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#17 - Little League Comic. Tea? Hey, c'mon. Simple-logic. Trexshirt3.1_860.jpg (JPEG Image, 860x1190 pixels) - Scaled (58. DC Universe, Year 1000. Check out Batman and Robin, the Legion of Doom and the Justice League recast in a rich, medieval universe, as well as the founding document of the ancient JLA and an exclusive look at the backstories Farinas has imagined for these characters.

DC Universe, Year 1000

The Dark Ages. It has been nearly 300 years since the fall of the Roman Empire, a time of prosperity and the height of ancient culture. The Gods themselves walked amongst men, not as rulers, but as compatriots. But those times are over, and civilization has fractured, plunged into a chasm where greed, war and evil have consumed nearly every soul. It is a time for villains, and so, it has become ever more necessary, to be a time for heroes.

There are those who have prospered, unchallenged for so long, starving the people and scouring the earth. But honorable men and super men have emerged, light-bringers to a shadowed land. The Super Man, George of Lasia, the Slayer of the Serpent. King Batman, Gawain the Bruce. Son of Aquarius, Artur Comhraide. Birds.

Ended or basicly Ended

Sail. DOGHOUSE. Foamy the Squirrel. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I can’t let you in. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. November 10, 2006 Heyo!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Did some guest art for Drastic Comics. Also, fun fact: Marty keeps a book called "RF Electronics" next to his toilet. I don't even think anyone in the forum is that lame. Discuss this comic in the forum November 09, 2006 Hey folks, sorry for the missed update. November 08, 2006 Hey guys! November 07, 2006 November 06, 2006 HOLY COW! Sorry I haven't been terribly talkative in these here blog lately. Thanks for sticking with me! -Zach.

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