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The Scale of the Universe 2. Minimally Minimal. Learn to make more difficult wire pendants. Books of Adam. I don't know why I do half the things I do.

Books of Adam

I like to think of myself as this spontaneous, carefree vagrant, but I fear the truth might be that I'm simply an impressionable ne'er-do-well who lacks self control. It's probably the latter. One look at my bank account and you'd think, "this dude clearly has no foresight. And did he really eat at Taco Bell four times this week? " Case in point: last week I was talking to my friend Jeanie on the phone and she started telling me about this all-juice diet she was on.

Bad Funnies

Fake Empire. Popular Art Prints. Popular All « Prev1 ... 262728 ... 80Next » Video Transcript What is art?

Popular Art Prints

To us... art is the process. The Geek Zodiac. Soleil Noir 2012. VoiceDraw. VoiceDraw is a drawing program designed to be controlled using only one's voice.


Since no mouse, keyboard or stylus is required, it can be used by people with various forms of motor impairments to express themselves creatively. VoiceDraw is built upon the Vocal Joystick engine in order to process "non-linguistic vocal parameters" in addition to traditional speech recognition for providing continuous and fluid control of the virtual brush. Non-linguistic vocal parameters are voice features that do not correspond to a particular word or phrase in a language, such as changes in loudness, pitch, and vowel quality. In developing the VoiceDraw application, we worked with an "electronic voice painter" named Philip Chavez who has had a spinal cord injury for over 30 years and had been creating artwork using his computer and a speech recognition software for over 15 years.

Hyperbole and a Half. Text Particles. Thingiverse. RainyMood.com. TreeHugger. TalkNerdy2Me. BriTANicK Comedy. Patterns to Color. This is where all of my patterns will be kept.

Patterns to Color

I'll be tagging them so you can go straight to your favourites. The tags will appear in a list on the right. Just right click the link that says "Download and Print" to save the larger image to your hard drive. Free Ebooks.