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Pour a Glass of Wine and Sink Into One of These Unusual, Luxurious Bathtubs. This is the photo that got me busy writing this ideabook.

Pour a Glass of Wine and Sink Into One of These Unusual, Luxurious Bathtubs

I had never before seen a glass-sided bathtub, and this one completely appeals to my minimalist tendencies. The architect, David Stern, says the client wanted this custom made tub for the kids bathroom and wanted it to feel fresh and fun. Well, he succeeded. But here is what I want to know: Why should the kids have all the fun? I have a rubber ducky. About : Kait. SuitFire.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024 × 1024 pixels) - Scaled (60%) Hong_Kong_Night_Skyline_non-HDR.jpg (JPEG Image, 4670 × 2000 pixels) - Scaled (27. 39075-1.jpg (JPEG Image, 939 × 632 pixels) - Scaled (97%) 4 Simple Principles Of Getting To Completion. “If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, then this is the best season of your life.”

4 Simple Principles Of Getting To Completion

—Wu-Men When I hear about a great idea that a friend has, I get excited. I can’t wait to see that idea become reality. Then I ask about the idea a few months later, and it often is not one bit closer to completion. Ideas stop short of becoming reality, and projects seem to drag on endlessly, because of one thing: complexity. A Human-Sized Pin Toy, for Cheeky Interactions. Unusual self-assignments - Nikon Forum. *This question was posted in the unarchived forum, but I am interested in getting more responses.

unusual self-assignments - Nikon Forum

I've included the answers here. I'm posting it here, by the way, because I am a Nikon user=)...Oh, I got a somewhat strange email regarding this post. Please don't email, just post here! * When I ask people about topics for self-assignments, I usually get the same answers over and over again: landscapes, architecture, people, nature, etc. 10 Photography Assignments to Stimulate Your Creativity. This article will provide you with 10 photography self-assignments that you can use to get your own creative juices flowing.

10 Photography Assignments to Stimulate Your Creativity

They are designed to help you grow in skill as a well-rounded photographer while helping you build your portfolio at the same time. Many of these projects are best executed over a period of time, rather than in a single session. “Waiting” captured by Jack Nobre (Click Image to See More From Jack Nobre) The Wrong Body Language. You're automatically signed up for the Inc.

The Wrong Body Language

Wire, so you never miss a single day's most important news, tips, or ideas. Roll over the name of the other Inc. newsletters to see how you can get great Inc. articles on the topics that matter most to you. The news-from all over the web-entrepreneurs need to know now. Brand, market, and sell your product or service, and how to use the latest apps, social media, and mobile devices to do it.

News, trends, and tactics to help you launch your business idea today. Bedroom Designs: Modern Interior Design Ideas & Photos. Do you prefer plush padding a minimalist pillow, a decked-out design or toned-down interior?

Bedroom Designs: Modern Interior Design Ideas & Photos

From dazzling abstract designs to humorously offbeat sleeping spaces here are seven brilliant bedroom designs to inspire your imagination. Who knows, with a few decorative adjusts you might be able to remodel your own bedrooms to similar effect. If you love soft illumination and hate to sacrifice privacy, this bedroom interior has a brilliant combination of strategies from uplighting around the bed itself to wall panels that block direct views and sunlight but let light in around them. Parks & Recreation - Trails and Bike Lanes. Downs 5 and Saguaro Trails Equestrian and Equestrian North Trails Pittman Wash Trail.

Parks & Recreation - Trails and Bike Lanes

Bike, Walking, Hiking, Running, Snowmobile Trails and Trail Maps. Amargosa Trail State: NV Length: 4 miles Surface: Asphalt Anthem East Trail State: NV Length: 7 miles Surface: Asphalt, Dirt Boulder Highway Trail.

Bike, Walking, Hiking, Running, Snowmobile Trails and Trail Maps

Thanksgiving as a kid VS Thanksgiving as an adult. 25 YouTube Comments That Are Actually Funny. Design Idea & Image Galleries on Dornob. 10 Hilarious, Wise, And/Or Offensive Laws Of Modern Man. 50 Healthy Recipes to Kick Off 2012. Happy New Year!

50 Healthy Recipes to Kick Off 2012

Many of us are thinking about our New Year’s resolutions and healthy eating is often at the top of the list. If you are setting a goal to eat healthy in 2012, here are 50 healthy recipes to help you get started. 45 Kick-Ass Resources for Online Entrepreneurs. Few people talk about this great productivity tip… You will reach your goals faster and easier if you’re willing to learn from others.

45 Kick-Ass Resources for Online Entrepreneurs

Using brilliant, well-crafted resources created specifically for online entrepreneurs improves your online productivity. OhLife helps you remember what's happened in your life. Downtown by sensorfleck. Make a powerful point. Resume & Cover Letter Tips. 50 Things She Wishes You Knew - En Güzel Sözler - Blogcu. 50 Things She Wishes You Knew you also might like: I hate this game you also might like: Valentine's Day Wishes Universal truths that all men should--but don't--understand.


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