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Grains, Pseudo-grains, and Flours

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Why You Have Side Effects With Quinoa From Trader Joe's. This South American superfood is supposed to be the ideal gluten free grain alternative.

Why You Have Side Effects With Quinoa From Trader Joe's

Being a flowering plant in the amaranth family, it’s totally unrelated to wheat, barley, and rye. Compared to white and brown rice, it has less carbs and more protein. 57% more protein to be exact, when comparing on a per calorie basis. Despite its nutritional benefits, many people report horrific reactions from eating it. In fact, some who have milder Celiac cases even claim effects as bad as gluten, albeit through different manifestations. Summary: Most brands of quinoa, including Trader Joe’s, are unwashed.

Quinoa side effects. 6 Best Low Carb, High Protein Gluten Free Pasta Brands. Aside from being expensive, the biggest frustration with gluten free noodles is the ingredients they use.

6 Best Low Carb, High Protein Gluten Free Pasta Brands

There are plenty of other nutritious grains, but instead they often use cheap fillers like rice. So what is the glycemic index of brown rice flour? The University of Sydney – who is at the forefront of research for GI rankings – stated the following (1): “To date there are no GI ratings for refined flour, whether it’s made from wheat, soy or other grains. Why Whole Grains are Not a Healthier Alternative to Refined Grains – The Hammer of Health. “Eat your damn whole grains!”

Why Whole Grains are Not a Healthier Alternative to Refined Grains – The Hammer of Health

If you’ve ever known a nutritionist, there’s a pretty good chance they might utter some variation of this advice. 10 Ways Refined Flour Can Damage Your Health. The Breakthrough Institute - With the Grain. Rains are under growing attack.

The Breakthrough Institute - With the Grain

5 Reasons To Make Sourdough Your Only Bread. I’ll never forget the first time I ate sourdough bread in, of all places, San Francisco.

5 Reasons To Make Sourdough Your Only Bread

Aside from the amazing taste, here are 5 reasons to make sourdough your only bread. My Love Affair with Sourdough Bread My dear friend Sue and I were college grads on a cross country adventure. We found ourselves across the bay, in Sausalito, enjoying the shops and streets filled with people on a brilliant summer day. Strolling along, we passed a bakery emanating the siren smells of fresh baked bread. It beckoned us in. The Grain Manifesto. Whole Grains Increase Longevity - Blue Zones.

The health benefits of whole grains have been the subject of many studies – most of which have harvested the same conclusions: Eating whole grains can increase your longevity.

Whole Grains Increase Longevity - Blue Zones

That’s according to two new meta analysis reports – studies of studies – that were released this week. One published in BMJ analyzed 45 studies and concluded that whole grains can help you live longer by reducing your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, respiratory disease and infectious diseases. The report notes that consuming 90 grams of whole grains a day cuts risk for all causes of mortality by 17 percent. The other report, published in the journal Circulation, reviewed the data in 14 studies that combined had more than 786,000 participants. That analysis makes a similar finding: People who ate the most whole grains had a 16 percent reduction in all-cause mortality compared to those who ate the least whole grains.

Why Grains Are Bad–Part 1: Lectins and the Gut. Why Grains Are Bad - Part 2: Omega 3 vs Omega 6 Fats. Are Whole Grains Good or Bad For You? Is a grain-free diet good for you?

Are Whole Grains Good or Bad For You?

Do they cause inflammation in the body? From paleo, to promoters of more obscure diets, everyone these days seems to be ganging up on grains. The arguments against them can sound logical, until you realize the house of cards they’re built on… The definition of a grain. It’s not a scientific or botanical term. Whole Grain Is Not Very Healthy. Marathon Drugs Increases Price 70-Fold – 2/10/17 More predation by pharma.

Whole Grain Is Not Very Healthy

Marathon has gotten a decades old muscular dystrophy drug, deflazacort, approved and is charging $89,000 a year for it. It’s price in Europe is under $1500/year. Where are the free market forces? Why aren’t our elected officials protecting us from this egregious practice? Lowest Stroke Rates in Older Baby Boomers; Younger People Rising– 9/12/16 reports the American Heart Association, here. Sugar Lobby Promotes Sugar– 11/13/16 Surreal. Zika Breakthrough– 8/30/16 Reported here and elsewhere, two existing (already approved) drugs appear to be effective against Zika. AHA Limits Added Sugar– 8/17/16 A sensible recommendation from the American Heart Association limits sugar for children aged 2-18 to fewer than 6 teaspoons a day.

QUANTITATIVE MEDICINE. Marathon Drugs Increases Price 70-Fold – 2/10/17 More predation by pharma.


Marathon has gotten a decades old muscular dystrophy drug, deflazacort, approved and is charging $89,000 a year for it. It’s price in Europe is under $1500/year. 7 Takeaways about Grains from My Book Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? For many years, we have been told by experts to eat lots of grains.

7 Takeaways about Grains from My Book Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?

In the infamous 1992 Food Pyramid, we were told to eat 6 to 11 servings of bread rice, cereal, and pasta every day! And we listened… and turned America into the “Fat Nation” with 70% of us now overweight. Even the Bible says that bread is the “staff of life.” But, it’s important to note, a completely different type of wheat was used in those times. On top of the traditional assumption that grains are good, brilliant marketers have been able to twist our view of grain products using phrases like “whole wheat goodness,” leading us to believe it must be a healthy choice. Whole grains may lead to a healthier gut, better immune responses. Top 5 Benefits of Gluten-Free Oat Flour + Oat Flour Recipes. If you’ve been looking for a gluten-free flour to use in your recipes, I want to let you know that oat flour is one of the best gluten-free flours. But wait, is oat flour gluten-free? According to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, yes — oats are technically gluten-free since they aren’t a type of wheat, barley or rye grain, which are the three groups of whole grains that naturally contain the protein gluten.

Instead of containing gluten, oats and therefore oat flour actually have a protein called avenins. Oats are considered safe for those with a gluten allergy or gluten intolerance, easier for most people to digest, and much less likely to cause negative reactions. Benefits of Oatmeal for Fatty Liver Disease. If oatmeal is so powerful that it can clear up some of the ravages of chemotherapy just applied to the skin (see my video Oatmeal Lotion for Chemotherapy-Induced Rash), what might it do if we actually ate it?

Oats are reported to possess varied drug-like activities like lowering blood cholesterol and blood sugar, boosting our immune system, anticancer, antioxidant, and anti-atherosclerosis activities, in addition to being a topical anti-inflammatory, and reportedly may also be useful in controlling childhood asthma and body weight. Whole-grain intake in general is associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and weight gain, as shown in my video Can Oatmeal Help Fatty Liver Disease?. All of the cohort studies on type 2 diabetes and heart disease show whole grain intake is associated with lower risk. Einkorn Flour: The Superior Ancient Grain Compared to Whole Wheat.

Why is healthy wheat so hard to get? You may have heard of the words “frankenwheat” or “frankenfoods,” which have been imposed on the public by agricultural geneticists due to the scientific engineering of wheat and wheat food products. This has created a movement away from wheat products due to the damaging effects they may have, in particular the issues people have consuming foods with gluten. This is where einkorn flour comes in. Dr. Mark Hyman, a collaborator and friend, notes in an article in the Huffington Post that each American now consumes about 55 pounds of wheat flour every year. Is Freekeh the New Quinoa? Freekeh Benefits, Uses & Recipes.

Despite its odd name, freekeh (pronounced free-kah), aka farik, may be the new supergrain. While quinoa has been high on the quest for healthy grain-like alternatives, freekeh, often spelled freekah or frikeh, has some benefits that may surprise you, while also providing some variety to your diet. The biggest concern for many is the wheat factor since healthy wheat options are hard to come by, but if you get the right variety, you can get the proper nutrition from it.

So why should you check out this new supergrain, and how does it compare to quinoa? I’m glad you asked. Should You Eat Freekeh or Quinoa? The Benefits of Einkorn Flour - Healthy Focus. According to estimates, the average American consumes over 50 pounds of wheat flour each year. This is becoming something of a concern since many of the hidden compounds found in wheat are known to cause disease and weight gain.

Agricultural geneticists have scientifically engineered wheat giving rise to terms such as ‘frankenfoods’ and ‘frankenwheat’. Many people also have difficulty eating foods that contain gluten which has led people to look for healthier alternative forms of wheat. There are a number of ancient grains like einkorn which considerably healthier than most of the wheat products on the market. Is Rice a Source of Arsenic Poisoning? Arsenic poisoning is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re feeding a baby or diving into a stir-fry dish.

Scientists are now saying, though, that the issue needs to be on your radar, particularly when it comes to rice ingredients in baby food. Is Rice Flour Good for You? Pros & Cons of Rice Flour Nutrition. If you’re looking to avoid wheat flour and/or gluten and aren’t sure where to turn, rice flour is an option for you. Wild Rice Can Boost Energy & Increase Bone Mass. You may equate wild rice with lower-quality rice, but the truth of the matter is that this less common rice actually provides numerous health benefits. So What’s The Problem With Rice? Meet Nature's Super Grain. Sorghum Bran – A New Superfood. Certain varieties of sorghum bran contain more antioxidants than popular superfoods such as blueberries and pomegranates. Researchers from the University of Georgia have found that certain varieties of sorghum bran (Sorghum bicolor) contain significantly greater amounts of antioxidants than the popular superfoods blueberries and pomegranate.

Naturally Gluten-Free, Sorghum Packs a Powerful Nutritional Punch. The High-Fiber, Gluten-Free Ancient Grain: Sorghum Flour. Antioxidant ORAC Value: Sumac Bran, Raw. A polyphenol rich sumac sorghum cereal alters lipoprotein subfractions resulting in a more cardioprotective lipoprotein profile. Teff Health Benefits: GF Grain High In Calcium, Iron & BCAAs. Corn Flour: The Pluses & Minuses of This Gluten-Free Flour. Popcorn Nutrition Facts: A Healthy, Low-Calorie Snack? Health Benefits of Hi-Maize - Healthy Focus. Millet: The Amazing Lectin-Free Healthy Carb You Need More Of! The Next Great 'Grain': 24 Millet Recipes. If you’ve never heard of millet, you’re not alone.

The ancient food is more widely known in the Western world as the main ingredient in bird feed than as a diet staple, but that’s primed to change. Are Pseudograins, Pseudobad? A Short Note On Quinoa. Is Your Estrogen Level Higher Than Your Wife’s? Is Quinoa Healthy. 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Amaranth - Healthy Focus. On the surface, we know it’s a healthier option to buy whole grain foods such as whole grain pasta or whole grain bread. But do you know what type of grains you’re buying and why it’s so beneficial to your health? One grain to keep on your radar is Amaranth. Amaranth has a long and rich history; it’s earliest known use was in Aztec religious rituals.

Amaranth has long been valued due to its rich nutritional content and the wide array of benefits one can enjoy when making this grain a staple in their healthy and balanced diet. Amaranth: An Ancient Grain With Health Benefits. Protein-Rich, Gluten-Free Amaranth Aids Digestion & Strengthens Bones. Paleo Flour Blend: A Paleo Substitute for All-Purpose Flour. Tapioca Flour: The Best ‘Performing’ Gluten-Free Flour? Almond Flour Benefits, Almond Flour Recipes & More. Green Banana Flour Benefits, Nutrition & Recipes. Chickpea Flour: Versatile, Gluten-Free & High-Protein.

Coconut Flour Nutrition, Benefits, & How to Use It! What You Need To Know About Coconut Flour. Whole Health Source: Dietary Fiber and Mineral Availability. How to Eat Grains. Whole Health Source: Grains as Food: an Update. A few thoughts on Minerals, Milling, Grains and Tubers. Whole Health Source: Traditional Preparation Methods Improve Grains' Nutritive Value. Whole Health Source: A New Way to Soak Brown Rice. Danger: Does Cooked Brown Rice Go Bad If Left Out Overnight?