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Survival Stove. Make an EDC, and be prepared for anything. The things you'll need to make your EDC are very flexible...Experiment!! But I recommend starting out with these things then expanding from here to suit your needs/pocket size. (* denotes optional but recomended) Option #1, (based around Doug Ritter's Pocket Survival Pack.) 1x Pocket Survival Pack, 1x box of Swan Vesta matches (or equivilent strike anywhere), 1x small AAA torch (flashlight to all you people in america) or small keychain light, 1x small ziploc bag like these, link , 1x roll of zinc oxide tape to wrap around a toothpick, some medium sized safety pins, rubber bands, Nurofen (ibuprofen), remember to cut it down (see image above),* Micropur water purification tablets (or equivilent), you only need two* a good quality knife, I like spyderco but any brand will do.

Some good thing nylon cord (but 550 paracord will work)* Option #2, (not based around Doug Ritter's Pocket Survival Pack.) Some Useful Sailing Knots.