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Institutional Resources. The official website for comparing UK higher education course data - Unistats. Surface Pro 4 supporting teaching and learning at the University of Central Lancashire – Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog. By the time students reach university, they will be developing into increasingly independent people, finding their own ways of studying, working together, and forging their own learning paths.

Surface Pro 4 supporting teaching and learning at the University of Central Lancashire – Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

In order for this generation of students to reach their fullest potential, their learning environments need to reflect the way they communicate and go about their day-to-day lives. Technology plays a central role in the way all of us live our lives, so it’s important that universities are able to get the right balance of hardware, platforms and services for their staff and students to use, in order that they can work efficiently and collaboratively at whatever time and from whichever place suits them best. The Japan Times BOOKCLUB. E-Polish. Profesjonalna baza gotowych materiałów do nauczania języka polskiego jako obcego – wszystko dostępne on-line!


Znajdziesz w niej między gotowe lekcje, a także różnorodne materiały uzupełniające, które sprawią, że Twoje lekcje będą interesujące i skuteczne. Wszystkie materiały posiadają atrakcyjną szatę graficzną i zostały przetestowane podczas zajęć w międzynarodowych grupach. Dostępne w portalu lekcje tworzą nowoczesny podręcznik, który umożliwia nauczanie języka na wybranym poziomie.

Każda lekcja jest dodatkowo wzbogacona o zestaw ćwiczeń alternatywnych, które pozwalają poszerzyć i utrwalić materiał leksykalny i gramatyczny. Dostępne lekcje: 49Poziomy: A1, A2zobacz przykładową lekcję. How to Write a Syllabus. JMOOCは日本とアジアのための 「学びによる個人の価値を社会全体の共有価値へ拡大するMOOC」の実現を 産学の連携によって強力に牽引します. 日本語教育 学のデザイン ―その地と図を描く― Learn Latin, Old English, Sanskrit, Classical Greek & Other Ancient Languages in 10 Lessons. I receive weekly reminders of my linguistic ignorance whenever I read anything by authors fluent in Latin.

Learn Latin, Old English, Sanskrit, Classical Greek & Other Ancient Languages in 10 Lessons

How could I not, whenever Clive James starts to pontificate on the greatness of, say, Tacitus? “For students acquiring Latin in adult life, the language is most easily approached through those historians who really wrote chronicles — Cornelius Nepos, Sallust, Suetonius and Livy — but with the Histories of Tacitus you get the best reason for approaching it at all… What Sainte-Beuve said of Montaigne — that his prose is like one continuous epigram — is even more true of Tacitus.” Fantastic! So, which translation should I read? “There are innumerable translations but the original gives you [Tacitus]’ unrivalled powers of compression.” As with Latin classics, so with other Indo-European language texts, including Beowulf, originally in Old English, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, in Classical Greek, and the ancient Vedic hymns of the Rigveda, in Sanskrit. via Metafilter.

1200 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. Get 1200 free online courses from the world's leading universities -- Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more.

1200 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 30,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now. HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency - HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency. Introduction The Joint Academic Coding System (JACS) is owned and maintained by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and is used for subject coding of provision across higher education in the UK.

HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency - HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency

JACS was first introduced in 2002/03 (UCAS year of entry 2002 and reporting year 2002/03 HESA) to replace the two different classifications systems previously used by the two organisations. JACS is currently used to code the subjects of both higher education courses and the individual modules within them across the full range of higher education provision. Subject Benchmark Statement: Languages, Cultures and Societies. Creating lessons using the FLLITE approach. Quality Training for Effective Learning.

Imagine if you had the greatest procedures & processes in the world, however none of your employees were adequately trained on those procedures.

Quality Training for Effective Learning

What do you think the result would be? You guessed it – failure. Deming Said – “It’s not enough to do your best; you must know what to do and then do your best.” Without the proper training, your world class systems can be made irrelevant. This is why from a Cost of Quality perspective, Training is considered a preventative action – because it is meant to ensure product is built right the first time! In addition to preventing issues – training can also be utilized as a continuous improvement tool to improve performance.

Welcome to ICU OpenCourseWare. Японская электронная лексикография и корпусная лингвистика — Школа филологии — Национальный исследовательский университет «Высшая школа экономики» The Best Google Drive Add-ons for Creating Flowcharts and Diagrams. December , 2015 Google Docs has a number of interesting features that render it an awesome productivity tool to use in your instruction.

The Best Google Drive Add-ons for Creating Flowcharts and Diagrams

With the use of add-ons, the strength of Google Docs is even expanded allowing you to do amazing things with your documents. From creating mindmaps and bibliographies to generating word clouds and electronically signing documents, the educational possibilities in Google Docs are endless. In today’s post we are bringing to your attention four excellent add-ons you can use to easily create beautiful charts, diagrams, and flowcharts right in your documents.1- Lucidchart.

Pedagogy. Assessment. Formative Assessment Ideas. An Overlooked YouTube Feature. YouTube contains many useful features that are frequently overlooked.

An Overlooked YouTube Feature

Welcome to Quick Rubric – Free, Fast, and Easy to Use! :) Flubaroo - Google Sheets add-on. Feedback tools. Create Quizzes and Student Responses. Quick Rubric :) 4 Free Tools for Creating & Playing Interactive Quiz Games. Earlier this week I wrote about "ghost mode" being the talk of the Future of Educational Technology Conference in Orlando.

4 Free Tools for Creating & Playing Interactive Quiz Games

That post prompted a few people to ask me about other quiz game platforms. I've used a bunch of them over the years. The following are interactive quiz game tools that I've used with great success in my classroom and or in my workshops. Kahoot: This is the obvious one to include in this post as it did inspire the post. Kahoot provides a fun way to gather feedback from a group through their phones, iPads, Chromebooks, or any other device that has a web browser and an Internet connection. Socrative Space Race:Socrative is a free student response system that allows you to gather feedback from students through any Internet-connected device. Quizalize:Quizalize is a free quiz game platform. Triventy:Triventy uses a concept that is similar to Kahoot. Thinking Skills. What do we mean by "Thinking Skills"?

Thinking Skills

Thinking skills are the mental processes that we apply when we seek to make sense of experience. Thinking skills enable us to integrate each new experience into the schema that we are constructing of "how things are". It is apparent that better thinking will help us to learn more from our experience and to make better use of our intelligence. Learning Theories. Learning Theory. Bloom's taxonomy in Japanese ブルームのタキソノミー. ◆ ブルームのタキソノミー(分類学) ◆ アメリカ心理学会(APA)が1948年に大学の試験にかかわる研究者を集めて、 試験問題を分類して互いのコミュニケーションの円滑化を図る目的のプロジェクトをスタートさせた。 年1回のペースで研究会を持ち、その8年後に結実した成果が、今日「ブルームの目標分類学 (タキソノミー:Taxonomy)」と呼ばれるものである。 教育の目標とする領域を「あたま、こころ、からだ」 の3領域(認知・情意・精神運動領域と呼ぶ。 KSA (Knowledge, Skill, Attitude)と略されて用いられる場合もある)に分け、それぞれに下記のレベルわけを提案した。 試験問題を集め、それを地道に分類することで導き出したボトムアップ(帰納的)な手法に基づくレベル分けであった。

ブルームの教育目標分類学(原題は、表3-1:教育目標のタキソノミーの全体的構成) ※ブルームの弟子のダーベが1971年夏スウェーデンで開かれた「カリキュラム改革に関する国際セミナー」においてわれわれに示したもの。 ブルームの分類学として結実したのは、当初、試験問題を分類して互いのコミュニケーションの円滑化を図る目的のプロジェクトではあったが、この分類体系は、教育内容を体系化し、一人ひとりが何をどこまで達成したかを調べて学習を支援しようとする試み(完全習得学習における形成テストの作成)にも有効であった。 この試みを開始した背景には、1948年当時に問題視されていた「機械的暗記型・言語主義的教育」があった。 Video from IH World. 60 Tips: Best public speeches for learners of English View Video 60 Tips: Best ideas for teachers View Video 60 Tips: Best gadgets for teachers View Video 60 Tips: Best songs for learners of English View Video 60 Tips: Best resources for teachers of English View Video 60 Tips: Best books for language learners View Video 60 Tips: Best TV shows for learners of English View Video 60 Tips: Classroom techniques for teachers of English View Video Simon Greenall - How textbooks work: from Dogme to Pragme View Video Alastair Grant - English teaching as corporate social responsibility View Video Maureen McGarvey - Dealing with difficult people View Video Panel discussion View Video Jeremy Harmer - Does practising music tell us anything about language practice?

View Video. General classroom resources. Make Tutorials Easily Using the Ultimate Tutoralize Tool. Blended Learning in Higher Education: Framework, Principles, and Guidelines - D. Randy Garrison, Norman D. Vaughan. This groundbreaking book offers a down-to-earth resource for the practical application of blended learning in higher education as well as a comprehensive examination of the topic. Well-grounded in research, Blended Learning in Higher Education clearly demonstrates how the blended learning approach embraces the traditional values of face-to-face teaching and integrates the best practices of online learning.

This approach has proven to both enhance and expand the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning in higher education across disciplines. In this much-needed book, authors D. Randy Garrison and Norman D. Vaughan present the foundational research, theoretical framework, scenarios, principles, and practical guidelines for the redesign and transformation of the higher education curriculum. Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva. Create a New Study Set. The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom. July 25, 2014 Following the posting of "Managing iPad Videos in Schools" somebody emailed me asking about some suggestions for tools and apps to create instructional videos to use in a flipped learning setting.

In fact, over the last couple of years I have reviewed several web tools and iPad apps that can be used in flipped classroom but the ones I am featuring below are among the best out there. 1- Educlipper Educlipper is a wonderful tool for creating video tutorials and guides to share with students. As a teacher you can create an Educlipper board for your class and share the link with them. Now that you have a shared space with your students, you can go about creating instructional videos using the iPap app of Educlipper. Pixiclip is another wonderful tool to create step by step instructional videos to use in your flipped classroom.

Bring Your Lectures into the 21st Century. Birmingham Grid for Learning - Multiple Intelligences (Secondary) Quizzing and Testing Tools. CURRICULUM & PLANNING. Best Android apps to learn Japanese. A couple of months ago, I bought a new Android smartphone. When I started looking for apps to install on it, I thought about what I wanted my phone to do for me, turning to the wide selection of Japanese apps to help my studies. Learn Foreign Languages. 50 forward-planning questions by. In March 2014, after a coaching and mentoring session, I posted 30 simple questions for the teacher, middle leader and senior teacher. You can also find some very useful reflection questions for the ‘outstanding’ classroom teacher. These self-review questions have proven very popular with readers and serve as a catalyst for this follow-up blog.

Before reading the following sets of questions, I want you to consider that the exam season is over for you and your students. So, you will need to fast-forward one month. Given this image, you should have a little more time on your hands for planning and reflection, just before the start of the next academic year! 15 Free Learning Tools You've Probably Never Heard Of.

GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS. Jump to Topics Graphic Organizers In General. British National Corpus (BYU-BNC) (outil TTS - lecture de texte avec voix) Open JTalk.