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Investigators: H. Biden Participated in $156MM Counterfeiting Scheme That Allegedly Financed Anti-Trump Deep State Actors/NGO’s [Opinion] In case the media covered this up and you didn’t see it when it broke … A team of private investigators have made a filing to an Arkansas court for inclusion in the child custody case between Hunter Biden and stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts.

Investigators: H. Biden Participated in $156MM Counterfeiting Scheme That Allegedly Financed Anti-Trump Deep State Actors/NGO’s [Opinion]

The complainants, D & A Investigations alleged in a December 27th filing that the “bank account records bear exhibit identifier(s) known by [Hunter Biden] as the subject of criminal investigation(s) both adjudicated and ongoing, of which he is a party to.” D & A claimed the bank records “provide the source and destination bank account numbers of Burisma Holdings Limited, PrivatBank, Bank of China, [Hunter Biden’s] business partners, Rosemont Seneca Bohai.” The significance of D & A’s claims are allegations of where that money eventually landed given Hunter Biden’s unexplainably high compensation package while sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings: By comparison, energy giant Exxon pays their board members one-third that amount. 1. 2. Thanks, Terry. Mitt Romney gave a one word answer on whether or not he would endorse Joe Biden.

Mitt Romney is practically a founding father of the Never-Trump movement.

Mitt Romney gave a one word answer on whether or not he would endorse Joe Biden

Romney has also made it clear he will not vote for President Trump this November. And now Mitt Romney gave this one word answer on whether or not he would endorse Joe Biden. Former Ohio Governor John Kasich became the highest profile “Republican” to endorse Joe Biden for President by speaking at the Democrat National Convention. Kasich caused another stir when he revealed that a prominent Republican member of Congress would join him in endorsing Biden. That immediately led to speculation that Mitt Romney was the mystery Republican that would be endorsing Biden. But The Daily Caller reached out to Romney’s office and received a one word answer: “No.” Lincoln Project Paid More than $2M to Firms Owned by Its Founders. The Lincoln Project, a political action committee run by a cadre of GOP campaign operatives opposed to President Donald Trump, has paid out more than two million dollars to firms owned by its founding members.

Lincoln Project Paid More than $2M to Firms Owned by Its Founders

The group, which was formed last December, has made national headlines for its viral ads, many of which attack Trump and his congressional allies. Since its launch, the Lincoln Projected has raised more than $19 million, with most of the money ($16.8 million) coming in over the last three months. A significant portion of the group’s newfound contributions, as noted by the Center for Responsive Politics, come from Democrat mega-donors, some of whom have donated as much as one million dollars.

Although much emphasis has been placed on the Lincoln Project’s fundraising numbers, especially the fact that 45 percent of its total contributions come from individuals giving $200-or-less, little attention has been paid to how the group is spending its money. Trump-Hater Rick Wilson Ended Up Being Mercilessly Mocked When He Agreed to Wrong Interview.

Jeffrey Lord: Never-Trump ‘Republicans’ would have hated Reagan too. Jeffrey Lord, DCNF As my old boss Ronald Reagan might say, there they go again.

Jeffrey Lord: Never-Trump ‘Republicans’ would have hated Reagan too

The “they” in this case are the self-named “43 Alumni for Joe Biden,” former staffers from the George W. Bush administration, as well members of the amusingly misnamed Lincoln Project, a collection of consultants that can’t make time to defend those Lincoln statues being threatened across the land. Never Trump consultant group The Lincoln Project targets GOP senators. “Governor Steve Bullock did a hell of a job for Montana and in the U.S.

Never Trump consultant group The Lincoln Project targets GOP senators

Senate, he’ll show them what Montana strong looks like,” says a new ad the group unveiled last week in Montana, as they endorsed the Democratic governor and failed Democrat presidential candidate’s Senate bid against Republican incumbent Senator Steve Daines, a conservative. With that ad, the Lincoln Project is now just another liberal PAC. President Trump has slammed The Lincoln Project, calling it a “group of RINO Republicans who failed badly.” MORE NEWS: Democrats say Mount Rushmore symbolizes white supremacy The National Republican Senatorial Campaign (NRSC), the campaign arm of the Senate GOP, said that “it’s sad to see the media treating this pathetic Democratic scam PAC seriously.” Mitt Romney Defends ‘Friend’ Scarborough From Trump Attacks. Republican Utah Sen.

Mitt Romney Defends ‘Friend’ Scarborough From Trump Attacks

Mitt Romney defended MSNBC host Joe Scarborough Wednesday from President Donald Trump’s accusations that he was involved in the death of former congressional intern Lori Klausutis. “I know Joe Scarborough. Joe is a friend of mine. I don’t know T.J. Klausutis. 'Enough already': Romney pleads with Trump to leave Joe Scarborough and ex-staffer's widower alone. Sen.

'Enough already': Romney pleads with Trump to leave Joe Scarborough and ex-staffer's widower alone

Mitt Romney defended MSNBC host Joe Scarborough following attacks the former congressman has received from President Trump regarding the death of a staffer in Scarborough's office nearly two decades ago. "I know Joe Scarborough. Joe is a friend of mine," the Utah Republican tweeted Wednesday. Ann Coulter EXPLODES in fiery tweetstorm over Trump’s attack on Sessions. Below is a report that DML News gives a 4 OUT OF 4 STARS trustworthiness rating.

Ann Coulter EXPLODES in fiery tweetstorm over Trump’s attack on Sessions

We base this rating on the following criteria: Provides named sources Reported by more than one notable outlet Does not insert opinion or leading words Includes supporting video, direct statements, or photos Click here to read more about our rating system. As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM: Conservative pundit Ann Coulter unleashed on President Trump following his repeated attacks on his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In a series of tweets on Sunday, Coulter hit back at the president after he told Alabama voters not to trust “slime” Sessions, who is running for his old Senate seat because he recused himself from the Russia investigation and “ruined many lives.”

The article goes on to state the following: 'Law & Order' Star Chris Meloni Compares Pro-Trump Children to 'Nazi Youth' NBC’s Law & Order star Chris Meloni appeared to compare children supportive of President Donald Trump to “Nazi youth,” a reference to the organization founded in homage to Adolf Hitler aimed at indoctrinating young people into the Nazi cause.

'Law & Order' Star Chris Meloni Compares Pro-Trump Children to 'Nazi Youth'

A video shared by New York Times columnist Charles Blow shows a woman talking to her nephews about the run-up to the Republican National Convention and the things President Trump has done for America, including “fight[ing] for our freedom” and “keep[ing] us safe.” The footage was mocked by Meloni, who suggested the two young children were reminiscent of the Hitler Youth. “So. CUTE!” Cher: Trump a ‘Lazy, Orange Faced Miscreant’ Who Should Be Charged. Left-wing pop icon turned left-wing activist Cher penned another angry diatribe on President Trump early Saturday morning, calling him a “lazy, orange faced miscreant” who should be charged.

Cher: Trump a ‘Lazy, Orange Faced Miscreant’ Who Should Be Charged

“Why do ppl keep expecting trump to act like a Human,” the “Dov’e L’Amore” singer began, unleashing her tirade in her classic all-caps style. FACED MISCREANT.2 BAD HE ISNT FACING REAL CHARGES WITH HIS VILLIAN [sic] SON IN LAW.THEY COULD REMINISCE ABOUT ALL THEIR CRIMES AS JARED PUTS ON FACE SIRUM,” she added. It remains unclear what specifically triggered the devoted Trump critic’s rant, but it is far from the first time in recent days — or years — that the pop icon has lashed out at the president. “He’s a sick man, who doesn’t care if he lies or tells the truth. He needs to feed the orange beast. Cher Calls Trump a "Lazy Orange Faced Miscreant" asks why people expect Trump "to act like a Human" Pop icon Cher unleashed another one of her famous cryptic anti-Trump tweets Saturday.

The singer tweeted: Why do ppl keep expectingtrump to act like a Human.NOTHING ABOUT HIS COUNTENANCE SAYS SMART STRONG,COMPASSIONATE MAN.HES (Orange) LAZY FACED MISCREANT.2 BAD HE ISNT FACING REAL CHARGES WITH HIS VILLIAN SON IN LAW.THEY COULD REMINISCE ABOUT ALL THEIR CRIMES AS JARED PUTS ON FACE SIRUM Last month, Cher tweeted: trumps Signing EXECUTIVE ORDER 2 Make Ppl Working In MEAT PROCESSING PLANTS GO BACK 2 WORK,Even If It Might Kill Them.He’ll Protect Owners So They’re Not Libel 4 Deaths.Employees In MANY Plants R LATINO,But 4 trump ”White Is Right”,ALL OTHERS R Expendable. TESTS,PPE,R WHERE!? Barbra Streisand Outrageously Claims People Are Dying Because The GOP Doesn’t Believe In Medical Science. Hollywood star Barbra Streisand is known for her frequent attacks on President Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole, but this might just be her most ridiculous one yet. Streisand took to Twitter on Thursday to blame American coronavirus deaths on Trump and the GOP despite the fact that the virus originated in China and has affected nearly every country in the world.

Instead of blaming China, where COVID-19 originated, Streisand nonsensically claimed that people in the U.S. are dying from coronavirus because the GOP ignores medical science. “What has happened to the Republican Party? They say nothing while Trump silences the CDC recommendations and contradicts Dr. Fauci by saying his science-based answer is ‘not acceptable,'” Streisand wrote. Barbra Streisand Outrageously Claims People Are Dying Because The GOP Doesn’t Believe In Medical Science. Robert De Niro Launches Outrageous New Attack On Trump, Claims President Doesn’t Care How Many Die of COVID-19. Hollywood star Robert De Niro had yet another meltdown against Donald Trump on Tuesday, outrageously claiming that the president is a “lunatic” who doesn’t care how many Americans die of COVID-19. De Niro, who is infamous for anti-Trump rhetoric, described it as “Shakespearean” how members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force avoid contradicting the president.

“You’ve got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around…it’s appalling,” De Niro told BBC Newsnight. Howard Stern Viciously Lashes Out At Trump Supporters; 'I Hate You For Voting For Him' In another display of disgusting liberal intolerance, radio host Howard Stern said he flat out 'hates' people who voted for Trump. In his latest unhinged radio rant, Stern also said that Trump would be doing a very "patriotic" thing if he stepped down. sponsor Here's the quote from the The Sun: Stern's outburst continued: “I don’t hate Donald. I hate you for voting for him, for not having intelligence. Howard Stern outrageously alleges that Trump is 'disgusted' by his own supporters: 'He wouldn't even let them in a f***ing hotel'

Shock jock radio host Howard Stern had yet another unhinged rant against President Donald Trump on Tuesday, this time mostly targeting his supporters, who he outrageously claimed the president is “disgusted” by. “The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most,” Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show, according to Fox News. Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Humiliated As Factchecker Debunks New Trump Hit Job, Rates Ad False Over Wall Street Claims. Trump campaign holds nothing back, calls out Never-Trump 'RINO' brigade in blistering email. Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. Anti-Trump Actor Michael Rapaport Turns on Melania with Disgusting Smear. TRUMP TWEETS: ‘Lamestream’ media sources and Drudge: ‘I gave up’ President Donald J. Trump said he believes the media is making up sources, attributing information to “a person who doesn’t even exist.”

Florida couple, both doctors, filmed stealing Trump 2020 flag from neighbor while their child begged not to - The Peoples Ledger. Two doctors in Florida’s Santa Rosa county have been arrested after it was revealed they stole a neighbor’s Trump 2020 campaign flag- all while their young child pleaded with them to stop committing the crime. Geoffrey Michael Fraiche and Laura Ann Webb-Fraiche were arrested in connection with the April 7 theft of the flag and damage to a flagpole, which totaled to around $700 in loss for the victim. Both Fraiche and his wife, Webb-Fraiche, are gynecologists, though they work at different hospitals in the area. The two doctors rode up to the property on a golf cart with two small children, and were spotted on the home security system as they produced a ladder and began their ascent to remove the flag. Alec Baldwin Blasts Trump Voters "If you vote for Trump again, you are mentally ill" CNN's Jake Tapper Shares Tweet Calling Trump '100% Insane'

CNN anchor Jake Tapper accidentally revealed his bias against the President, sharing a tweet that called Trump “100 percent insane” with nobody in the administration willing to tell him. George Conway, husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and rabid anti-Trump lawyer, posted the sentiment to his social media followers. “He’s 100% insane,” Conway wrote, “and nobody in the administration has the balls to tell him that.”

There is a rich irony in the fact that a man desperate for attention these past few years would argue that anybody else is lacking in that area. AWESOME: Anti-Trump Protesters Get LOUD Surprise From Biker After ‘Die-In’ On City Street [Video] WOW! AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK By These 187 Organizations Directly Funded By George Soros. Some of the names on this list will shock you…Abortion groups, open borders, immigrant groups, groups to change the way we vote, universal health care, climate change, “Catholics”, Socialists and Communists. Soros actually has a group whose stated goal is to take money from rich Jews and give it to those with less. Considering a video just surfaced yesterday showing George Soros (a Jew) admitting that he helped confiscate property from Jews during WWII, the idea that Soros is funding such a group is not really so stunning.

The truth isn't exciting enough for Trump's critics. AWESOME: Anti-Trump Protesters Get LOUD Surprise From Biker After ‘Die-In’ On City Street [Video] Over Twice as Many Democrats as Republicans Approve of Mitt Romney: Poll. James Woods Exposes Why He Believes Mitt Romney Is A 'Hidden Virus' Within The Republican Party - On Friday, James Woods exposed why he believes Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is nothing more than a “hidden virus” embedded within the Republican Party.

The notion laid out by Woods came in response to an article that broke down Romney’s highly contemplated decision to vote to subpoena records of a consultant of Blue Star Strategies, which was contracted by Burisma Holdings — a Ukrainian gas company connected to the Bidens that is being investigated by the Senate Homeland Security Committee. The move by Romney came after he intially signaled that he may not side with the seven other GOP committee members, as he voiced concern that the Burisma probe may appear to be politically motivated.

However, after discussing matters privately with Senator Ron Johnson, Romney decided he will vote in line with his Republican colleagues next week. As reported by Fox News: “Republicans only have an 8-6 majority on the committee, so Romney was critical because a 7-7 tie would result in the vote failing. Rosie O'Donnell helping Michael Cohen negotiate $10 million 'tell-all' book deal. Reporter Suggests Trump Rallies May Need To Stop Due to Coronavirus. Video: Trump Supporter Attacked By A Security Guard At University For Carrying A MAGA Flag - Conservative US. Mitt Romney Booed at CPAC, Cheered by Leftists in Denver. WATCH: CPAC Erupts in Boos When Romney’s Name is Mentioned. Romney Goes Even Lower, Joins Dems In Spreading The Latest Lie About President Trump. Backstabbing, media whore Romney attacks the President over coronavirus.

Mitt Romney Admits USA Voters Don’t Like Him, Whines Trump Will Be Re-Elected. Indiana Couple Ran Teen Boys on Bicycles Off Road for Having Trump Flags. Utah GOP Might Tell Mitt Romney to Resign Immediately. Can a Republican take on Trump and survive? Mitt Romney is proving it’s possible. Utah GOP Considering Resolution Calling For Mitt Romney To ‘Immediately Resign’ From Office. Claim: White House Reportedly Identified, Will Remove ‘Anonymous’ Resistance Official. Chris Wallace: Trump is 'better off now' than when Dems' impeachment push began.

Bloomberg Ad Targets Trump Ahead of SOTU: ‘Angry, Out of Control President’ MSNBC Anchor Nicolle Wallace Declares Trump 'The Enemy' After 'Impeachment Mitt' Votes Against Trump - Romney Gets Uninvited From Conservative CPAC Convention. And There It Is... Top #Never-Trumper Switches Parties, Is Now a Democrat. Rand Paul: Dems Hate Trump So Much They ‘Want Election Chaos’

DEAD MEN DON’T NEED IMPEACHMENT. Swamp in Panic: Trump In Danger. - John B. Wells News. Romney fosters 2024 speculation with criticism of Trump during impeachment. Mitt Romney Announces He'll Vote with Democrats To Extend Impeachment Trial. CPAC Chair Announces Romney Not Invited to CPAC 2020 After Voting With Dems.

‘It’s working for him’: Romney laments Trump’s ‘unfortunate’ attacks on possible impeachment witnesses. Mitt Romney Suddenly Celebrated by the Left for Going Against Trump. Mitt Romney, a Man Alone. Dem Congressman Publishes ‘Hit List’ of Trump Donors for Leftist Activists to Target. Club for Growth accuses Romney of siding with Democrats in new ad. Anyone sick of Chris Wallace yet? He mocked Trump defenders on the new Fox 'News' Longtime ally of Bolton's calls for him to withdraw the manuscript. While Trump says 'take her out' - Full video released.

Republican group calls for 'President Pence' amid impeachment trial. Former Trump Staffer Betrays Trump, Feeds Democrat Narrative on Economy - TRENDINGRIGHTWING. Washington Treasury Swamp Official Pleads Guilty - She Dared To Leak President Trump's Team Banking Records. "Never Trump" GOP Challengers that Hoped to Embarrass Trump Have Flamed Out. Mitt Romney's Approval Ratings Plunge After Siding With Dems On Impeachment.

Utah Revolts As Mitt Romney Sinks Like Stone After Stabbing Trump In Back On Impeachment. Anti-Trump Republicans deride evangelical supporters with ‘MAGA church’ ad, vow 'just getting started’ De Niro: Trump needs to be 'confronted and humiliated' Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Helps Form New Anti-Trump Super PAC: Trump Campaign Says “Pathetic Little Club” Is "Upset They’ve Lost All Their Power and Influence" Vulnerable House Democrats counting on lag time between impeachment votes and Election Day 2020. LEMON LOSES IT: Watch CNN’s Don Lemon Have a 2 Minute On-Air MELTDOWN Over One Trump Tweet. Mall Santa FIRED for wearing MAGA hat! 14-Year-Old Trump Supporter Hospitalized After Being Attacked By Students For Wearing Trump Hat. Report: Trump-Supporting 14-year-old White Student Brutally Attacked by Black Students on School Bus - TRENDINGRIGHTWING.

Chris Wallace attacks Trump in speech for 'most sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history' Anti-Trump Protester from PA Rally Comes Out on Social Media, Declares "This Was Me!!" Megan Rapinoe Rips Trump After Being Named SI "2019 Sportsperson of the Year" Democrat Rep: American Voters Must NOT Be Allowed to Choose Trump as Their President. Dem Rep. Richmond: Trump's 'Criminal Enterprise' Putting 2020 Presidential Election at Risk. The sad case of George Conway. After Attacking His Own Wife, George Conway Goes After Melania Trump. George Conway joins leftist pile-on, slams Melania over Barron Trump ‘nothingburger’ Romney: 'I Saw No Evidence' Ukraine Meddled in 2016 Election.

George Conway Hits New Low…Mocks His Wife, Kellyanne, On Twitter. [VIDEO] Chris Wallace Invites Juan Williams On His Show to Trash Trump’s Afghanistan Troop Visit as ‘Fake’ Fiery reaction when anti-Trump NYT columnist lets pro-Trump brother have a shot at her column. Romney calls lunch with Trump 'delightful' Rosie Declares "Ur So Screwed Donald," Shares Image of Trump Tweet with "GUILTY" Scribbled on It.

VIDEO: Kamala Harris Declares "Donald Trump Got Punked" During DNC Debate, Referring to His North Korea Diplomacy. Rosie Declares "It’s Over 4 Trump!" After Sondland Testimony. AOC Claims Trump is "Clearly Engaged in Extortion and Bribery" Never Trumper George Conway Calls Devin Nunes ‘Pure Garbage’ Trump Jr. Slams Conway as 'a disgrace' - TRENDINGRIGHTWING. ‘Impeach the bastard’: House Dem Makes Vulgar Demand Reminiscent of Tlaib’s Signature Line. Andrew Napolitano Has Been Wrong About Basically Everything. Female MMA Drops Anti-Trump College Professor Who Attacked Trump Supporters At Veteran’s Day Ceremony. Clinton Judge Seeks to Become #Resistance Hero by Attacking President Trump for Violating 'Democratic Norms'

Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News Delivers Blunt 'Primers' to Trump-Hating Democrats. Footage Shows Man Attacked, Spit on for Wearing MAGA Hat.