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Smashing Magazine. Ilovecolors. Ajax, JavaScript, PHP,, jQuery - Expert Resources and Tutorials. Index. 携程UED-携程旅行前端开发团队. 随网之舞. InspireGate 派克空間. Noupe - The Curious Side of Smashing Magazine. Stack Overflow. Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library. JavaScript Kit- Your comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and Ajax stop.

Codrops. A proof-of-concept effect recreation of the animation seen in a prototype app by Marcus Eckert.


The idea is to flip a grid item in 3D, expand it to fullscreen and reveal some associated content. We've created two demos with a vertical and a horizontal rotation. read more Some inspiration and ideas for item transitions considering different scenarios and use cases, including a small component, a full-width image header and a product image with a transparent background. State transitions are done using CSS Animations. read more. 1stwebdesigner - Graphic and Web Design Blog. Web Design, Development, and Business. Ajax/JavaScript脚本大全,JS脚本大全. Blogfreakz - Web Design and Web Development resources. jQuery & JavaScript Articles For The Community.

Open Source Web Development Resources for Designers & Developers. Free web resources for designers and web developers. Project Hosting. 帕兰映像. 移动网站开发——CSS. 上一篇我们谈到了移动网站中的标签,想必很多人也很想了解Mobile CSS的情况吧,本文将和大家一起探讨移动网站中的CSS标准。


介绍 Mobile css的标准也是有些复杂的,与前一篇文章中提到的类似,之前存在着一个W3C制定的CSS Mobile Profile 1.0以及OMA的WAP CSS 1.0,事实上它们都是CSS 2.1的子集,而且内容非常接近,不同的是,WAP CSS 1.0针对移动设备加入了一些扩展,这些扩展通过-wap-前缀来实现。 后来,W3C将二者进行了整合,吸收了WAP CSS1.0的一些优点,推出了CSS Mobile Prifile 2.0规范,它也是CSS 2.1的一个子集。 Free Web Resources – Web Resources Depot.