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Public speaking events for K.C. Boyd, Library Media Specialist #KC_SaidIt

School librarian and activist K.C. Boyd on libraries, pandemic and racial justice movement. Collaborating for School and Public Library Partnerships. The Librarian Influencers Podcast: The School Librarian Is an Equity Champion: with K.C. Boyd. The Hidden Figure: Your School Librarian. Black Writers Weekend - Black Librarians Speak Out. Episode 5: K.C. Boyd. Library Love Fest - Door to Door: Discussing Anti-Racism Reads. Librarians Wear Many Hats. BCALA ‘Plant A Book, Grow A Reader 8.16.20. A Virtual Town Hall for #DCPS Library Media Specialists Sponsored by the Washington Teachers Union. #DCPS Library Media Specialist ‘Townhall Meeting’ sponsored by the Washington Teachers’ Union. (27) The Power of Your School Librarian in COVID-19 World: Harnessing Technology, Literacy, and Community.

(4) Facebook. (4) Facebook. Indiana Connected Educators - Indiana Connected Educators LIVE- K.C. Boyd. Moving Multicultural Collections Online. In the age of COVID-19, how can library workers help students and patrons access diverse collections?

Moving Multicultural Collections Online

In a June 26 session at ALA Virtual, two panelists discussed the challenges and strategies of doing just that. As part of the Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) Chair’s Program, the session, “Promoting Multicultural Library Services in Virtual Spaces,” was moderated by EMIERT Vice Chair Andrea Jamison, librarian and lecturer at Valparaiso (Ind.) University. In physical spaces, said Jamison, libraries can display books, create signage, and read aloud about different communities and cultures. How can they continue to advocate for diverse groups now that programming and services have moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic?

BCALA Virtual Summit - Marketing and Branding Your Library Media Cent… EMIERT Chair Program Promoting Multicultural EDI Librarianship in Vir… Not All Heroes Wear Capes. From instructional videos to curated online collections, today’s librarians are forging new pathways to learning and discovery amidst the disruption of a pandemic.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

GUEST COLUMN | by Tina Davis As school districts across the country closed their doors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the race was on to find ways to connect teachers and students with as little disruption to learning as possible. The response by most districts was swift: move teaching and learning online. While getting there brought some pain and frustration, many of today’s education professionals are finding new opportunities as they transition to doing school online. And while much of the focus has been on how teachers will deliver curriculum to students from afar, there’s an essential link connecting them: librarians. “Especially in this time of uncertainty, librarians have never been more critical to the nation’s schools,” says Bill Bass, Innovation Coordinator for Parkway School District in Missouri. K.C. Boyd, School Librarian, Answers Our Questions!


K.C. Boyd, School Librarian, Answers Our Questions!

Boyd is a well-known figure in the library world. Some were introduced to her when she was named 2015 Library Journal Mover & Shaker, some from her outstanding blog, The Audacious Librarian, and some when she appeared on the cover of School Library Journal. What quickly becomes clear, however, when exploring K.C. Boyd’s vast online presence is that at its core is an irrepressible dedication to the success of her students; it is obvious that any fame Ms.

Boyd has achieved is secondary to the work she does on a daily basis to encourage literacy among our youth. Enjoy the interview! Perspectives – K.C. Boyd. Perspectives, an interview series that will highlight the work of librarians in different fields and professional specializations.

Perspectives – K.C. Boyd

Our series will focus on the experiences of our participants, what they do, what they have learned, and offer advice to those interested in librarianship and various fields. To our readers, our committee hopes this column will highlight the valuable labor these individuals perform on an everyday basis. Our interviews will provide perspective on what labor in these fields entails and current issues that affect librarianship, employment, etc. On behalf of the Communications Committee, we hope you find this new column illuminating, informative, and inspiring! What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most? There are countless things that I enjoy about my job. Can you describe a memorable moment in your career? The most memorable moment in my career was when I served on the 2020 Newbery Awards Selection Committee. What kinds of professional development do you do? (27) Door to Door 6/11/2020: Anti-Racism Reads. (27) AASL Office Hours. (27) Ensuring Equitable Digital Access. School Librarians United with Amy Hermon: My Newbery Experience: K.C. Boyd.

School Librarians United with Amy Hermon: #GoodTrouble and Advocacy. School Librarians United with Amy Hermon: Boss Librarian: K.C. Boyd. (6) Boss Librarian Read Aloud Time #5. (6) Boss Librarian Read Aloud Time #4. (6) Boss Librarian Read Aloud #3 and DC Public Library eBook Catalog Tutorial. (6) Boss Librarian Read Aloud Time #2. (6) Boss Librarian Read Aloud Time #1. Tech-Savvy Librarian Maintains Her Heart for Literature. K.C.

Tech-Savvy Librarian Maintains Her Heart for Literature

Boyd is a Library Media Specialist for the District of Columbia Public Schools and is affectionately called “Boss Librarian” by her students—a nickname that grew so much in popularity, it led her to use it as her Twitter handle. Boyd is looking forward to the 2020 Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Miami this coming January, where she will be presenting in the new Library Media Specialist Track. Over 20 years ago, when Boyd was busy pursuing her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS), librarians were focused on the literature and curriculum side of the job. But over the last seven to eight years, she has witnessed a movement toward greater and greater incorporation of technology. “It started, at first, with the research databases; now, it’s morphed more deeply into using handheld devices, personalized devices, and into Makerspace communities within a school.”

About K.C. Event Registration. Our popular series returns with all-new presentations, from spreading the word about your library (aka marketing) and makerspace tips from the pros, to the lowdown on grants and how to get them.

Event Registration

Led by top practitioners in the field, these one-hour free programs will offer practical insight into these hot topics, with implications for schools and libraries. Session 2: Lessons from Model Makerspaces Hands-on, experiential learning has never been more relevant. A core conduit to STEM education and skill development, maker activities can also foster collaboration, persistence, and critical thinking.

Learn best practices from our stellar panel, including how to design relevant programming to engage everyone in your community.