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The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear pollution!

The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear pollution!

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Rep. Deutch Introduces OCCUPIED Constitutional Amendment To Ban Corporate Money In Politics By Zaid Jilani on November 18, 2011 at 1:00 pm "Rep. Deutch Introduces OCCUPIED Constitutional Amendment To Ban Corporate Money In Politics" Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) is tackling corporate money in politics head on. In one of the greatest signs yet that the 99 Percenters are having an impact, Rep. A New Dawn 13th Jun 2013; 13:00 Listen to the audio (full recording including audience Q&A) Please right-click link and choose "Save Link As..." to download audio file onto your computer. There will an edited high-res video version of the talk available in a couple of weeks time, and if you subscribe to our channel on YouTube - you'll get automatically notified whenever there's a new video.

Attack on the pentagon results in discovery of new mathematical tile In the world of mathematical tiling, news doesn’t come bigger than this. In the world of bathroom tiling – I bet they’re interested too. If you can cover a flat surface using only identical copies of the same shape leaving neither gaps nor overlaps, then that shape is said to tile the plane.

RAFAEL Typhoon Stabilized Marine Gun System Typhoon stabilized marine gun system developed by RAFAEL is compatible with many automatic cannons. The system total weight is 690 – 750 kg (including the gun), and it can be fitted with various naval guns, including 20, 23, 25, 27 or 30 mm guns produced by Boeing, Oerlikon, Mauser or Giat. Typhoon can be installed on small deck space and does not require deck penetration. Unique Metallic Q-Glass Could Be New Class of Solids Q-glass, a new solid alloy that has been discovered in a rapidly cooled mixture of aluminum, iron and silicon, is neither a pure glass, a crystal, nor even a quasicrystal, according to a team of researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Argonne National Laboratory. The round nodules are the q-glass, not crystalline but with a well-defined chemical composition (Leonid A. Bendersky / NIST)

Los Angeles Stands Up To The Supreme Court, Looks To Revoke Corporate Personhood Billions of corporate dollars have poured into the 2012 Election, all thanks to the Citizens United decision by the conservative members of the Supreme Court. Towns and counties across the country have proposed or passed resolutions against corporate personhood, the most recent of which is Missoula, Montana. But now a major city in America looks to do the same next week.

Indian man single-handedly plants a 1,360-acre forest A little more than 30 years ago, a teenager named Jadav "Molai" Payeng began burying seeds along a barren sandbar near his birthplace in northern India's Assam region to grow a refuge for wildlife. Not long after, he decided to dedicate his life to this endeavor, so he moved to the site so he could work full-time creating a lush new forest ecosystem. Incredibly, the spot today hosts a sprawling 1,360 acres of jungle that Payeng planted — single-handedly. The Times of India recently caught up with Payeng in his remote forest lodge to learn more about how he came to leave such an indelible mark on the landscape. It all started way back in 1979, when floods washed a large number of snakes ashore on the sandbar.

Personal Power Plant - Main Public Site Approximately the size of a high-efficiency gas furnace, the PersonalPowerPlant™ ... P3 or PPP for "short" is a revolutionary energy device. And yet, ironically - its also a "back to the future" kind of device. Our P3s are micro-chap systems (combined heat, air conditioning and power/electricity). By combusting/incinerating/gasifying assorted biocombustible material/fuels, the PersonalPowerPlant™ achieves core temperatures of over 3,000º F. Now that’s hot! Graphene supercapacitors created with ‘traditional paper making’ process, rivals lead-acid battery capacity Materials engineers at Monash University in Australia have devised a method of producing graphene supercapacitors that have the same energy density as the lead-acid battery under your car’s hood. Not only are these supercapacitors about 10 times more energy-dense than commercial devices, but the method of producing the graphene inside the supercapacitors seems to be novel as well. The engineers say they used a process that is similar to traditional paper making — and that it could easily and cost-effectively scaled up for commercial production of graphene, and graphene-based supercaps. Supercapacitors are essentially small batteries that can recharge and discharge almost instantly. While this results in a very high power density (lots of watts), their energy density is generally very low (watt-hours).