallwisher. WordPress. Delicious.

How to Use Delicious: The King of Social Bookmarking. Delicious is the world’s largest social bookmarking site.

How to Use Delicious: The King of Social Bookmarking

With it you can save, manage and share pages in a centralized source. It also brings a very powerful community aspect to social bookmarking. This article will reveal innovate ways to use Delicious. Wikispaces. Kirkou.wikispaces. Tiedonhallintataitoja Äidinkielen opettajille - home. Tiedonhaun perusteet - Tiedonhaun perusteet. Netvibes.

The Unquiet Librarian: Buffy J. Hamilton (2592) Dublin City Public Libraries (78) Using public pages as virtual libraries! Netvibes June 19th 2009 at 06:59 PM A growing number of libraries use Netvibes public pages as virtual resource centers for their users.

Using public pages as virtual libraries!

From academic literature, news, to documentary resources or podcasts – there’s an abundant of options. To add, Users are not just happy to locate reading suggestions online but the convenience is a huge time saver! Our list of public libraries include: The Cranbury Public Library (US), Biblioteca de l’Ateneu Barcelonès (Spain) or the the Dublin Public City libraries (Ireland). They’re ideal places to organise events, surveys and online tools & resources. Other institutions such as schools and universities, use Netvibes public pages as virtual resource centres. Both Discovery College Library (Hong-Kong) and The United World College of South-East Asia (Singapore) has organised its virtual resource space into various tabs. Netvibes henkilökohtaisena oppimisympäristönä -tuntisuunnitelma. Foursquare. Foursquare and Libraries ? Anything There? Foursquare is a location-based game.

From Foursquare’s website: “We’re all about helping you find new ways to explore the city. We’ll help you meet up with your friends and let you earn points and unlock badges for discovering new places, doing new things and meeting new people.” Basically, Foursquare works like or librarything , but instead of sharing music you’ve listened to or books you’ve read, you’re sharing places you’re visiting, and aggregating that list out to your friends. To play, install an app on your phone, via an iPhone or Android app (a Blackberry one is in the works). You can also use the mobile version of their website for other phones that have web access.

Foursquare and Libraries – Definitely Something There! This is a follow-up post to my original post, Foursquare and Libraries – Anything There? Lots of you left some great ideas in the comments, so I thought I’d do a little copy/paste and highlight some of them … because they’re really very cool ideas! So – here are what some of are doing with Foursquare: Pollak Library (at Cal State Fullerton) is using it in beta mode, adding in a bunch of To Do items and Tips for students (i.e., get a Titan Card, set up their borrowing privileges, check their circulation record, use one of our AV or Group study rooms, visit the latest exhibit, etc.). our Social Media Team is exploring the idea of prizes.

Lauren's library blog - Lauren?s Top Tech Trend. Twitter. Tweeting for Companies 101. Why Twitter? Twitter can be an amazingly powerful platform for connecting to your community as well as driving traffic to the various properties you want people to go. HOW TO: Help New Users Stay Engaged on Twitter. This Twitter Trends Series is supported by Bing.™ Check out the Bing Local Twitter Trends Map on Mashable.

HOW TO: Help New Users Stay Engaged on Twitter

One of Twitter's most disappointing trends is its lack of solid user retention. If you're a Twitter evangelist, the scenario is probably familiar. You explain to friends and family how much value and fun can be had in 140 characters. They sign up, test the waters for a few days, derive no use value, and promptly abandon their accounts. Using Twitter for Brands or Corporate Identities. Website Monitoring Blog » Blog Archive » Twitter Facts & Figures (history & statistics) Facebook. Understanding How and Why Facebook Users Interact with Brands. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. While much of finding what works for your business on social media sites is a process of trial and error, recent stats from e-mail marketing firm ExactTarget (which recently acquired social CRM platform CoTweet) shed some light on how the Facebook population uses the site, and specifically, how it interacts with brands.

First, the good news: Based on its study of 1,500 Facebook users, ExactTarget concluded that 38% of online U.S. consumers “Like” (formerly “Fan”) a brand on the social networking site. And the average fan Likes nine different brands, giving you plenty of opportunity to find your way into potential customers' news feeds. TOP 100+ Finnish Brands on Facebook « Deceptive Cadence. What does facts about Facebook brand presence look like, really?

TOP 100+ Finnish Brands on Facebook « Deceptive Cadence

With the relentless coverage in media, every man and his dog has an opinion about social media and Facebook. On the other hand, you have the social media gurus and true believers preaching about a revolution. On the other hand, you have the more traditional advertising pros who claim to understand the new more social approach to marketing, but continue doing things the old way. Luckily there’s companies like Sysomos, who give us real facts. Sysomos analyzed 600000 Facebook pages and made the results public, nice, I’ll come back to those later. The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing.

5 New Ways to Market Your Brand on Facebook. With 500 million members and growing, Facebook offers brands and marketers direct contact to the largest pool of online users on the web.

5 New Ways to Market Your Brand on Facebook

After all, social media is fast becoming more popular than e-mail on mobile devices and more convenient for news consumption than the daily paper. In recent weeks and months, Facebook has introduced and improved a number of on-site tools that sage brands and businesses can use to better market themselves. Even the simplest of tools such as "Likes" and photos could serve as a catalyst for a viral network effect. Of course, there's also opportunity to be had with more calculated efforts around Place Pages, Questions and the New Groups.

New as these conveniences may be, they're still rich with opportunity. 1. Facebook Photos are likely a much overlooked brand utility. Especially of note is the ability to upload hi-res photos up to 2048 pixels wide or high. 2. Facebook Statistics, Application Statistics, Page Statistics - Facebakers. Jo kolmasosa suomalaisista on Facebookissa / Viihde. Kuva: Timo Jaakonaho/Lehtikuva 25.5.2010 15:15 Facebook-verkkoyhteisössä on 1 756 160 suomalaista jäsentä.

Jo kolmasosa suomalaisista on Facebookissa / Viihde

Website Monitoring Blog » Blog Archive » Facebook Facts & Figures (history & statistics)