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How to Create a Stamp Effect in Adobe Illustrator | Bold Digital Marketing.


Behance. Sign In. Design Resources « Designers Toolbox. Logo Design Inspiration Gallery | Brand identity style guides. This is great! The University of Connecticut has a nice one designed by Peter Good. Web and link to PDF version.

(Get the PDF version!) Peter did a great job of differentiating the three identities a university typically has. – The academic and marketing identity (what most would think of as the main identity). – The athletics or mascot identity. UConn has a pretty simple color palette but, many academic systems also include extra Pantone colors to be used for marketing or just for the presidential or university seal (gold, etc.). Stanford University just redid their system too! I also like Vanderbilt University’s. HOW TO READ AN AD: EBSCOhost. Detailed Record Title: Source: New Internationalist. Sep2006, Issue 393, p6-7. 2p. 4 Color Photographs. Document Type: Other Subjects: SUBLIMINAL advertisingVISUAL perception in advertisingMARKETINGMASS mediaSTEREOTYPES (Social psychology) in advertisingBRAND name productsBRAND image Abstract: This article shows four print advertisements and decodes the subliminal messages that are encapsulated in them.

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