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Emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010

Presentation Software – The Top Ten (10) 1. PowerPoint Like it or loathe it, PowerPoint is here to stay. At 20 years old it is still the leading presentation software. At one point it was estimated that there are 30 million PowerPoint presentations given every day. But is it really time to Ditch PowerPoint? 2. For stunning presentations that you can also put on-line Flash is by far the best presentation technology on the market. 3. Open Office Impress is the free open source presentation technology. 4. If you want to make your presentations fly then you will need a way of easily editing images – for example to adjust the colours, or make images transparent. 6. NXPowerLite can compress files by as much as 75%, making them easier to use, store and share. 7. If you want to make professional looking graphs and charts in PowerPoint then you will find the PowerPlugs Charts pretty hard to beat. 8. A nifty little tool for making 3d shapes for PowerPoint. 9. PowerPoint comes as standard with the most appalling colour schemes. 10.

Elgg - Open Source Social Networking Platform. Elgg 1.8.19 is the latest and recommended version of Elgg. Elgg is available under a dual license, GPL Version 2 and the MIT license. The plugins are only available in the GPL release and so have been removed from the MIT release. Download: 1.8.19 MIT version Elgg 1.7.22 includes an important security fix. If you are looking for somewhere to host your Elgg powered network, we are putting together a list of providers who have added Elgg hosting to their services.

"Skype in the Classroom" Launches to Connect Teachers & Students Worldwide As its major outage in December demonstrated, Skype bridges the personal and the professional, and many of us have come to rely on its VOIP calls to family, co-workers and colleagues. Skype has also been embraced by many educators who are using it in the classroom in some innovative ways. Teachers use Skype to open their students to a world beyond the classroom walls. A Skype Directory for Educators This usage by teachers has caught Skype's attention, says spokesperson Jacqueline Botterill, and the company has just launched the beta version of Skype in the Classroom, an effort to support their efforts. The first step, Skype says, is building a directory of educators who use the VOIP service and want to connect their classrooms with others. Teachers can sign up for the Skype in the Classroom beta by connecting their existing Skype accounts. Skype says it plans to improve several aspects of the directory very soon, including building out its search functionality.

Cned scolaire > Du primaire au baccalauréat Mercredi 05/02/2014 De 15h30 à 17h00 - Web conférence ESEN /CNED - "Ethique et déontologie du fonctionnaire" Poser vos questions: Tel: 0549499703 / 0549499704 / 0549499740 Intervenants : Abdennour Bidar Philosophe et écrivain Marie-Danièle Campion Recteur de l'académie de Clermont-Ferrand Jacky Simon I.G.A.E.N.R honoraire Les objectifs de cette conférence interactive sont les suivants : - comprendre les raisons pour lesquelles il apparait nécessaire d’actualiser le corpus législatif relatif aux droits et devoirs des fonctionnaires. - s’approprier le sens de quelques principes fondamentaux et valeurs du service public et bien en mesurer les enjeux. - mesurer l’intérêt d’un code de déontologie dans un contexte professionnel. - repérer des situations professionnelles pour lesquelles la hiérarchisation des valeur est particulièrement importante au moment d’exercer sa responsabilité de cadre.

popplet Middle School Students Find Their Voice with Digital Cameras Some years ago I taught a life skills class to a group of eighth grade boys. The curriculum I offered wasn't working. They were disengaged -- they wouldn't read, write, or talk about what I wanted them to talk about -- and they were mounting a rebellion. "What is going on with you?" Credit: "My World" project by ASCEND students. Their retort: "You know nothing about our lives. "Fine. I wrote a grant for digital cameras. For several months, three days a week, an hour each time, we wandered through the streets around our school in Oakland, California. Through Their Eyes The boys captured hundreds of images of graffiti and garbage, hypodermic needles and empty bottles of booze strewn around the rundown city playground, gang insignias painted across the slides. They photographed the seemingly endless array of signs on fences and gates that warned of dogs as well as the growling pit bulls and chained up Dobermans. Words Inspired by Images Seeing Beyond Pictures Related Resources

The Ideal Technology Device for Students and Teachers - Leading From the Classroom In 2001, Mark Prensky coined the terms "Digital Natives" and "Digital Immigrants" to describe the differences between adults and students in using technology. Educators are "Digital Immigrants" who have to adapt and learn how to integrate technology into their lives. Students are "Digital Natives" born into a culture and lifestyle where technology immersion is the norm. Although I know a lot of educators who argue that immigrants can use technology in the same ways as the natives and that being a native does not necessary guarantee proficiency, I have found the Digital Native and Immigrant comparison to be helpful in understanding the essential differences in childhood experiences that separate educators from the students. From my perspective, growing up with my Commodore 64 and learning in a school during the pre-Internet Age is a very different experience from today's students who have a variety of technology tools that connect them to the world through Twitter and Facebook. gsd Says:

14 Online Presentation Tools There may be times when you need to present ideas to clients or co-workers and could benefit from one of the many resources for creating online presentations. In this post we’ll introduce 14 different presentation tools to get the job done. Some are free to use while others will come with a cost. Online Presentation Tools: 280 Slides 280 Slides is a free tool with a clean user interface. SlideRocket SlideRocket allows you to create presentations or upload your existing PowerPoint files. PreZentit PreZentit is a free tool that is currently in beta. authorSTREAM authorSTREAM allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations and share them with others online. Empressr With Empressr you can upload your images, video, and audio to create presentations online. Google Docs With Google Docs you can upload your own images and video, add text, and create presentations quickly. VCASMO is a free tool for online presentations. Zoho Show Prezi Prezi is an online presentation tool with both free and paid plans.

Online learning official: Lecture capture helps students 'review, review, review' UMass Lowell leader eases faculty concerns over video lectures as program proves popular among students By Dennis Carter, Assistant EditorRead more by Denny Carter October 20th, 2010 Moloney said more UMass Lowell classrooms will have lecture capture systems soon. Jacqueline Moloney wants college students to do less transcribing and more listening. Moloney, executive vice chancellor and head of online learning at the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus, has overseen an effort to make lecture capture technology a standard feature in the university’s classrooms, along with a host of other technologies that can be tailored to fit instructors’ preferences. Along with a suite of other technologies—digital document cameras and interactive LCD touch screens among them—about one-third of UMass Lowell’s classrooms have been equipped with lecture capture programs that, Moloney said, let students “review, review, review” by rewinding the video lectures and hashing over complex concepts.