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The Scale of the Universe 2. Minimally Minimal. Learn to make more difficult wire pendants. Books of Adam. I don't know why I do half the things I do.

Books of Adam

I like to think of myself as this spontaneous, carefree vagrant, but I fear the truth might be that I'm simply an impressionable ne'er-do-well who lacks self control. It's probably the latter. One look at my bank account and you'd think, "this dude clearly has no foresight. And did he really eat at Taco Bell four times this week? " Case in point: last week I was talking to my friend Jeanie on the phone and she started telling me about this all-juice diet she was on.

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To us... art is the process. The Geek Zodiac. Soleil Noir 2012. VoiceDraw. Hyperbole and a Half. Text Particles. Thingiverse.

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