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World History Maps & Timelines. Quantum mechanics 101: Demystifying tough physics in 4 easy lessons. Ready to level up your working knowledge of quantum mechanics?

Quantum mechanics 101: Demystifying tough physics in 4 easy lessons

Check out these four TED-Ed Lessons written by Chad Orzel, Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Union College and author of How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog. 1. Particles and waves: The central mystery of quantum mechanics One of the most amazing facts in physics is that everything in the universe, from light to electrons to atoms, behaves like both a particle and a wave at the same time.

But how did physicists arrive at this mind-boggling conclusion? 2. Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger, one of the founders of quantum mechanics, posed this famous question: If you put a cat in a sealed box with a device that has a 50% chance of killing the cat in the next hour, what will be the state of the cat when that time is up? 3. When you think about Einstein and physics, E=mc^2 is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Fashion Design Council of India ( FDCI ) 34 Books By Indian Authors That Everyone Should Read. About Jodhpur, Information about Jodhpur, Jodhpur Introduction. Jodhpur is the blend of multiple facets which India is majorly known for.

About Jodhpur, Information about Jodhpur, Jodhpur Introduction

It represents the legacy of fighters of Mewar region. However, it has a fantastic blend of art, cuisine, culture as well as folk tradition which has made it one of the most important tourist attractions in the country. Jodhpur is the second largest city of the state of Rajasthan. With a population of over a million, it has been declared as a metropolitan city and also is one of the fastest upcoming cities in the state. It is also known as the ‘Blue City’ due to the blue coloured landscape it presents from the Meghnagar Fort. News. Politics. Culture. 'Royal Existentials' delivers social and feminist commentary through miniature paintings.

News. Politics. Culture.

For ages, Mughal and Rajput miniature paintings have provided a vivid window into the past, relating tales from the lives and times of kings and queens. Now those contemplative royals are speaking up for themselves in a writer-filmmaker’s web-comic series, telling ironic stories of unfairness. Bengaluru-based Aarthi Parthasarathy has created the series Royal Existentials using the multitude of characters and opulent settings of miniatures to articulate contemporary social angst. Putting words in their mouths, she has broken the characters’ enigmatic silence. Here is a sample of her tongue-in-cheek take on social inequality. A web-comic fan herself, Parthasarathy was inspired by Wondermark, a comic strip series created by California artist David Malki that has Victorian-era drawings with funny dialogues added in.

Sell a Literature Essay. Would you like to be published online?

Sell a Literature Essay

Work as a freelance writer? Or just make some money off of old essays which are still sitting in your computer? GradeSaver will pay $25 for excellent essays pertaining to our literature titles. If you have written an essay on a classic book, regardless of whether the title appears on our site yet, feel free to send it to us. GradeSaver editors will take a look at your essay, and, if they consider it good enough, will pay you $25 for it. Essays that we agree to purchase become the sole property of GradeSaver, and may not be resold or otherwise used commercially without GradeSaver’s permission. The Feminist Reading List: A Starter Kit. Confused about where to start with the whole feminism thing?

The Feminist Reading List: A Starter Kit

Looking for something new to dip into? Eager for a fresh, fun book? Here is a great list to get you going. We’ve got fiction, non-fiction, classics, graphic novels, science, history, food writing, the works. 1. This book was originally published in Marathi in 1989 and is now a contemporary classic. 2. Screwed if you are pretty. 3. This two-volume blockbuster takes you all the way from 600 BC right through the 20th century. 4.

A hilarious book full of examples from American and British literature of how books written by women are received, reviewed and read. ShankhNaad.


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