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Paul's english ​games - Blog. If only 100 people lived on Earth… Language Teacher Toolkit: 5 great zero preparation lesson ideas. When the pressure is on and there are only so many hours on the week, you need a repertoire of zero preparation go-to activities which promote input and/or practice.

Language Teacher Toolkit: 5 great zero preparation lesson ideas

Here are five you might well find useful. 1. My weekend. Ask Answer Add - A Speaking Activity to Help Learners Maintain a Natural Conversation. Ask Answer Add - A Speaking Activity to Help Learners Maintain a Natural Conversation Ask Answer Add is one of my favorite speaking activities and requires no resources in class.

Ask Answer Add - A Speaking Activity to Help Learners Maintain a Natural Conversation

It is a very straightforward exercise and I’m sure it will really help your learners build their speaking skills and learn the invaluable skill of maintaining a conversation. The premise is quite simple, and it is suitable for any level of learner. In fact, I have been using this with a group of lower level non-English majors and with different class of higher level English majors and I have had equal success in both classes. Ask The idea behind the activity is very simple. What’s your favorite food? Answer Start with just one question and let the learners know that they are going to ask this to their partner. A. Add The student answering the question should then add some extra information.

Most Influential Images – elt sparks. “Pictures can create an atmosphere where change is possible.” – James Nachtwey The 100 most influential photos published in a website by time magazine is the perfect SPARK to talk about the power of images.

Most Influential Images – elt sparks

Striking and powerful images engage students towards deeper discussion where they not only describe the image, but also speculate on the stories behind them. A world map of every country’s tourism slogan. ‪‪Google's Year in Search‬‬ - Google Trends. 25 ideas for using audio scripts in the ELT classroom. Philip Haines is the Senior Consultant for Oxford University Press, Mexico.

25 ideas for using audio scripts in the ELT classroom

As well as being a teacher and teacher trainer, he is also the co-author of several series, many of which are published by OUP. Today he joins us to provide 25 engaging and useful classroom activities for language learners using audio scripts. Many ELT student books come with audio scripts at the back. Describing the Picture Word Inductive Model. By Emily F.

Describing the Picture Word Inductive Model

Calhoun The PWIM is an inquiry-oriented language arts strategy that uses pictures containing familiar objects and actions to elicit words from children's listening and speaking vocabularies. Error Correction. The danger of over-correcting is that students will lose motivation and you may even destroy the flow of the class or the activity by butting in and correcting every single mistake.

Error Correction

The other extreme is to let the conversation flow and not to correct any mistakes. There are times when this is appropriate but most students do want to have some of their mistakes corrected as it gives them a basis for improvement. So, the question is; When and how should you correct your students? Melva Washington Toomer and John Washington – StoryCorps. John Washington (JW) and Melva Washington Toomer (MWT) JW: You were my first child, I was so glad you were born.

Melva Washington Toomer and John Washington – StoryCorps

I cannot express the way I feel when I held your sweet little body. Foodscapes: Stunning Landscapes Made of Food by Carl Warner. Food posts are always a special treat for the eyes, but this selection of Foodscapes by London-based photographer Carl Warner is definitely something different.

Foodscapes: Stunning Landscapes Made of Food by Carl Warner

Yes, that’s right – all of the pictures below are actually created out of fresh foods! Artist uses a wide variety of different ingredients, such as deli meats, fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and bread, and builds entire worlds that look unbelievably realistic. His food art include ships sailing off into the horizon or battling stormy seas, the Great Wall of China, forests and mountains, and Carl demonstrates an amazing eye for even the smallest details. [Read more...] Carl has been working in advertising and shooting still lives for over 25 years, and has been developing his Foodscapes idea for the past 10 years already. Series 04 Episode 17. Adam Adam: Hello and welcome to Episode 17 of Series 4 of LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts.

Series 04 Episode 17

My name is Adam and my colleague Jo will be here later to talk about some of the language in the podcast. Last time, Carolina and Jamie were both involved with their end-of-year university exams, and now they're waiting, nervously, for the results. Will Jamie get the marks that he needs to get the job he wants in Borneo? Jo and I talked a bit about how university students are assessed in Britain. VOA News. ULearn English School. ULearn English School.

LANGUAGE PLANET TOLUCA. The Seven Best Silent Short Films for Language Teaching - Kieran Donaghy. As many short films are artistic, they have limited appeal in the commercial marketplace and are funded from diverse sources.

The Seven Best Silent Short Films for Language Teaching - Kieran Donaghy

To make them easier to sell worldwide, they often contain little or no dialogue, which makes comprehension much easier. As a result, they offer intensely ‘filmic’ experiences, using images and movement, sequence and duration, sound and music to tell their stories. Latest World Headline News, Breaking News - Newsy® The Best Collections Of “The Best” Pieces Of Art Ever Created. In my Theory of Knowledge class we’re learning about the roles of emotion, language, perception and reason in art. As part of that, students are looking through pieces of art and writing a short analysis of one they choose.

They are going to look through the online collections of various museums, but I had also found a site that shared one person’s view of “The Best” pieces of art ever created. I had shown students images from the site and asked them to share what kind of emotional reaction, if any, they provoked. Different Cultures See Deadlines Differently.

We all have the tendency to look at other cultures through the lens of our own. While this is natural, it can lead to misunderstandings when communicating with and managing colleagues from around the world. In my experience working and teaching across cultures, I’ve noticed one important area where this frequently causes conflicts: deadlines. The secret to disagreeing with people from 20 different countries, in one chart. The Most Iconic Pieces of Art & Where to Find Them. Badass Chicks in Japanese History. Favorite Travel Destinations. How Many Trees Are There? If The World Were 100 People. BBC Learning English - Lingohack.

Log In. SOUNDS LIKE A STORY. A picture is not the only source that can inspire a thousand words. Sounds may tell a story just as well, leaving much more room to the imagination. The activity I’ll describe today is built around sounds and guides students to the actual writing of the story based on the sounds they hear. Step 1. Generating a story idea. What Does Your Handwriting Say About You? We live in a world where we don’t hand write many things (though, maybe that shouldn’t be the case).

Almost everyone has a smartphone, laptop, or tablet on which they can deliver typed messages. However, just about everyone still learns to write by hand in school, and as such, we all develop a form of handwriting that is unique. Though there are certain styles of writing, and each one can actually tell you a little bit about your personality! How accurately do these describe you? Way off? It's always St. Patty's Day for this lady. Endless stream of movie clips of specific phrases (Yeah, but then I'd have to cut off his dick and feed it to the homeless.) Our service will teach you to understand spoken English. The purpose of service is to learn english using TV series. We create video sequence from scenes that contain the word you search for. As soon as you submit your search query, the phrase list is returned and phrase list are played automatically. Stories, Stories, Stories. Protecting Elephants. 10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills. Frontpage. Questioning Japanese Creativity: Is Japan Creative? What Do Countries Fear The Most? Speaking activities.

The Best Resources For Using Art As A Way To Teach & Learn English – Help Me Find More. I have periodically shared links to lessons on using art as a language-learning activity, and have published some of my own. I thought it would be useful to start compiling them here, and to invite readers to contribute what I hope are a whole lot more. I’m excluding music lessons from this list since I have several separate ones for them: The Best Music Websites For Learning EnglishThe Best Online Sites For Creating MusicThe Best Online Karaoke Sites For English Language LearnersNot “The Best,” But “A List” Of Music SitesThe Best Places To Find Lyrics On The WebThe Best Sites For Ideas On Making Simple Musical Instruments You might also be interested in The Best Resources Discussing The Importance Of Art In Education — Help Me Find More.

Here is a beginning Best Resources For Using Art As A Way To Teach & Learn English: Videos: Using Art As A Language-Learning Activity Using art in the classroom is from ELT-Cation. Five Reasons to Teach English Using Art. FlashmobELT #2. Survival English for Travelers.