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6 Good iPad Apps for Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners 6 Good iPad Apps for Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners February 15, 2014 iPad has made teaching vocabulary to young learners way easier and much more fun. There are now a wide range of fabulous iPad apps to use with your kids to get them to improve and enrich their vocabulary and move to the next level of their language learning. I have been curating some of these apps over the last couple of weeks and here is an initial list that features 6 good apps to start with. 1- Vocab Genius
25 iPad Apps for Learning Spelling 25 iPad Apps for Learning Spelling February 5, 2014 While working on this list of iPad apps for learning spelling I came across over a hundred app which are all supposedly geared towards helping kids and young learners with their spelling but going through them I came out with only 25 and the rest was just a waste of time and effort. I might have skipped some good titles to add to this list but I am pretty sure the ones included in this selection will serve the purpose perfectly. 1- Gappy's First Words Gappy's First Words is a good adventure for pint-sized learners just beginning to read.
Picture Dictionaries are useful in a number of different educational situations. Many toddlers learn to identify and pronounce words using Picture Dictionaries and older students learning English can often start to identify objects with picture dictionaries. The beauty of using the iPad with picture dictionaries is that they do not need to rely on other people for the pronunciation. Tap the picture and it is pronounced for you. Here are a some that you might find useful. Kids Picture Dictionary: FREE One of the most comprehensive Kids Picture Dictionary App on Appstore! Apps in Education: iPad Picture Dictionaries Apps in Education: iPad Picture Dictionaries
Apps in Education: Creating a Quiz or taking a Poll on the iPad I love the fact that the iPad can be used to assess student understanding instantly. I think these Quiz and Poll apps actually give the students the power to direct lessons as opposed to teachers making assumptions about where their kids are at in their learning. Below is a list of apps that allow teachers to create and hold a quiz or poll in their class. A great way to start a lesson to ensure you pitch the lesson at the right level or even to use as a exit poll. Apps in Education: Creating a Quiz or taking a Poll on the iPad
7 Wonderful iPad Apps to Learn about Human Body in 3D Technology has radically revolutionized the human science and provided us with profound insights that were not knowable to us before. It has also cracked the dark secrets of some key scientific concepts that mystified the human mind since the dawn of time. The physiology of the body and body anatomy are some of these key areas that have benefited a great deal from the advancement of technology. 7 Wonderful iPad Apps to Learn about Human Body in 3D
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Editor’s note: Contributor Brad Spirrison is the managing editor of mobile app discovery services Appolicious, AndroidApps.com and AppVee. With this post, he continues an annual tradition of picking the best iOS apps of the year. It’s telling that Apple chose an app that debuted more than 14 months ago, Instagram, as its “iPhone App of the Year” for 2011. This should not imply that there was a shortage of quality and groundbreaking apps released this year. Far from it. From social magazines to music discovery apps to console-quality games that players can hold in the palms of their hands, there are hundreds of new titles in the iTunes App Store that will inform, organize, and entertain virtually anyone who owns an iOS device. The Top 20 iPhone And iPad Apps of 2011

The Top 20 iPhone And iPad Apps of 2011

Top 5 iPhone Apps and Accessories | TiPb This website would like to remind you: Your browser (Firefox 17) is out of date. Update your browser for more security, comfort and the best experience on this site. Skip to main content Top 5 iPhone Apps and Accessories | TiPb
Pack for iPhone: Our List of the Best iPhone Apps AppShopper, Luxylight, Zite, Verbs, Prompt, Yelp (until iOS6), Groupon, OpenTable, Cineplex, and SoundHound Infinity And for the built in apps: Messages, Notes, Camera, Reminders, Clock, and Calculator I recommend using Viggle. Its a reward program app that you gain rewards for watching TV. Pack for iPhone: Our List of the Best iPhone Apps
Best Apps for Kids : reviews, news and promo codes for iPhone / iPad / iPod apps |
Surprisingly Educational Apps I have to say “Surprisingly Educational” apps appears to be the most popular topic on our “appy hours 4 u” show to date. In these shows we feature mostly free *(some apps may have been free for a limited time) edutainment apps and discuss integration ideas for each app that span across content areas and multiple grade levels. To support this app-erific surprisingly educational phenomenon, I was inspired to create a Symbaloo web mix to house the apps from our previous and upcoming Surprisingly Educational Shows. Surprisingly Educational Apps
BrainPop Featured Movie is No. 1 on the Editor's Top 15! (FREE app!) It's taken much longer than I anticipated, but we've finally come to the end of the Editor's Top 15 countdown. No. 1 on the list, by a fairly wide margin, is BrainPop Featured Movie. This free app provides an excellent, short animated educational video per day and is the first app I would recommend to another parent. Please read my awesome five-star review : BrainPop Featured Movie is No. 1 on the Editor's Top 15! (FREE app!)
Apple's handheld and tablet devices can be valuable for teaching and learning. An iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone can be so many things: a camera, a book, a canvas, a calculator, a timer, a reference, a notebook, an audio recorder, a word processor, a camcorder, a video editing station, a videoconferencing device, a movie player, a scanner, a student response system, an instrument, a flash drive, a presentation station, and much more.


30 Examples of Stunning iPad App Interface Design

The iPhone ushered in an era of beautiful interface design unlike anything we’d ever seen on a mobile device. This trend is now being revived and pushed further than ever on the iPad’s larger screen and the results are amazing. We’ve combed through the App Store to bring you 30 iPad apps with gorgeous interfaces.

There’s an App for That -- Using iPads to Support Literacy Instruction in the Classroom

One of my favorite apps is Puppet Pals. See why this app receives my full attention. Our school is fortunate enough to have a set of traveling iPads for checking out. In addition, I have a set of six (one is personal) that I keep secured in the classroom and use on a regular basis. Of course, when I first received the iPads (thank you, PTA!), I immediately went on a hunt for apps that would help with literacy instruction.

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How Students Benefit From Using Social Media 13.56K Views 0 Likes A lot of criticism has been leveled at social media and the effect it has on the way students process and retain information, as well as how distracting it can be. However, social media offers plenty of opportunities for learning and interactivity, and if you take a moment to think about it, it's not too hard to see how students benefit from using social media. 10 African-American History Month Teaching Resources
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