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Transiciones Educación Contemporánea

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Este es un espacio para la difusión y el intercambio colaborativo sobre los problemas sociales contemporáneos en la Educación y sus horizontes futuros.

Este material solo se usa con fines educativos en mis clases de posgrado. A History of Ideas: Luciano Floridi On The Fourth Revolution — Cognitive. TheBrain Web Client. Educacion&CambioSocial - Iniciativas. IFTF: IFTF Online Collaboration Series. EPISODE 5 Online Collaboration The Great Communications Hackathon Featuring Toshi HooThursday, May 14, 2020 9:00am PT IFTF Emerging Media Lab Director Toshi Anders Hoo joins Mark Frauenfelder to explore the future of human communication, collaboration and connection through emerging media technologies.

IFTF: IFTF Online Collaboration Series

The covid-19 pandemic has instigated an unprecedented global experiment as people around the world try to figure out how to translate their social, personal, and professional lives into the constraints of online tools and networks. WSIS10SummaryReport. Education: From disruption to recovery. One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, close to half the world’s students are still affected by partial or full school closures, and over 100 million additional children will fall below the minimum proficiency level in reading as a result of the health crisis.

Education: From disruption to recovery

Prioritizing education recovery is crucial to avoid a generational catastrophe as highlighted in a high-level ministerial meeting in March 2021. UNESCO is supporting countries in their efforts to mitigate the impact of school closures, address learning losses and adapt education systems, particularly for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. To mobilize and support learning continuity, UNESCO has established the Global Education Coalition which today counts 160 members working around three central themes: Gender, connectivity and teachers. YouTube. Youtube. Conversación con Richard Sennett. Inteligencia Colectiva para Educadores. Conferencia de Pierre Lévy. Historians as Public Intellectuals.

XVII Cátedra de Historia Ernesto Restrepo Tirado MARC AUGÉ: "El tiempo en ruinas" David Lee: ¿Por qué los trabajos del futuro no parecerán trabajo? Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley. TEDxMaastricht - Luciano Floridi - "The fourth technological revolution" Sam Harris: Can we build AI without losing control over it? Anab Jain: Why we need to imagine different futures. Matt Beane: How do we learn to work with intelligent machines? AGAMBEN HOMO SACER ANIMATIC. Zeynep Tufekci: Machine intelligence makes human morals more important. Peter Hinssen's Day After Tomorrow keynote for 'Deloitte's Data With A View' in The Hague. Jorge Drexler: Poesía, música e identidad.

Yuval Noah Harari: "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" Youtube. World Summit on the Information Society. H.E.

World Summit on the Information Society

Mr. Adama SamassékouPresident of WSIS Preparatory Committee for Geneva Phase President of the African Academy of Languages, Former Minister of Education of Mali (1993-2000) Mr. Education and Technological Transformations for Human-centered recovery. Summary: The event will bring about key partners to highlight the unprecedented technological changes in and through education both as means to mitigate the negative impact of COVID 19 and as a trend to reckoned with.

Education and Technological Transformations for Human-centered recovery

Description: Library.educause.

Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio

Futuros Educativos Sesion 3. People + Technology. Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible es. Panorama Social AL Cepal es. Eduacion 2030 Unesco. Wsisstocktaking report 2015. Wsisstocktaking successstories 2015. RESOLUCIÓN ONU 70/125 WSIS 2015. WSISForum2015 OutcomeDocument ForumTrack. Synthesis report of efa reviews lac. Summary document of comments received. Policy Statements Booklet WSIS2015. Indicadores Tematicos FME Unesco 2015. Conferencias Regionales FME Unesco 2015. Educacion para todos 2000 2015. Eficacia escolar factores. Replantear la Educacion FME Unesco 2015.

Hoja de Ruta Eduacion para el Desarrollo Sostenible. Education GPS - OECD. Reports - SDGfunders: SDG Philanthropy Platform. Uganda: Data Strategy and Capacity Building As part of Uganda’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Agenda, the country has made substantial progress toward improved national development data—including the launch of a Development Data Hub supported by Development Initiatives and a review of open data readiness jointly undertaken by the government and the World Bank.

Reports - SDGfunders: SDG Philanthropy Platform

Uganda however, lacks an organized framework for collecting and sharing reliable and comparable data on philanthropy. As such, the newly established Uganda National Philanthropy Forum (UPF) represents a key mechanism for the sector to consolidate its e orts and hone its contributions to national development. 12th World Education Summit 2018, New Delhi. Leveraging ICTs and Building Information and Knowledge Societies for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) WSIS Stocktaking In support of the WSIS Implementation and Follow-up, all WSIS Stakeholders are invited to update and submit new entries online.

Leveraging ICTs and Building Information and Knowledge Societies for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Submitted activities are reflected in the WSIS Stocktaking Report 2018, which were released at the WSIS Forum 2018. TopLink. Centre for Educational Research and Innovation - CERI. SR 1580 IFTF Future of Learning 01. IFTF SR 1165A RemakingLearningForecast. Glassdoor2017JobsTrends. Future ed workforce roles learning ecosystem. Reimagining higher education. As an integral part of the fabric of American society, everyone has a stake in making higher education more accessible, affordable, and relevant.

Reimagining higher education

Introduction As Laura arrived at her parents’ house, she found them lighting the grill and setting out chairs for the afternoon’s festivities. Soon, guests would arrive for a party in honor of Laura’s new job, an entry-level position with a large architectural firm. Once, she might have had a graduation party. But it’s 2025, and unlike her parents, Laura hadn’t walked across a stage to mark the end of her formal education. ACTF IFTF FutureSkills report. SR 1382A UPRI future work skills sm.

Solved making case collaborative problem solving. Futuros Educativos Presentacion Sesion 3. 2016 IFTF TYF Map of the Decade. Conceptos de Ciudadania Mundial. Home - European Network of Living LabsEuropean Network of Living Labs. Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience. Education. At Omidyar Network, we believe there are few more direct pathways to opportunity than education.


That’s because a young person’s education can lay the foundation for a brighter future of economic possibility and societal well-being. Yet for too many people around the world, quality education is out of reach—leaving students unprepared for life and work, and parents unsure how to access quality education for their children. We know there is no panacea to address the complex local education challenges that exist.

IFTF WFI Voices of Workable Futures 2016. OCW Consortium - OCW Consortium. Conditions required to implement OER practices in the Higher Education of Latin America - OCW Consortium. Abstract The creation of the OCW by the MIT in 2001 can be considered a milestone in the recent history of the OER.

Conditions required to implement OER practices in the Higher Education of Latin America - OCW Consortium

Since then an increasing number of technologies, repositories and tools that support the creation, reutilization and distribution of open resources have been created on the Internet. However the expansion of major institutionalization initiatives such as the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC) in Europe or OCW Universia in Latin America do not seem to evolve with the same level of enthusiasm and visibility. The adoption of OER principles (philosophy) operates according to a multiplicity of contextual factors that varies depending on each Higher Education institution.

For the purpose of this study, the adoption of strategies and channels that embraced the principles of openness and reusability within the context of educational institutions is considered as a key innovation. iNACOL Blended Learning The Evolution of Online And Face to Face Education from 2008 2015. A roadmap for implementation. New learning models vision. InteligenciaColectiva. KnowmadSociety. La innovacion pendiente Cobo.

AprendizajeInvisible. Integracion TIC en la Escuela Cepal es. TOP 100 online 2016. SR 1179 FutKnow. CW An International Study in Competency Education Postcards from Abroad October 2014. Somos Conectoma Somos Interacción. Home - RECODE. AI Forces and Forecast Reports. What’s the connection between a non-profit foresight organization and a private foundation dedicated to improving education beyond high school?

AI Forces and Forecast Reports

Simple: a shared desire to maximize individual opportunity, boost economic growth, and help ensure social stability. Those goals are lofty, we know. But we at Institute for the Future and Lumina Foundation see this shared challenge—that of imagining tomorrow’s work + learn ecosystem—as one well worth taking. In fact, we’re convinced it is a challenge the nation must fully embrace. Various thoughts and papers in french and english. Human Internet Map. SR1940 IFTFforDellTechnologies Human Machine 070717 readerhigh res. SR 1236 Future Knowledge Ecosystems. World Internet Project. Acepto las Condiciones: Identidad y Huella Digital. Extreme Learners. Fundación Ceibal - Personalized precision education and intimate data analytics. Ben Williamson The word ‘precision’ has become a synonym for the application of data to the analysis and treatment of a wide range of phenomena. ‘Precision medicine’ describes the use of detailed patient information to individualize treatment and prevention based on genes, environment and lifestyle, while ‘precision agriculture’ has become an entire field of R&D focused on ‘engineering technology, sensor systems, computational techniques, positioning systems and control systems for site-specific application’ in the farming sector.

Generation AI: What happens when your child's friend is an AI toy that talks back? ‘My Friend Cayla’ is an internet-connected doll that uses voice recognition technology to chat and interact with children in real time. Cayla’s conversations are recorded and transmitted online to a voice analysis company. This raised concerns that hackers might spy on children or communicate directly with them as they play with the doll. How AI could transform the way we measure kids' intelligence. There is a saying in education that you treasure what you measure. Going by the standardized tests that dominate schools in many countries around the world, we’re teaching children that we value only a very narrow definition of intelligence—the ability to solve word problems about train times, or identify the purpose of a World War I treaty on a multiple-choice test.

The truth is human intelligence is vast and complex. 4 New Human Rights for When Our Brains Are Hooked Up to Computers. The human-machine mind meld is just around the corner if you believe the buzz coming out of Silicon Valley these days. But neuroethicists worry the technology poses a threat to the last bastion of privacy, our innermost thoughts, and have suggested tweaks to our fundamental human rights to protect that privacy. Elon Musk made waves last month when it was revealed that he had launched a new company called Neuralink, aimed at building brain-computer interfaces (BCI) that would allow us to “telepathically” communicate with machines. The tech billionaire has been talking about the need to avert the existential threat of artificial intelligence by merging with machines for some time, but he’s now put his money where his mouth is and set an ambitious target of having healthy people installing these devices as a consumer product within the decade.

“The technology is coming and is likely to have dramatic implications for privacy, consent and individual agency.” Habilidades Educación Siglo XXI.