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5 outils de cartes mentales - ZDNet. Vous devez aborder un projet complexe, ou vous voulez garder une trace de votre réunion, ou encore vous avez besoin de créer des associations d’idée pour mieux retenir une notion.

5 outils de cartes mentales - ZDNet

Pourquoi ne pas utiliser une vieille technique scolaire et réaliser de petits schémas. Avec l’informatique, vous avez désormais des outils pour les faire en ligne, y revenir et les enrichir au fur et à mesure ou les partager avec vos collaborateurs. En voici cinq qui sont gratuits. Framindmap, approuvé par l’enseignement secondaire Simple à prendre en main, utilisable à partir de n’importe quel navigateur Web et permettant le travail collaboratif (avec le bémol de ne pas être en simultané), Framindmap est le logiciel chouchou de l’enseignement secondaire pour demander aux élèves de réaliser une carte de compréhension en histoire-géo. Cette simplicité d’usage s’applique aussi dans le monde du travail, d’autant que les cartes peuvent s’échanger facilement par mail ou s’installer dans un site Web. 18 Free Digital Storytelling Tools For Teachers And Students - eLearning Industry.

VoiceTube: Learn English through videos! Mes favoris. Sign in - Google Accounts. E-learning Course Samples. eLearning Portfolio - A Collection of Customized eLearning Samples All Software Simulations {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here Trivia Time {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here You Can Do It {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here Fabulous Four {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here ERP - User Training {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here Bouquets & Brickbats {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here Performance Management {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here Performance Management Quiz {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here Food Safety Practices {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here NASDAQ {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here Information Security Practices {*style:<a href='javascript:void();'>*}Click Here Ergonomics.

E-learning Course Samples

A New Wonderful Wheel on SAMR and Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. The buzz that the Modern Taxonomy Wheel generated over the last couple of weeks has not yet died out and now we have a new updated wheel from the same guy Allan Carrington.

A New Wonderful Wheel on SAMR and Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

We love Allan's work and we find it really interesting. His wheels come along in such a visually attractive way summarizing most of the apps and web tools we have been sharing here with you. If you already had a chance to have a look at the previous wheel and compare it with this new one you will notice that Allan has brought about some new updates to the new wheel. There is now a particular shared focus on both SAMR model and Bloom's digital taxonomy to help teachers better leverage technology in their teaching. If you are not familiar with what SAMR is all about, please read this post. Now, Click on this LINK to get the poster as PDF. The Science of Effective Presentations.

14 Essential eLearning Templates. When I develop eLearning courses, there are many common elements that I use over and over.

14 Essential eLearning Templates

By identifying patterns, I can create a reusable framework that reduces development time on future courses. Tom Kuhlmann had an interesting analogy of an eLearning course being like a sandwich with the top and bottom slices of bread being the welcome and exit screens, respectively, and then a lot of course content in-between. You can then pick and choose the layers of content that you need for a particular course.

9 éléments à prendre en compte pour bien choisir son outil auteur e-learning. Avec un tel nombre d’outils auteurs e-learning sur le marché, ce n’est pas facile pour un novice dans le domaine (ou même quelqu’un avec quelques années d’expérience !)

9 éléments à prendre en compte pour bien choisir son outil auteur e-learning

De savoir quel logiciel répond le mieux à ses besoins. Pourtant, le fait de choisir le meilleur outil pour le projet est l’une des clés de la réussite. Le logiciel doit pouvoir répondre aux besoins de l’apprenant et du concepteur. 8 Types Of Infographics & Which One To Use When. Whether you love them or hate them, infographics are still one of the most effective ways to present a lot of information in an interesting, concise and easily digestible way.

8 Types Of Infographics & Which One To Use When

It’s much faster to get the gist of something by scanning an infographic than reading several paragraphs of text. There have been a lot of bad infographics presented over the past few years, but overall, I’m noticing that the quality is going up. Did you know there are different styles of infographics? Today I’d like to share the 8 types of infographics with you. There are probably more than 8 types of infographics in the world, but for the purpose of this article, let’s just say there are 8 types. 8 Types Of Infographics & Which One To Use When. The Process of Designing an Infographic. The Process of Designing an Infographic is an interactive design that outlines my own infographic design process.

The Process of Designing an Infographic

My data visualization and infographics design company, InfoNewt, uses this process when designing infographics for clients, and I teach this process in my workshops and classes. The team at created an interactive infographic version of it using the Visme design platform. is a fantastic online design platform for infographics, presentations, reports and more. Most of my designs follow this 5-step process: Data Research - Start with the data. One of the advantages of using Visme as the platform to design your infographic is that you can create interactive elements in your design.

How To Build An Agile eLearning Authoring Team. With the growth in eLearning authoring tools, seemingly anyone can be their own eLearning developer, designer and project manager.

How To Build An Agile eLearning Authoring Team

The benefit of this do-it-yourself approach is that organizations can save thousands from their budgets, whilst retaining complete control over the content and design. With this being the case, commissioning departments no longer require the services of eLearning agencies – but that doesn’t mean they don’t need an agile eLearning authoring team. 6 Tips To Improve eLearning Course Navigation. While high quality content, stunning visuals, and interactive eLearning activities may be essential elements of any successful eLearning course, all of these come second to navigability.

6 Tips To Improve eLearning Course Navigation

If learners cannot navigate your eLearning course, then they cannot become active participants in the learning process. In this article, I’ll shed light on how you can significantly improve your eLearning course navigation. Undoubtedly, you’ve put a great deal of time and effort into designing your eLearning course.

Countless resources have been devoted to providing the best possible eLearning experience for every member of your audience. However, if learners are stumbling through the eLearning course thanks to confusing navigation buttons and expired or broken links, frustration will prevent them from achieving learning goals and objectives. Function is just as important as form. The Value Of Simulations When Creating eLearning Solutions For Application Training. Simulation based eLearning solutions are being created to provide learners a chance to explore and practice on newer software or other applications before actually working on them.

The Value Of Simulations When Creating eLearning Solutions For Application Training

This adds on to the overall success of the eLearning solution. Regular training is a must for companies to stay ahead of the competition and keep the employees’ skills up to date or in compliance with the law. But the task in hand is easier said than done. With technological advances, employees have to learn new skills, techniques or processes at close intervals and that can be challenging for many companies. Application training often requires hands-on practice on machines or software – which many times- is not available during the training session. In a traditional approach to application training, the workings of an application are explained in a classroom scenario or in simply created text-based handouts which the learner has to read through.

6 Ways To Use Drag And Drop Interactions In Your eLearning Course. Looking for new ways to integrate drag and drop interactions into your eLearning course? In this article I will share some inventive drag and drop activities you can use in your eLearning course design to make it immersive, engaging, and super exciting for your learners. Drag and drop interactions have the power to make even the most dull eLearning course fun and entertaining, without sacrificing its effectiveness.

But, how can you offer your learners all of the benefits of drag and drop interactions when creating your eLearning course? In this article I'll share some creative and memorable ways to use drag and drop interactions to your learners' advantage. The Art Of Persuasive Learning: 7 Tips For eLearning Professionals. Persuasive learning can be a powerful tool.

It can draw in distracted learners and create an emotional connection with your audience. However, there’s a fine line between eLearning courses that persuade learners to interact with the subject matter and become active participants and those that coerce them into completing the module. In this article, I’ll share some tips to help you use the art of persuasion when designing your next eLearning course. The term “persuasion” often gets a bad rap. The Top 6 eLearning Course Navigation Styles. When designing your eLearning course, effective navigation is essential. AE.ORG. 750+ Free Online Courses From Top Universities. 6 Tips To Turn Your Presentation Into An Interactive eLearning Course. In this article, I'll offer insight on how you can turn your presentations into an interactive eLearning course, even if you have no prior experience with eLearning course design and development.

The secret to creating successful eLearning experiences is developing an environment that mimics the real world. An eLearning course that encourages learners to make choices that lead to consequences or highlights the real world benefits of the subject matter, through simulations and other interactive elements, is essential to its success. But what do you do if your content is wrapped up in a presentation that you've spent countless hours and resources creating, and now you want to make it more dynamic, engaging, and interactive? Google in eLearning Archives. Tips On How To Use The 6 Laws of Perception in eLearning.

In this article, I'll highlight the 6 Laws of Perception, also known as the Principles of Grouping (or Gestalt Laws of Grouping), and show you how to use each one of them in your eLearning course strategy. Regardless of the subject matter, the target audience, or the eLearning objectives, these Laws of Perception can help you to design highly effective eLearning courses. The Gestalt Theory is based upon the idea that our eyes perceive things as a whole, before recognizing individual elements. In essence, learners will first look at the big picture, and then they will move onto the details that collectively create this big picture. This allows our brains to see organization and logic in even the most complex concepts, so that we can more effectively comprehend and retain important information. 6 Tips To Motivate Your Employees in Online Training.

In this article, I'll share a variety of online training motivation tips that will allow you to create interactive and engaging online training experiences for your employees. Whether you're trying to increase training effectiveness or want to make mandatory training memorable, these techniques can help you achieve your goal. Online training is only effective when employees are receptive to the overall online training experience. Even if you've invested countless resources into the design, development, and implementation of your online training, it simply isn't going to offer a significant return on investment unless employees are fully engaged and motivated to learn.

The issue is that motivating them can often be easier said than done, especially when dealing with mandatory online training. Whatsapp as an Excellent Learning Tool! The Zen principle applied in Software and Elearning - eFront BlogeFront Blog. Zen? As in that old Japanese (right?) Religion (right?) Thing? What does that have to do with software and e-learning, I hear you say as soon as you read the title of this post. Tips & Tricks for Animations « KnowledgeShift. This episode dives into the world of animation. PowerPoint Jeopardy Templates Downloads, Educational PowerPoint Information. Why should I use PowerPoint in my Classroom Today's students need a diversity of experiences in the classroom.

Download free PowerPoint backgrounds and templates - Brainy Betty. Speed Dating As Professional Development (or classroom use) The Impetus Instruction technology coaches who care about their audiences are always looking for ways to spice up the mostly boring “sit and get” sessions that have become the norm. A few weeks ago as my family and I were driving through the wondrous mountains of Colorado avoiding bears (for real…I saw a big brown one!)

I was lucky enough to be sliding through twitter and came across Mr. Brazeau’s (@Braz74) #sstlap chat. In an effort, I think, to get his chat participants to get to know each other he had the chat center around “speed dating”. Participants were asked questions in quick succession which made the chat super fast paced. Animation, Past & Present: Why it’s today’s ultimate tool. When animation was in its early stages, it was all about experimentation with motion, machines (ever heard of the phenakitstoscope?) And optical illusions to generate a sense of movement. As animations were developing alongside the beginning of motion pictures, it was associated with a sense of wonder, with a new visual experience.

As it progressed, viewers became used to storytelling tailor-made for children. Yet from drawing and coloring, to stop motion to 8-bit animations, we’ve come a long way. 3D graphics, CGI (Computer Generated Imagery – see this great video clip to illustrate the term) and even Gif animations are taking the visual world by storm. Create Your Own Safety Training With Articulate Studio. For many companies with safety training needs, off-the-shelf e-learning courses like the ones we make here at Convergence Training are a great option. They provide affordable access to quality training on common safety topics. However, every work environment is different, with unique health and safety hazards, and one-size-fits-all training can’t meet 100% of your EHS needs 100% of the time. 9 Steps to Convert your Legacy Course into HTML5.

The use of mobile devices to access the Internet has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. According to the Horizon Report (2015), about 80% of people will be accessing the Internet from mobile devices only, by 2015, with the main focus on education. The rapid growth in the number of users of the “mobile Internet” is resulting in a phenomenal increase in the demand for eLearning courses, which are mobile compatible.

Top 8 Agile Practices for Best eLearning Results. While Agile has been proven to deliver higher-quality eLearning projects faster, thereby reducing both the time and the cost of developing courses, its benefits can only be reaped if Agile is done correctly. Here are a few best practices to follow when using Agile for eLearning project management/development. Identify all of the impacted stakeholders and decision makers early on in the project, and invite them to your scrum sessions. Free eLearning Books - The Ultimate List. Free eLearning Books - The Ultimate List. Top 5 Online Learning Skills That Online Instructors Should Have.

eLearning: The New Corporate Profit Center.