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Downsizing a Home: A Checklist for Caregivers. Acrylic Ice Crystal Garland - Christmas Garlands - Christmas and Winter - Holiday Crafts. Touches de 70pcs vintage Couronne antique par DiySupplyers. New Media 4 Agents - New Media 4 Agents is a full service New Media & Real Estate Marketing Agency that provides real estate marketing solutions for real estate professionals. MovingOnSample. 11 Budget-Friendly Staging Tips That'll Wow Buyers. It’s a classic conundrum: Staging a home increases its value on the open market, but the whole process can be expensive.

11 Budget-Friendly Staging Tips That'll Wow Buyers

You have to shell out to hire a stager and rent furniture and art. If professional staging isn’t in your budget, never fear—it’s entirely possible to do a little DIY staging that won’t break the bank. Here are some budget-friendly tips and tricks from stagers and Realtors® that will make over your home for next to nothing—or even for free! Get free advice A no-cost—and no-brainer—way to get your home looking good and ready to sell? Please, Mr. Send me news, tips, and promos from® and Move.

Golden’s basic advice: If a home is vacant, furnish only the main rooms: living, dining, and family. Skip bedrooms, which are generally straightforward, according to layout. Don’t rent a storage unit Depending on the amount you need to stash, offers storage for as little as $7 per month;, $12 per month. More From Less: The Benefits of Downsizing. As a retiree, I’m always looking for ways to cut expenses without degrading my lifestyle.

More From Less: The Benefits of Downsizing

I illustrated this in my Retirement Spending Plan essay a while ago. It’s a good plan, and it’s working. But it wasn’t feasible until two years ago, when Tricia and I downsized. We moved out of the house where we’d spent the past 25 years. When we moved in, it seemed so big. Design Custom Printed Shirts Fast! Study Digital House Hunt 2013 01 1. Boston condos and real estate sales report for July 19, 2015 - Boston Dwells. North End. Surest Sign of a Hot Hub Condo Market? Malden Is Happening - Bates By the Numbers. North End / Waterfront Real Estate: Average Price Per Foot for Sales in 2014. Here are the average price per square foot for 2014 real estate sales in the North End / Waterfront area by building, street and between the North End and Waterfront sections.

North End / Waterfront Real Estate: Average Price Per Foot for Sales in 2014

Viewpoints: Carmela Laurella, President, CL Properties, Boston - Carmela Laurella is the president of CL Properties working in Boston.

Viewpoints: Carmela Laurella, President, CL Properties, Boston -

Every week, we ask an Boston real estate professional for their thoughts on the top trends in Boston real estate. This week, we talked with Carmela Laurella, president of CL Properties. Kids Off to College? Time to Sell Your Home. NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- In 1993, David and Joy DeSanto moved from Manhattan to the expensive suburb of Westchester county.

Kids Off to College? Time to Sell Your Home

Like many couples with young children, they chose to live in a town with highly rated public schools. Almost 20 years later -- with one daughter already on her own, and another in college -- the DeSantos are just about ready to sell their home and free up some cash. They pay about $14,000 a year in property taxes for their three-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath home in Larchmont, N.Y. The couple is now thinking of moving back to the city and living in a one-bedroom apartment. House Hunting This Spring? 5 Tips From Real Estate Experts Across The Country. 3 Big Tax-Related Reasons to Buy a Home in 2015. Home_Buyers_Guide.pdf. Facebook's new geographic data exposes tons of phony likes. How does an airline become wildly popular in a country it doesn't even fly to?

Facebook's new geographic data exposes tons of phony likes

Facebook. That's how German air carrier Lufthansa manages to have so many devoted followers in countries like Indonesia, Bali and Jakarta, despite never taking off or landing in these countries. And even though Lufthansa flies regularly to 78 countries around the world, the nation with the fourth highest number of Facebook likes for the airline, Pakistan, is not among them. This counterintuitive little bit of info is available to the public now thanks to a change in the way Facebook reports information to analytics companies.

The social network now allows information to be broken up by region, enabling the world to see where "likes" really come from. It's all part of Facebook's continuing efforts to curtail the problem of "fake likes. " "Facebook is the winner here and a lot of big brands are going to have to face reality," Socialbakers spokesman Jakub Hrabovsky told the Daily Dot. What could derail the housing market in 2015. Emerging-Trends-in-Real-Estate-2015.pdf. What to Expect From the Housing Market in 2015. Boston condo market prices set record in 2014. If all the cranes and construction crews squeezed into the city don’t offer enough proof the Boston condominium market is hot, a report on record-breaking sales should eliminate any doubt.

Boston condo market prices set record in 2014

The median selling price of Boston condominiums jumped to a new high of $619,000 in 2014, a nearly 12 percent increase from the previous year’s $555,000, according to LINK, a real estate tracking firm. Continue reading below Units that sold above their asking price rose to 35 percent of all Boston condo transactions in 2014, another record, according to LINK, which will formally release its year-end report Thursday. LINK follows condo sales in 11 central Boston neighborhoods, including the Back Bay, the Fenway, downtown, and Charlestown. It doesn’t track sales in some of the city’s lower-income neighborhoods, such as Mattapan and Dorchester. “Last year, it was better than good, it was great,” Stenberg said. Earlier this week, developers broke ground on the Four Seasons Hotel and condominium development. How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Downsize? - Malta Development. Everybody talks about downsizing when they reach a certain age or family size.

How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Downsize? - Malta Development

What are the signs that downsizing is right for you? We’ve investigated and interviewed and come up with some top cues that might make your decision easier. Malta Development offers homes in a wide variety of sizes. One of them might be just what you’ll discover you are looking for. Should I Downsize My Home? By Geoff Williams and Annalisa Burgos, When life happens and you've got too much house, it's time to think simpler.

Should I Downsize My Home?

It seems like only yesterday you were having your first child and setting up a home for a growing family. Fast forward to today, when your youngest calls to say she's found the perfect apartment and that the chair from the family room would really fit into her new living room. Real Estate Now. I have been walking down memory lane this week because, today, I say farewell.

Real Estate Now

I have given you 1000 entries. This is the last one. Using Houzz to Build a Web Presence. Built By jb bartkowiak for Building Moxie & Published October 8, 2012. It only took a few hours before I got the ping. Coincidentally, it only took a few minutes too to set up my profile on Houzz. But there it was, a new ping on my Google Alert – the phrase “Building Moxie.” As a blogger, I like this. It tells me pretty plainly that Houzz has a little bit of “mojo” behind their links; they get indexed quickly. Easy and helped along, I’ll mention their handy dandy Profile Completion Widget. Off-season sellers: Make your home more enticing. Find a better agent The economic downturn that resulted in millions of people losing their jobs produced a class of new real-estate agents looking for additional income. If your agent is new to the real-estate market, he may not have the professional network to get your home in front of lots of buyers.

9 things you learn when you sell your home. We put our house on the market recently. This was our first home, which we've lived in for more than a decade, so we expected to invest a lot of time cleaning, organizing and making some minor repairs that we'd been putting off. Here's what we didn't see coming. White and bold wall colors are no-nos. Top 5 Tips: Selling A Luxury Home in Today's Market. The Ways to Sell Your Luxury Home in a Modest Real Estate Market. When you are planning to sell your luxury home, you probably already had a conversation with some of the major realtors found in your locality.

In most cases, you will be able to observe that most of them are having a challenging time in getting the job done. This is the reason why you need to have a professionally skilled real estate agent on your side. Having the desire to sell your expensive home would require your agent to have commitment in his work, great experience, and some ingenuity. In selling luxury homes during these days, it is not feasible to only make use of the traditional method of including your home in a MLS or Multiple Listing Services. The agent should not limit the exposure of your luxury house to such kind of method, as well as placing an ad about it in the local newspapers. Always remember that the appearance of your home, as this will determine the buyer’s first impression on it.