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Apps Are Better Than Textbooks. Here Are 10 Compelling Examples. Apps Are Better Than Textbooks. Here Are 10 Examples. We’ve theorized before that apps are the new textbook. That was back in 2012, and this hasn’t proven true for a variety of reasons. Not every classroom has tablets. Textbooks, while stagnant, are chock full of information and content. So while apps are seen as new school cool and books as dated, the latter persist, and probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

What we’ve tried to do in the following list is provide an evidentiary-based counterpoint to the lingering persistence of the textbook in education. Only one of these apps is a game; the rest are examples of how–when properly designed–content can be refracted digitally, with a user-centered touch interface, full multimedia capabilities, while still maintaining a focus on delivering content to students.

Of course, it’s not really that simple. But if you consider these as examples of what’s possible, you might find them useful. Apps Are Better Than Textbooks. 6 Good iPad Apps for Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners. February 15, 2014 iPad has made teaching vocabulary to young learners way easier and much more fun. There are now a wide range of fabulous iPad apps to use with your kids to get them to improve and enrich their vocabulary and move to the next level of their language learning.

I have been curating some of these apps over the last couple of weeks and here is an initial list that features 6 good apps to start with. 1- Vocab Genius Vocan Genius is a great iPad app to help kids with their vocablary learning. It provides over 800 flashcards for some of the most useful yet difficult vocabulary words in the English language, complete with definitions, sample sentences, and synonyms. 2- Word SlaPs Vocabulary Word SlapPs can be used to teach receptive vocabulary specific to your child’s world with the images that you choose. 3- The Opposites The Opposites, an exciting word game which challenges children (ages 7+) to match up pairs of opposing words before the screen is filled. 4- Vocab Catcher.

25 iPad Apps for Learning Spelling. February 5, 2014 While working on this list of iPad apps for learning spelling I came across over a hundred app which are all supposedly geared towards helping kids and young learners with their spelling but going through them I came out with only 25 and the rest was just a waste of time and effort. I might have skipped some good titles to add to this list but I am pretty sure the ones included in this selection will serve the purpose perfectly. 1- Gappy's First Words Gappy's First Words is a good adventure for pint-sized learners just beginning to read. Spell words to close the gaps and get Gappy home while earning the parts to redesign his colorful house. From a cozy cabin to castle with a gingerbread roof, there are over 700 creative combinations to build in the fun game that gives little learners a big start on reading. 2- Simplex Spelling 3- Spell with Pip 4- Alpha Writer 5- Spelling Monster 6- Rocket Speller Plus 7- Endless Alphabet 8- Pogg 9- A to Z First Words with Phonics 13- Word Wizard.

iPad Picture Dictionaries. Picture Dictionaries are useful in a number of different educational situations. Many toddlers learn to identify and pronounce words using Picture Dictionaries and older students learning English can often start to identify objects with picture dictionaries. The beauty of using the iPad with picture dictionaries is that they do not need to rely on other people for the pronunciation. Tap the picture and it is pronounced for you. Here are a some that you might find useful.

Kids Picture Dictionary: FREE One of the most comprehensive Kids Picture Dictionary App on Appstore! Download this A to Z Picture Dictionary with hundreds or words and sentences with a fun self-record tool for kids and parents to record their own voice and playback! Kids tested - they love it! TJ's Picture Dictionary: $0.99 AU Picture Dictionary is a versatile app for preschoolers. Pinterest. Creating a Quiz or taking a Poll on the iPad. I love the fact that the iPad can be used to assess student understanding instantly. I think these Quiz and Poll apps actually give the students the power to direct lessons as opposed to teachers making assumptions about where their kids are at in their learning.

Below is a list of apps that allow teachers to create and hold a quiz or poll in their class. A great way to start a lesson to ensure you pitch the lesson at the right level or even to use as a exit poll. Find one that suits you and your students. Socrative: FREE Socrative brings smart clickers and student response to a whole new level. eClicker: FREE eClicker is a personal response system that allows teachers to poll their class during a lesson. The Answer Pad: FREE An ideal tool for your flipped or blended classroom. 7 Wonderful iPad Apps to Learn about Human Body in 3D. Technology has radically revolutionized the human science and provided us with profound insights that were not knowable to us before.

It has also cracked the dark secrets of some key scientific concepts that mystified the human mind since the dawn of time. The physiology of the body and body anatomy are some of these key areas that have benefited a great deal from the advancement of technology. Consequently, the teaching of these concepts have become way easier and more attainable. In this regard, developers now have designed so many apps that examine the human body in 3D. 1- Anatomy 3D A free 3D educational guide to the human anatomy (male and female) featuring an advanced interactive 3D touch interface. 2- Essential Skeleton Essential Skeleton 2 is a fully functional, self-contained app covering the essential anatomy of the skeleton. 3- Human Anatomy Atlas The most content of all true 3D anatomy apps. 4- 3D Motion Human Anatomy 5- Bio Digital human 6- Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D. 55 Free iPad Apps for Practicing Reading.

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Professional Learning Apps. 250 best iPad apps: education. The Top 20 iPhone And iPad Apps of 2011. Editor’s note: Contributor Brad Spirrison is the managing editor of mobile app discovery services Appolicious, and AppVee. With this post, he continues an annual tradition of picking the best iOS apps of the year. It’s telling that Apple chose an app that debuted more than 14 months ago, Instagram, as its “iPhone App of the Year” for 2011. This should not imply that there was a shortage of quality and groundbreaking apps released this year. Far from it. From social magazines to music discovery apps to console-quality games that players can hold in the palms of their hands, there are hundreds of new titles in the iTunes App Store that will inform, organize, and entertain virtually anyone who owns an iOS device.

As more choices become available to different kinds of consumers, however, it’s difficult to identify the undisputed champions of the app world. We picked 20 of the best iOS applications that came out or received significant updates in 2011. Here are ours. 1. 2. 3. Top 5 iPhone Apps and Accessories | TiPb. This website would like to remind you: Your browser (Firefox 17) is out of date. Update your browser for more security, comfort and the best experience on this site. Skip to main content Android BlackBerry iPhone / iPad Windows Phone Smartwatch Fans SIGN UP|LOG IN The best iPhone and iPad apps and accessories 25,167,380 Readers Per Month Mobile Nations brings you the very best of Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, webOS Nation, and WPCentral Copyright 2014 Mobile Nations ● Terms and Conditions ● Privacy Policy.

Pack for iPhone: Our List of the Best iPhone Apps. AppShopper, Luxylight, Zite, Verbs, Prompt, Yelp (until iOS6), Groupon, OpenTable, Cineplex, and SoundHound Infinity And for the built in apps: Messages, Notes, Camera, Reminders, Clock, and Calculator I recommend using Viggle. Its a reward program app that you gain rewards for watching TV.

I have all my family members using it and its paid off so far with iTunes cards, starbucks cards, movie tickets and gift cards to Lowes. Highly Recommended. Omnifocus for task management and I've become quite fond of the new launch application from AppCubby. Absolutely. Rage Faces - is one of my most used apps, it contains a clipboard with all of the known Rage Faces upon them for easy meme-references in your sms and email convos. Battleheart - if you like games this is the one to get. Movies by Flixster - hands down the best movie app around. TuneIn Radio - free, streamed radio from anywhere in the world. Best Apps for Kids : reviews, news and promo codes for iPhone / iPad / iPod apps |

Surprisingly Educational Apps. BrainPop Featured Movie is No. 1 on the Editor's Top 15! (FREE app!) It's taken much longer than I anticipated, but we've finally come to the end of the Editor's Top 15 countdown. No. 1 on the list, by a fairly wide margin, is BrainPop Featured Movie. This free app provides an excellent, short animated educational video per day and is the first app I would recommend to another parent. Please read my awesome five-star review: My oldest son's favorite app. Actually BrainPop is probably his favorite thing in the world. My 10-year old son with autism uses a mechanism known as echolalia for various purposes. Ryan does it to comfort himself like a blanket. ...So what does this have to do with BrainPop? If you would like to download BrainPop please use the links provided.

iPad/iPhone (FREE): U.S. The Editor's Choice Top 15 (revealed so far): 1) BrainPop Featured Movie 2) ConversationBuilder 3) TeachMe: 1st Grade 4) Toontastic 5) TeachMe Toddler 6) Bugs and Buttons 7) See. 8) Banana Ninja 9) TeachMe: Kindergarten 10) DialSafe Pro 11) Dinosaur Chess 13) Open Wide Snap. iPad.

30 Examples of Stunning iPad App Interface Design. The iPhone ushered in an era of beautiful interface design unlike anything we’d ever seen on a mobile device. This trend is now being revived and pushed further than ever on the iPad’s larger screen and the results are amazing. We’ve combed through the App Store to bring you 30 iPad apps with gorgeous interfaces. Keep in mind that the screenshots rarely do the apps justice and that you really should try a few out for yourself. Flipboard “Flipboard is a fast, beautiful way to flip through the news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Price: Free Flipboard AmpliTube “With AmpliTube for iPad, you’ll have an entire guitar/bass rig at your fingertips, comprised of 4 simultaneous stompbox effects, an amp-head plus cabinet and a microphone.

Price: $19.99 AmpliTube Weather HD “Weather HD, the most beautiful way to check for weather information on the iPad and the iPhone. Price: $0.99 Weather HD iStudiez Pro Price: $2.99 iStudiez Pro Nota Price: $7.99 Nota Price: $1.99 iOrgel HD. Best iPad Apps. There’s an App for That -- Using iPads to Support Literacy Instruction in the Classroom. Teaching Appz | A directory of educational apps that can be used in the classroom. 1,000 Education Apps Organized By Subject & Price. How Students Benefit From Using Social Media 13.56K Views 0 Likes A lot of criticism has been leveled at social media and the effect it has on the way students process and retain information, as well as how distracting it can be.

However, social media offers plenty of opportunities for learning and interactivity, and if you take a moment to think about it, it's not too hard to see how students benefit from using social media. 10 African-American History Month Teaching Resources 1.27K Views 0 Likes This week’s Featured Ten Learnist boards are dedicated to African-American history month. 3 Tech Tips Your Grandma Could Teach You 2.06K Views 0 Likes Those who have been using technology, in some form, have a few tech tips you should know about. APPitic - 1,300+ EDUapps.

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40 Amazingly Educational iPad Apps for Kids. Adults are obsessed with the new iPad, but have you ever thought about sharing your new toy with your kids? Just like online education games provide kids with fun outlets for learning, iPad apps help your kids review basic skills, improve critical thinking and decision-making skills, and even learn to read. Hand over your iPad this summer, and take a look at these 40 amazingly educational and fun iPad apps for kids. Language and Vocabulary Here you’ll find apps for learning the alphabet, using the dictionary, reviewing grammar rules, and more. History These American and world history apps involve your kids in making decisions that determine the success or decline of whole civilizations.

Math and Science These apps use flash cards, games and interactive displays to teach your kids about math, astronomy and more. Reading Help your children learn to read and get excited about reading the classics with these apps. Art and Music General Education and Life Skills. The Top 50 Apps for Kids: Our favorite picks for education, music, art, and more! Whether you're an iPhone mom, an iPad dad, or an Apple-agnostic type who prefers Google's Android operating system, your kids just know you as the one who buys the apps. However, with more than 1 million tablet and smartphone apps available across Apple's iTunes Store and the Google Play market, where do you even start to find the best ones for your kids?

For Babble's annual roundup of the 50 best apps for kids, we looked at some basic criteria that you and your family might also consider before downloading an app. Every app we tested had to have received an age-appropriate rating ("4+" in Apple's case; "Everyone" in Google's). We also considered whether the app allowed parents to participate in, or at least oversee, whatever their kids were doing onscreen. In addition, even if the apps were designed to do nothing more than keep kids busy while you're in line at the store, there had to be some positive or educational element to them. Faces iMake — Right Brain Creativity’s Rankings. 50 Must-Download Apps For Lifelong Learners. Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-08-13 Long after degrees have been conferred and careers have been launched, many folks just can’t seem to quit school. For them, life provides an overstuffed cornucopia of educational opportunities that don’t necessarily require hefty loans and navigating different professorial strategies.

Those with a lust for learning who happen to also enjoy testing the limits of what the iPad offers definitely don’t have to worry about finding resources to pique their fancy. Hundreds, if not thousands, of apps are out there just twitching for users to fire them up and absorb a mental nugget or two. History and Geography World Atlas HD : iPad users can download this stunning, popular digital atlas by the National Geographic Society and educate themselves about the planet’s physical and cultural properties and relationships. Language, Reading, and Writing Open Source and General Learning Reference Science and Math Comments are closed. Top 12 apps. 8 of the BEST Apps to Add to Your New iPad! 30 Cool Educational iPad Apps for Science Lovers - Creative Can Creative Can. The Top 100 Apps for Kids: 1-10. 2012 Apps for Teachers. Another 10 Great Apps for Teachers. The Top Educational iPad Apps Every Teacher and Student should Know about ( 100+)

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