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Create Videos Online in Minutes. New Tool for Creating Training Videos - Product Review — Business + Craft for eLearning Freelancers. It can be really difficult to think of new and interesting ways to deliver engaging e-learning content, but in today's video, I'm gonna share a new tool that does exactly that.

New Tool for Creating Training Videos - Product Review — Business + Craft for eLearning Freelancers

Hey, guys, and thanks for joining me today. So, in today's video, I'm gonna share a new tool that I've discovered, which is called Lumen5, and the idea of the tool is it's a little bit more aimed at kind of marketing than it is kind of traditional e-learning but I'm always really excited to see new tools that come on the market that we can adopt to use for delivering e-learning. Now, the tool is very simple to use. In fact, I've been playing around with it in the last couple of hours. It's really easy to get up and running. And I think it could be great not to use, you wouldn't wanna build kind of like a whole e-learning course with it but it could be great for kind of adding to existing content and maybe using in sort of in the gaps just to kind of maybe bring your content to life.

We got these different themes. Help Center. Video Walkthrough Collection. Lumen5 Review 2020: The Right Video Make For You, Or No? Lumen5 is a video software marketing tool for businesses.

Lumen5 Review 2020: The Right Video Make For You, Or No?

I don’t really see it as a tool for individuals who don’t need to market certain products. There is 2 main method in which you can input the text into the software. You can do so by adding a link or by adding your own text from your computer. If you decide there’s an interesting article you’d like to use as inspiration for your promotional video, you can copy and paste its weblink into Lumen5. The software automatically parses the text and imports it into your video project. The manual version works better for those creating their own text. Lumen5 then splits the text into smaller paragraphs into what the software estimates it should look like.

At this point, I was wondering how Lumen5 knows which images to combine with the text so I called customer service. Again, this is Lumen5’s default reaction to the text. From these images, you have a bit of room for customization as well. These sounds and songs are royalty-free. Online Tools for Teaching & Learning. Lumen5 is an AI-powered tool that creates videos to accompany written content.

Online Tools for Teaching & Learning

Users can input a link to an article or blog post, or write some text, and Lumen5 will turn the text into a video (see the Lumen5 features page). Users can then tinker with the video by adding music, inserting new photos, and tweaking the format. Lumen5 can be used in education to inspire student interest in a topic, support student learning with multimedia, and facilitate knowledge construction through the design of videos. Tool Snapshot Price Lumen5 offers free, starter, premium, and business memberships (see the Lumen5 pricing page). ISTE Standards for Students Knowledge Constructor: Using Lumen5, students can curate multimodal resources to aid their learning.

Creative Communicator: Lumen5 allows students to express their knowledge, insights, and ideas through video. Lumen5 vs Filmora9 2020 Comparison. Filmora9 is the latest iteration of the popular video editing solution developed by Wondershare.

Lumen5 vs Filmora9 2020 Comparison

It has different pricing tiers for individuals, businesses, and for educational users. The details for these are outlined below to help you decide which package best suits your needs. Individual Annual Plan – $39.99/year All FeaturesAll UpdatesNo Filmora WatermarkTech Support Annual Bundle Plan – $99.87/year All Annual Plan FeaturesFilmstocks Standard Library AccessNew Effects Monthly Lifetime Plan – $59.99/one-time payment Business Basic Business Plan – from $12.99/user/month/annual billing All Editing ToolsAll UpdatesTech SupportCompany UseFilmstocks Free Library AccessAttribution Not RequiredMulti-user ControlVolume Pricing Available Standard Business Plan – from $24.99/user/month/annual billing All Basic Business Plan FeaturesFilmstocks Standard Library AccessOne-on-One Sales SupportFlexible Payment Scheme.