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Sen. Johnson Says He’ll Subpoena Bidens, Schiff and Whistleblower if They Don’t Cooperate. Speaking to Ben Armstrong of WSAU, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) indicated he will subpoena Adam Schiff, Joe and Hunter Biden and the Whistleblower “unless they cooperate willingly.”

Sen. Johnson Says He’ll Subpoena Bidens, Schiff and Whistleblower if They Don’t Cooperate

“If not, yeah I have that subpoena power and I’m not afraid to use it,” he said. Johnson, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman, dismissed the House impeachment hearings as “a very sad farce” in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The Hill reports Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) opened the door on Thursday to subpoenaing a cadre of top Republican targets as part of his panel’s oversight work.


I REPUBLICANS. I DEMOCRATS. Democrat Al Green: Impeach Trump for Comparing Impeachment to a "Lynching" Rand Paul Sounds the Alarm On Anti-Trump GOP Senators. Trump stays, but Senate goes: GOP majority imperiled by impeachment. Senate Republicans stand to be the biggest casualty of impeachment, since they face losing their three-seat majority as struggling candidates are forced to cast a vote that will anger critical groups of voters, no matter which way they go. Democrats are targeting President Trump. What they may get instead is the Senate. In a Senate trial to adjudicate articles of impeachment approved by the House, at least a handful of vulnerable Senate Republicans risk the wrath of grassroots conservatives if they vote to convict and remove Trump from office.

The same group, staring down impeachment with the 2020 primary season drawing near, could just as easily alienate general election voters with a vote to acquit the president. While Trump is unlikely to be convicted by the Senate, some Republicans will be tempted to support it. Republican voters are heavily against impeachment. Under Senate rules, Republicans during a trial would be severely limited from running interference for Trump. Sen. Steve Bannon: Nancy Pelosi Will Impeach President Trump 'In The Next Six Weeks' Trump Blasts Democrat-led Impeachment Inquiry as a ‘Lynching’ On 22nd October 2019 @ 4.00pm © press President Donald Trump described the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry as a “lynching," noting there were no legal rights in the process.

Trump Blasts Democrat-led Impeachment Inquiry as a ‘Lynching’

“All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here – a lynching,” Trump wrote on Twitter. Trump Calls Impeachment Inquiry A "Lynching" That Could Hurt Future Presidents. Democrats know the clowns running for the nomination cannot win, so they want to have a make-believe impeachment.

Trump Calls Impeachment Inquiry A "Lynching" That Could Hurt Future Presidents

Hey Nancy Pelosi, can you answer one question for me? Why do all the Democrats, and fake new media use the exact words over and over again when discussing this impeachment inquiry farce? And I mean THE EXACT WORDS. How much are they getting paid to sound like zombies repeating a sentence? From the beginning, the Democrats, the intelligence community, and the liberal press have been involved in a conspiracy to set aside the results of a lawful election. VIDEO: Terminated After He Told HS Student Not To Use The N-Word; Receives Job Back! If a Democrat is elected president and the Republicans control the house, the speaker of the house should unilaterally declare an “impeachment inquiry” on the day the new president is sworn in, and the investigations should begin. Trump stays, but Senate goes: GOP majority imperiled by impeachment. Trump Goes After Barack Obama And Democrats Trying To Impeach Him In New Interview. In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity that aired on Monday night, President Donald Trump went after former President Barack Obama as well as his fellow Democrats who are now determined to impeach the current White House occupant.

Trump Goes After Barack Obama And Democrats Trying To Impeach Him In New Interview

AOL reported that Trump said that Republicans could have impeached Obama “for many different things,” but “they never even thought of impeaching him.” “They could’ve impeached Obama for the IRS scandal. They could impeach him for the guns for whatever where guns went all over the place and people got killed, Fast and Furious,” Trump told Hannity. “They could’ve killed him ― they could’ve impeached him for many different things.” Sign Petition: Remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Sara A. Carter: 'The American People Aren't Gonna Buy Schiff's Lies Anymore'

The Ukraine controversy is firing back on Democrats who are trying to perpetuate a false narrative, according to Sara A.

Sara A. Carter: 'The American People Aren't Gonna Buy Schiff's Lies Anymore'

Carter’s report on Fox News’ Hannity Monday night. House Intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) went before lawmakers to read a completely fabricated account of a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a hearing on Capitol Hill several weeks ago. Additionally, Chairman Schiff apparently lied when he claimed that members of the committee hadn’t met with the whistleblower after committee staff did just that. Sara A. Carter told Hannity that Democrats mishandled the investigation entirely. [VIDEO] Wallace Pokes Mulvaney; Well Connected Republican Thinks Trump Will Be Removed. On Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace told acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney that a Republican that both knew very well believes there is now a 20 percent chance Trump is removed from office.

[VIDEO] Wallace Pokes Mulvaney; Well Connected Republican Thinks Trump Will Be Removed

Wallace called this Republican “well-connected” and doubled down on the likelihood of increasing that Pres. Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office. Maxine Waters: McConnell Can't Save Trump from Impeachment — 'It's Not Going to Work' Sunday on MSNBC, Rep.

Maxine Waters: McConnell Can't Save Trump from Impeachment — 'It's Not Going to Work'

Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) would not be able to “sweep” the evidence House Democrats are collecting “under the rug,” against President Donald Trump in their impeachment inquiry. Waters said, “I think we are doing what we need to do, the investigations that goes on, documents are being requested, the six committees that have responsibilities for oversight and investigations are working. I think that we’ll have information that will end up going to the Judiciary Committee in a good period of time. We are moving as well as we possibly can. I don’t care what Mitch McConnell is trying to do.” ”It is going to catch up with him,” she continued. Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN. 23 House Republicans Yet to Back Movement to Censure Adam Schiff. Breitbart News reported Friday that 173 House GOP lawmakers have cosponsored a bill crafted by House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs (R-AZ), known as H.

23 House Republicans Yet to Back Movement to Censure Adam Schiff

Res. 604. H. Res. 604 would condemn Schiff for reading a fictional phone call between Zelensky and Trump into the record. Schiff also allegedly lied about having never spoken to the Ukrainian intelligence officer “whistleblower.” Biggs wanted to force a vote on the legislation this week, but delayed the move after House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) passed away. The legislation has quickly gained support from Republicans across the political spectrum. DEVELOPING: All Republicans on House Intel Committee Warn Schiff Over ‘Irregular Impeachment’ Probe. All nine Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee sent an official letter to Chair Adam Schiff Friday; slamming his “highly irregular” impeachment investigation.

DEVELOPING: All Republicans on House Intel Committee Warn Schiff Over ‘Irregular Impeachment’ Probe

“The highly irregular manner in which you are conducting your so-called ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ gravely concerns us, as does the fact that you have decreed this matter to be under HPSCI’s jurisdiction despite it lacking any clear intelligence component,” states the letter. HPSCI refers to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. “Further, given that you have recently acknowledged that the Committee no longer needs to receive testimony from the whistleblower, your “impeachment inquiry” lacks any relationship with the jurisdiction of this Committee,” adds the statement. “We expect you to rectify these concerns and begin planning intelligence-related committee events starting next week,” it concludes.

HOUSE WILL VOTE On Monday: 173 House Republicans Co-Sponsor Motion To Condemn And Censure Chairman Schiff. President Trump took to Twitter tonight to call out “Corrupt Adam Shiff” and his fellow Democrats in Congress.

HOUSE WILL VOTE On Monday: 173 House Republicans Co-Sponsor Motion To Condemn And Censure Chairman Schiff

In part 3 of a series of tweets, President Trump also asked when the Republicans are going to fight back? Trump tweeted: This Scam going on right now by the Democrats against the Republican Party, and me, was all about a perfect phone call I had with the Ukrainian President. He’s already stated, NO PRESSURE! Where is the Whistleblower, or the 2nd Whistleblower, or the “informant?”

Was it a Corrupt Adam Schiff con? Mike Pompeo accuses Adam Schiff of running 'kangaroo court,' putting America's safety at risk. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is putting America's security at risk by interviewing State Department officials in secret, and should be "embarrassed" by the "kangaroo court" he's overseeing, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday. "We've got officers going up there to testify about important security-related matters, without a State Department lawyer in the room. Sen. Kennedy On Pelosi & Schiff's Impeachment Efforts: 'I Hear Them Saying To The American People, You're Stupid & We're Smart' - Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) spoke with host Neil Cavuto on Fox News pertaining to Democrats’ continuous “impeachment effort” against President Donald Trump. Cavuto explained that it seems inevitable that the House Democrats will move forward with the vote to impeachment. “They will do that.

Then what,” he asked Senator Kennedy. Sen. Kennedy said, “I don’t think you’re wrong. The Louisiana Senator clarified: “Here’s what I hear Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Schiff saying to the American people: ‘You’re stupid, and we’re smart'”. “I hear them saying to the American people, ‘You’re so stupid, you can’t govern yourselves'” he continued.

HUD officials claim department stalled Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds. Below is a report that DML News gives a 4 OUT OF 4 STARS trustworthiness rating. We base this rating on the following criteria: Provides named sources Reported by more than one notable outlet Does not insert opinion or leading words Includes supporting video, direct statements, or photos Click here to read more about our rating system. As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Two top officials with the Department of Housing and Urban Development admitted at a congressional hearing this week that the agency knowingly missed a legally required deadline that would have made desperately needed hurricane relief funding available to Puerto Rico.

HUD’s chief financial officer, Irv Dennis, and David Woll, the department’s principal deputy assistant secretary for community planning and development, made the admission Thursday before a House Appropriations subcommittee. Florida GOP lawmaker says he's 'thinking' about impeachment. Dr. Strangesсhiff, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Impeachment.

Who could have guessed that the words of Soviet secret police chief Lavrentiy Beria to Joseph Stalin, "Show me the man, and I will show you the crime," would be strangely embodied in American politics and jurisprudence in the 21st century? Moreover, according to Dr. Strangesсhiff — congressman, chairman, and commissar — these wonderful words have recently found their way into the U.S. Constitution. Secret impeachment would seem to be a new idea, but the curious Dr. Strangesсhiff borrowed it from the closed Soviet trials of dissidents, "enemies of the people," and other "undesirable elements. " Bravo, comrade Strangesсhiff! Exclusive With Tom Fitton: Impeachment ‘Coup Cabal,’ Ukraine, And Who Is Marie Yovanovitch? President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, sat down with the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to discuss what the legal watchdog group is looking into when it comes to the impeachment effort against President Donald Trump, Ukraine and Joe Biden’s family business dealings.

Trump To Sue CNN For Violating Lanham Act And For Impeachment Bias, Demands Substantial Damages. President Trump is taking off the kid gloves and told CNN in a letter from his lawyers that he plans to sue CNN for impeachment bias and violating the Lanham Act. Top Diplomat Testifies Obama Admin Forced Ukraine Prosecutor’s Firing. On 17th October 2019 @ 1.00am. Democrats using impeachment to consolidate power. Top Diplomat Testifies Obama Admin Forced Ukraine Prosecutor’s Firing.

GOP warns Graham letter to Pelosi on impeachment could 'backfire' First Details Of GOP Controlled Senate’s Trump Impeachment Trial Leak To Media. Mitch McConnell held a meeting with GOP Senators today to discuss multiple topics specifically the impending impeachment. If you think the House won’t impeach you have not been paying attention – the only question is how transparent the process will be. Technically, Pelosi can do it all behind closed doors and then hold a vote and we will never see what evidence they have or do not have.

So Mitch is getting ready for the inevitable. He thinks it will happen around Christmas, they mentioned that Bill Clinton’s impeachment took 6 weeks, and they expect to work 6 days a week on it and do little else during the trial, two reporters say. “McConnell gave a presentation that included slides at today’s Senate GOP lunch on the logistics of the impeachment process and how a hypothetical trial would work, per Cramer. “Asked twice if he thinks Trump’s phone call with leader of Ukraine is appropriate, McConnell dodges by saying president is owed due process in the House.” Rep. Andy Biggs: Anti-Trump Rep. Schiff’s secret impeachment hearings are a witch hunt in a fantasyland. Rep. Adam Schiff, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the leftists who are attacking President Trump – and by extension everyone who voted for and supports him – have managed to sink to a new low.

On the scale of credibility, they are a minus-10. If they yelled fire, you would stay seated. Pelosi announces House won't vote now on whether to begin impeachment inquiry. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced after meeting with the House Democratic caucus on Tuesday that there will be no vote -- at least for now -- on the launch of formal impeachment proceedings against President Trump. "There's no requirement that we have a vote, and so at this time we will not be having a vote," Pelosi said. "We're not here to call bluffs -- we're here to find the truth, to uphold the Constitution of the United States. BREAKING: SPEAKER PELOSI Announces House Democrats Will NOT Vote On Formal Impeachment Proceedings.

The Democrats are getting battered in the arena of public opinion for their shady, underhanded, non-transparent activities surrounding their obsession with impeaching President Trump. Trump Campaign: 'Impeachment Push' Has Led to a 'Surge of New Donors' On 15th October 2019 @ 11.00pm © press. White House budget office defies House impeachment subpoena for Ukraine documents.

The White House budget office is refusing to comply with a House subpoena for documents involving President Trump withholding military aid to Ukraine, setting up a power struggle as Democrats pursue impeachment. The budget office attacks the Democratic inquiry as illegitimate in a written rebuttal, a draft of which was shared with the Washington Examiner. Schiff's Democrats plot a secret impeachment, with leaks.

READ: Giuliani letter refusing to comply with congressional subpoena. Schiff Moves The Goal Posts, Says There 'Doesn't Need To Be A Quid Pro Quo' To Impeach. 'These are not hearings. These are depositions': Democrats justify secret impeachment inquiry. REP MATT GAETZ Reveals Why Nancy Pelosi Is Trying To Impeach Trump Before The 2020 Election [VIDEO] 'This is real third-world fascistic stuff': Mark Levin unloads on the Democrats' impeachment inquisition. Adam Schiff Likens Secret Impeachment Inquiry to a ‘Grand Jury’ Ohio Swing Voters: Impeachment a Distraction from What They Care About.

American people should be demanding 'fairness' amid impeachment process, Lee Zeldin says. Bolton told ex-Trump aide to call White House lawyers about Ukraine pressure campaign: report. Levin gives an in-depth history lesson on impeachment that Dems and the media won't want you to see. Mark Levin breaks down House impeachment scandal and the Constitution. 'We have mass murderers and terrorists who get more process' than Donald Trump has on impeachment. Trump ex-Russia adviser Fiona Hill testifies in impeachment inquiry. Trump's Former Russia Aide Expected to Testify in Impeachment Inquiry. Trump Demands Adam Schiff Has 'Whistleblower' Testify: 'Total Impeachment Scam!' BREAKING: Schiff Boots Gaetz From Impeachment Inquiry Hearing. Biden Says He’s The Reason For Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry.

Michigan Voters Are Switching Votes To Trump After Impeachment Push. Adam Schiff Boots Matt Gaetz From Key Witness Testimony In Impeachment Inquiry. Taibbi: Impeachment Would Establish 'Intelligence Community Veto over Elections' Allen West Commentary: Why We Should Impeach Obama Not Trump – C-VINE Network. Rashida Tlaib Renews Threat to Begin Jailing Trump Officials. BREAKING: Rep. Matt Gaetz Barred From Attending Secret Impeachment Meeting With Democrats.

Trump Responds & Hits Back As ‘Squad’ Member Confirms Dems Want To Detain White House Officials. First Ukraine Whistleblower falling apart, so media inventing a Second Whistleblower. Curtis Ellis: Pelosi hopes public forgets these facts as she rewrites history with impeachment inquiry. Tlaib says Democrats have discussed detaining White House officials who don't testify.

Klobuchar, Booker rule out recusing themselves from Trump impeachment trial. Red State Dems Facing Anti-Impeachment Protests Back Home. Trump has no constitutional duty to comply with ‘runaway Democratic Party’s’ ‘hijacked’ impeachment process. Democrats Privately Urging Pelosi to Hold Impeachment Inquiry Vote. ALLYN ROOT: Dems Lose Every Which Way on Impeachment. Lawyers say they may let whistleblower testify, but only in writing. Pelosi Boasts Impeachment Inquiry is Backed by 'Increased Outside Validation' Dismissed Ukraine ambassador blames ouster on 'a concerted campaign against me' CNN Panelist on Dems' Fake Impeachment: 'This Is Not a Benghazi-Type Hearing, This Is Really Serious' Sondland to appear under subpoena before Dem-run House. Intel IG Admits It Secretly Erased ‘First-Hand Information’ Requirement. Meghan McCain Silences Liberal Laughter on 'The View': Trey Gowdy Is 'Good News for Trump, Bad News for Democrats'

House Democrats subpoena Rick Perry. House Democrats subpoena high-ranking cabinet member in impeachment inquiry. Anonymous Message To US Citizens About Trump's Impeachment. Fox host says Trump ‘acting as an outlaw’ during ‘a constitutional crisis’ Biden adviser defends candidate's call for Trump impeachment. Schiff gets dubbed 'Malicious Captain Kangaroo.' Liberals dig deep to analyze. Fox News poll reveals shocking number of voters who want Trump impeached and removed from office. Trump attorney Jay Sekulow: Trey Gowdy will be "a great asset" to President's legal team. A FOX News spokesperson said Trey Gowdy has been terminated and is no longer a contributor. Rudy Giuliani comparing impeachment to the Salem witch trials. Pelosi reacts to Trump’s blistering letter torching ‘unconstitutional’ impeachment stunt. Trump says he'd cooperate with impeachment inquiry 'if the rules are fair'

Lindsey Graham Warns Nancy Pelosi That Republican Senators Will Ensure Impeachment Is Dead on Arrival. TRUMP TWEETS: Responds to Biden’s call for his impeachment. Joe Biden: Trump committed impeachable acts. Maxine Waters: We Will 'Convince' Senate Republicans to Impeach Trump. White House sends letter to Pelosi saying it won’t cooperate with “unconstitutional” impeachment. BREAKING: TREY GOWDY Agrees To Join Trump’s Legal Team To Fight Democrat's Impeachment Dream. Pelosi Vows to Hold Trump 'Accountable' After Refusal to Comply with Impeachment Probe.

Don Lemon openly agitated when John Kasich won’t admit to 'clear quid pro quo’ McConnell blasts House Democrats over handling of impeachment inquiry. Jimmy Carter backs Pelosi on impeachment inquiry, urges Trump to 'tell the truth ... for a change' (314) Dem Rep. Al Green Accidentally Admits The Real Reason Democrats Want Trump Impeached. Rep. Al Green: If We Don’t Impeach Trump, He Will Get Re-Elected. ‘I’m pissed!’ Rep Zeldin unloads on Dems who’ve ‘screwed’ Americans with impeachment circus.