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Medica infectologa

Asociación Argentina para el Estudio de las Enfermedades del Hígado - Home. SADI - Sociedad Argentina de Infectología - Inicio. Biblioteca Cochrane. La Biblioteca Cochrane (The Cochrane Library) es el principal producto de la Colaboración Cochrane.

Biblioteca Cochrane

Es una publicación electrónica que se actualizada cada tres meses. Se distribuye mediante suscripción anual en CD o a través de Internet.[1]​ La Biblioteca Cochrane es una colección de bases de datos sobre ensayos clínicos controlados en medicina y otra áreas de la salud relacionadas con la información que alberga la Colaboración Cochrane.[2]​ La versión en español, Cochrane Library Plus, sólo puede consultarse en Internet, y es de acceso gratuito desde España.

Origen[editar] Las principales bases de datos que incluye son: Referencias[editar] Véase también[editar] NEJM (NEJM) JAMA Network™ Building on the editorial excellence of JAMA®, the Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA Network Open™ and the 11 JAMA Network™ specialty journals offer enhanced access to the research, reviews and perspectives shaping medicine today and into the future.

JAMA Network™

Through a variety of innovative tools, the JAMA Network™ provides the insights that matter most to medical research and practice. For medical students, residents and fellows AMA members can access JAMA and the JAMA Network journals for free Become an AMA member and receive a print copy of JAMA®, plus unlimited online and mobile access to all 13 JAMA Network journals. For physicians Leverage resources from the JAMA Network designed to help you in your clinical practice. For researchers and authors Explore the entire JAMA Network to find the research tools you need to get your work published. Sign up for JAMA Network publication updates. Emerging Infectious Diseases journal - CDC. Surveillance of Leprosy in Kiribati, 1935–2017 [PDF - 846 KB - 8 pages] S.

Emerging Infectious Diseases journal - CDC

T. Chambers et al. In Kiribati, unlike most countries, high and increasing numbers of cases of leprosy have been reported despite the availability of multidrug therapy and efforts to improve case finding and management. Historic records show that 28 cases had been identified by 1925. Biphasic Outbreak of Invasive Group A Streptococcus Disease in Eldercare Facility, New Zealand [PDF - 1.42 MB - 8 pages] K. A 3-month outbreak of invasive group A Streptococcus disease at an eldercare facility, in which 5 persons died, was biphasic. Epidemiology of Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever in Endemic Area, Spain [PDF - 1.06 MB - 8 pages] M. Tick-borne relapsing fever (TBRF) is caused by spirochetes of Borrelia bacteria. Medscape CME Activity Food Safety and Invasive Cronobacter Infections during Early Infancy, 1961–2018 [PDF - 846 KB - 9 pages] J. K. J. Blastomycosis in Minnesota, USA, 1999–2018 [PDF - 2.59 MB - 10 pages] M. W. PubMed.

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