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#17 - Little League Comic
Check out Batman and Robin, the Legion of Doom and the Justice League recast in a rich, medieval universe, as well as the founding document of the ancient JLA and an exclusive look at the backstories Farinas has imagined for these characters. The Dark Ages. It has been nearly 300 years since the fall of the Roman Empire, a time of prosperity and the height of ancient culture. DC Universe, Year 1000 DC Universe, Year 1000
Ended or basicly Ended

I can’t let you in.
November 10, 2006 Heyo! Did some guest art for Drastic Comics. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Particularly Awesome

Lead Paint Comics
S*P and Other Comics S*P and Other Comics Conventions and other Horror Stories June 28, 2013 Holy crap, the year's half over. I better get back to making blos, huh?