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Facebook Statistics, Application Statistics, Page Statistics

Facebook Statistics, Application Statistics, Page Statistics

Rikwi : la recherche immobilière inversée 100% gratuite Entre les magazines spécialisés, les sites internet et les agences immobilières à contacter, la recherche immobilière est souvent fastidieuse et longue. Pour que trouver votre logement ne soit plus un travail à plein temps, le site internet Rikwi fédère des particuliers et des professionnels qui répondront à votre demande. Rikwi inverse les usages en pratique dans le secteur immobilier et permet au client d’être contacté en fonction de la demande qu’il a déposée. La mise en relation, ainsi que certains services, sur d’autres sites concurrents sont payants, Rikwi propose une mise en relation directe et 100% gratuite entre le client et les différents interlocuteurs capables de répondre à sa demande à travers une messagerie anonyme. Le site a ainsi pour but de devenir le partenaire de votre recherche immobilière. Vous avez aimé cet article ? Inactif Partager vos lectures sur Facebook exemple : Benjamin a lu : Rikwi : la recherche immobilière inversée 100% gratuite sur Connexion

Nonprofit Tech 2.0 :: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits MyWeboo Thank you all for your support, but unfortunately we have decided to move on. We will maintain our service till June 5th, 2011. We promise we'll create something cool again very soon! MyWEBoo had its first blowout! WSJ: Report Card? We are a few young and and hip professionals that want to take PERSONAL cloud computing to the next level. Steven majored in computer engineering at SCU. MyLifeIsAverage is what I read to keep me grounded. Mark graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in economics and business administration. Sudhir started his career at Netscape and became a system architect at AOL. MyWeboo was founded by Steven and Diane in 2009 aiming to change the way people manage overwhelming digital assets scattered on different web sites and collaborate with others. Technical support, report abuse, and product feedback Business development, potential partnership, and advertisement Home Help About Us Team Blog Press Privacy policy Terms and Agreements

targeting sharing 10 sites pour gérer vos multi-comptes sur les réseaux sociaux | Les réseaux sociaux ont explosés ces dernières années. Ainsi, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace ou encore LinkedIn accueillent des utilisateurs en masse. Nous sommes nombreux à avoir un ou plusieurs profils. Dans ce deuxième cas, gérer les multi-comptes n’est pas une option que le service d’origine a l’habitude de contrôler alors pour vous faciliter votre quotidien, voici 10 sites pour vous aider à gérer plusieurs comptes de réseaux sociaux… 1. Vous pouvez gérer au moins 4 comptes Twitter, ainsi qu’un compte Facebook, un compte MySpace et un compte LinkedIn. 2. Outre le multi-comptes Twitter, HootSuite soutient également Facebook, LinkedIn,,, MySpace et Foursquare. 3. Threadsy vous permet d’intégrer et de gérer votre courriel, Twitter et Facebook sur une seule page. 4. Vous pouvez gérer jusqu’à 5 comptes Twitter et Facebook avec 1 compte Brizzly. 5. 8Hands Vous pouvez gérer différents comptes de réseaux sociaux comme Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, Flickr ou LiveJournal.

Use Facebook Questions for Your Nonprofit Unlike the Q&A site Quora, Facebook Questions allows brands to ask and answer questions. On Quora you have to be a person, but Facebook Questions uses your nonprofit’s Page and avatar as your Facebook Questions identity. Quora is great for professionals and those that want to spend time building their personal brand online, but I think Facebook’s decision to allow brands to use Questions was smart. Step One :: Add Questions to Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Page As Mashable recently described, to add Facebook Questions to your Page you must first go to Account > Use Facebook as Page and Switch to the Page you want to add Questions to. Once added, the Questions tool is then added to your Official Facebook Page: Step Two :: Ask Your First Question When your nonprofit posts a Facebook Question to your Fans it will appear in their “Most Recent” and “Questions” News Feeds.

aka-aki Announcing: Open Foresight & The Future of Facebook Project In a world characterized by increasing complexity and accelerating change, we need tools that help us understand future possibilities in order to make more informed decisions today. The field of Futures Studies, or Strategic Foresight, has already developed many such tools, but they are still not commonly utilized by the general public. So, I’ve partnered up with a colleague, Alvis Brigis, to help elevate the ‘futures thinking’ meme. By combining available data, opinions from the experts, and the conventional wisdom of the crowds, we’ll be able to analyze a topic from a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints. The first project to employ this framework was launched on Kickstarter today – The Future of Facebook video series. by @EricaGlasier Interviews are still underway, but here’s a look at who we’ve talked to so far: by @gavinkeech To launch the public arm of the project, we’ve posted the same 15 questions we asked all interviewees onto Quora.

Hellotipi : Créez votre site de famille, un espace privé, illimi The Future of Facebook Project by Venessa Miemis With over 600 million users and a valuation of over $70 billion, Facebook is the world's dominant social networking platform. What are the challenges a social media company of this size will face? What are the strategic moves it should make? These are the questions we are addressing with the Future of Facebook video series. Interviews are still underway, but here’s a look at who we’ve talked to so far: David Armano - SVP, Edelman Digital Stowe Boyd - futurist, social technologies blogger Jamais Cascio - ethical futurist, Senior Fellow of the IEET Amber Case - co-founder Geoloqi Suzanne Fischer - Curator of Technology, The Henry Ford Garry Golden - energy and emerging markets futurist Alex Howard - Government 2.0 Correspondent for O’Reilly Media Kevin Kelly - author, What Technology Wants; founding editor, Wired Magazine Brett King - author, BANK 2.0 Rita J King - Innovator-in-Residence IBM Analytics Virtual Center David Kirkpatrick - author, The Facebook Effect Om Malik - founder, Giga Omni Media

tKaap, la 1ère communauté dédiée aux défis - Défi, Battle, Flash