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Color Wheel - Color Calculator | Sessions College. The color wheel is a chart representing the relationships between colors. Based on a circle showing the colors of the spectrum originally fashioned by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, the colour wheel he created serves many purposes today. Painters use it to identify colors to mix and designers use it to choose colors that go well together.

The classic color wheel shows hues arranged in a circle, connected by lines or shapes. The colors include primary colors (red, yellow, and blue), secondary colors (orange, green, and violet), and tertiary colors (yellow green, blue green, blue violet, red violet, red orange, and yellow orange). Secondary colors are created by mixing primary colors. For example, mixing red and yellow creates orange; mixing yellow and blue creates green. Tertiary colors are created by mixing primary and secondary colors: mixing red and orange creates red orange. 5 Desktop Publishing Tools for Small Business. It's ridiculously easy to find a range of good quality, free, or inexpensive software for just about every business task you can imagine—with one possible exception—desktop publishing.

If you want to publish a small business newsletter or magazine, your options initially appear limited, pricey, and complicated. Digging a bit deeper, however, you'll find options better suited for small business publishing. We've collected five newsletter publishing tools that range in price, operating system compatibility, and feature sets. Better yet, one of them is certainly bound to fit your budget. 1. Microsoft Publisher has been around for years but for Windows only. Publisher is a competent tool for creating newsletters and other multipage publications. Figure 1: Microsoft Publisher includes lots of templates and advanced features, and it's a good all-round choice if you use Windows.

The software provides plenty of templates that you can use to quick start your publication. 2. 3. 4. 5. Color wheel | Color schemes - Adobe Color CC. How-to Graphics Archives - Page 2 of 14 - Louise Myers How-To Graphics. Help:Manual Quickstart. Table of Contents Before we start explaining Scribus in depth, it might be useful to get a “feeling” for the way Scribus works. For that purpose, you can see how a simple front page of a magazine for an imaginary Rembrandt exhibition is being created. If you want to follow the description provided here, you need: The " Gentium and " Bitstream Vera Sans fonts installed on your computer. Rembrandt's self-portrait from Wikimedia. The Scribus logo from your Scribus install directory. This is what we want to achieve: Before you start, you need to select the appropriate color palette for the project.

Step One: Creating a Document and a Page Background You probably know what happens if you create a new file in a word processor: The program you're working with creates a new page and you can start typing. For our cover page we will choose a Single Page layout. After clicking the “OK” button, Scribus creates a new page: Next, we need a gray background for our page.

Step Three: Adding Text. DaVinci Resolve 12. BookWright: Powerful book publishing software. Build Your Own Adobe Creative Suite with Free and Cheap Software. 10 Free Open Source Alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite. Posted 06/21/2011 at 1:50pm | by Florence Ion When there's just not enough cash in the bank and you're in a bind, the last thing you're able to do is drop a ton of money for pricey software like Adobe Creative Suite. And sometimes, the professional-grade stuff is too much overkill for simple tasks like putting together a poster, blurring out a license plate in a photo or cropping out a shaky part of your vacation video. So that's what open source software is for. While they're sometimes not the most stable of applications, they're free and they oftentimes get the job done, just like their paid-for counterparts. We compiled a list of some of the best open source Adobe Creative Suite alternatives. 10 of 10 10 Free Open Source Alternatives to Adobe CS View the full image GIMPReplaces: Photoshop GIMP is easily one of the most powerful pieces of open source software available on the internet today.

5 Desktop Publishing Tools for Small Business. 17 Apps To Help You Make Ebooks That Get Noticed. This is a non-paper world, right? I’m an old-school artist, so I hope not, but when it comes to our books…it seems like it is tilting that way. Content marketers have to rejoice: Ebooks cost less to produce, are more portable, and can reach a wider audience with easy distribution. The decision to make ebooks is a no-brainer, it seems, right? Is Anyone Reading Ebooks? The answer to whether people are reading ebooks is a hearty yes. On Amazon, Kindle ebooks outsell hardcover books. But what about the ebooks you often see flashed across a blog or marketing site? We’ve made heavy use of ebooks on our website, mainly to entice our audience to sign up for our email list in exchange for an ebook. But I have a confession about all of the free ebooks I’ve grabbed: I rarely read them. In fact, I grabbed that author’s free ebook, just like 24,000 other people did…but I never got around to reading it.

As a tool for grabbing emails, the ebook exchange still works well enough. Ebooks are cheap. Scribd. Tools and Apps to Help You Create and Publish Your eBooks on Apple's iPad - eBook Author. Tools and Apps to Help You Create and Publish Your eBooks on Apple’s iPad With so many people reading eBooks (iBooks) on the iPad you will want to make sure your eBooks are available through the iBookstore.

There are already eBook distributors (such as Smashwords) that will distribute your eBooks to Apple’s iBookstore and take a small commission for each sale. This article provides you with alternative options in the form of tools and apps that can help do it for you. The following apps are specifically designed to help you create books on the iPad. When selecting an app be sure to check out: Their featuresPriceAdditional charges or feesAre they user friendly?

iBooks Author iBooks Author is available free on the Mac App Store. iBooks Author is a popular app that provides you with the ability to create various types of eBooks for the iPad. Adding video3D objectsGalleriesInteractive diagramsAnd much more. For More Information visit: iBooks Author For More Information visit: Book Writer. Advanced Marketing Institute - Headline Analyzer. Enter Your Headline Text Paste your headline in the text area below. The analysis engine will automatically cut your submission at 20 words, so we encourage you to do a word count before submitting! This will ensure the most accurate analysis. What is the Headline Analyzer? This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. Your headline will be analyzed and scored based on the total number of EMV words it has in relation to the total number of words it contains. In addition to the EMV score, You will find out which emotion inside your customer's your headline most impacts: Click here for a Q&A on the AMI Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) system>

Advanced Marketing Institute - Headline Analyzer. Home of Influencers An Influencer Marketing Platform - Triberr. Adventures in Visibility - Live Video Show #HOA. Hi there! After two life-changing trips to Peru, I decided it was time to have more live face time with folks who are looking for support, guidance and quick answers to their pressing online marketing questions. I quickly realized Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA) are the perfect solution and Adventures in Visibility was born in early 2013. Once a month, I host a free 30-minute video show. I share tips about what’s new for boosting your online visibility and answer your questions. I feature guest experts who share their success secrets and strategies for building massive visibility on the Web. All free for you. My intention is that the shows will be casual and fun … an Adventure in Learning! To get notification when I’m hosting a new show, simply click on the image below and Join the Adventure!

If there is a particular online tool or tactic you’d like to learn more about, record your question or let me know on Google+. Thanks again for going on this adventure with me! P.S. What to write - interactive blogging workshop and daily writing prompts via @robfitz. PwC's careers site for students: Programs and events. Fuze Branding | 8 Business Tools that will Change your Life! Time is money, and that’s never truer than for the small business owner! When you are wearing so many hats, finding the latest tech that’s going to help you is a job in itself. But don’t worry – we did it for you! Keep reading to see our top eight picks of business tools that will change your life! #1. . #2. . #3. 1PASSWORD | the password manager slash sanity keeper Having so many accounts to manage can make your head spin, and remembering all the passwords is a joke. 1Password helps you create strong and unique passwords for every site, and even remembers them for you!

#4. . #5. . #6. . #7. . #8. Now you know which apps and programs are worth the hype and are going to change your Small Business life! Content Idea Generator. Content Idea Generator. Swayy VS Beatrix: Which is the best free social media assistant? After I shared about Beatrix (an advanced social media assistant) last month, I was introduced to Swayy. A few of my readers named Swayy as an alternative to Beatrix, so I had to take a good look at this tool. In short, I found that Swayy, while bearing some of the similar features as Beatrix, is not a replacement for it.

I have used Swayy since the day I tried it, but not in the same way. Note: I am not affiliated to either software company. Comparisons are made based on the free version of both tools. (Accurate as of 17th April 2014) Kindly note that Beatrix has made a crucial update: Read here. I decided to write this review only after giving Swayy a try for 2 weeks, to do it the same justice as I did to Beatrix. 1. One strong advantage Beatrix had over Swayy was how easy you can prepare and schedule your content. The onus of finding good content rests on the shoulders of Beatrix – which they did fairly well. On the other hand, Swayy did not allow me to schedule content speedily. 2. 1. Free Marketing Tools for Startups - Startup Marketing Strategies & Best Practices.