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Letting in the Light. Log In. Handmade Photo Albums Journals Custom Wedding by LotusBluBookArt. The best way to attach covers to a coptic binding - paperiaarre. You know me, pretty determined about finding and using the best practices for all sorts of things… This week I’m writing about a little detail regarding attaching covers to a Coptic bound book – the hidden diagonal stitch (for the lack of a better term).

the best way to attach covers to a coptic binding - paperiaarre

Have you noticed how the sewing thread in my Coptic bound books enters the covers at the edge of the cover board? It may seem like a very minor thing, but it’s actually something quite relevant to the durability and stability of the finished book. Most modern Coptic bound books I see around the Internet have their covers attached by simply wrapping the sewing thread around the board edge.

Making Handmade Books: Instructions: A Book Structure from Australia. The Largest Range Of Book Clasps & Catches In The World! Bookbinders and book restorers are often confronted with missing book clasps & fittings.

The Largest Range Of Book Clasps & Catches In The World!

So we are happy to introduce the largest range of reproduction period book furniture in the world. Cast from brass, and hand finished, this range of book clasps & catches, corners and centre pieces endeavours to bring bespoke book furniture within the price range of the independent book worker. The fittings illustrated here form only a part of the total range. If you wish to see them all, please download the catalogue. If you cannot find a match for the item you are looking for, we can undertake to make a match from your original. These items are shipped all over the world, therefore we ask that you contact us with your requirement and we will quote you airmail shipping to your location. We accept credit card payments via PayPal, bank transfer or UK cheque. Either navigate to the items you are interested in via the menu on the left or click the images below. Lili's Bookbinding Blog. (The book above is currently available in my Etsy Shop)

Lili's Bookbinding Blog

Craft Marketing. A big part of running your own small business is experimenting with different venues and modes for marketing your product.

Craft Marketing

For artists and crafters there are many options: craft shows, galleries, teaching, online etsy shops etc. I started this year with one of my bigger experiments; to solidify my line of wedding books and to participate in Asheville’s Wedding Festivals Expo. I walked through the expo last January and was well aware that, not only were there no other book makers, but that the only other “hand-craft” based business in the entire expo (besides photographers, caterers and cake makers of course) specialized in hand-built, rustic arches under which you could say your vows. ALLtäglich: Secret Belgian Binding.

Passend zur Sommerpost, die uns doch nun schon seit einiger Zeit beschäftigt, gibt es von uns heute ein Buchbindetutorial.

ALLtäglich: Secret Belgian Binding

Diese Bindung hat von uns zwar keiner benutzt, aber sie ist ausgesprochen schön - weshalb wir sie hier noch einmal zeigen wollen. Noch einmal deshalb, weil Moni auf ihrem Blog schon einmal ein Tutorial dazu gemacht hat - da damals aber noch ein paar Fragen offen blieben, jetzt nochmal hier in voller Länge und zum mitbinden. ;-) Die Bindung ist einfacher, als sie auf den ersten Blick vielleicht aussieht, braucht jedoch etwas Zeit.

Allerdings ist Zeit ja etwas, was man beim Buchbinden generell mitbringen sollte. Iona Handcrafted Books : Handmade Leather Journals And Photo Albums. Art books and journals. Bookarts: Exposed Tape Binding (Tutorial!) Adventures in instruction!

Bookarts: Exposed Tape Binding (Tutorial!)

My first attempt at making a photo-tutorial. EXTREMELY image-heavy, as one might guess from the title: prefacetools/materialsprepcut covers to sizemark tape stations on the inside of each covercut graves into boardscut slot to feed tape throughcut tapes to lengthrough-cut cover papers / trim end papersglue cover paper to boardattach tapes to front coverglue end paper to front coverpress the cover under weightpunch holes through signaturessew bookblockglue cover paper to back cover boardattach tapes to back coverglue end paper to back coverpress book under weight.

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Coptic Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial

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Entries tagged as link stitch - Artist Books Paper & Bookbinding Blog - Cai Lun - Dennis Yuen. It's been a couple of months since I left off from this project.

Entries tagged as link stitch - Artist Books Paper & Bookbinding Blog - Cai Lun - Dennis Yuen

I wanted to finish by making it a slipcase, which I was so hesitant about. (I don't really know why.) I was thinking, maybe a box would be better? Gallery. Iona Handcrafted Books : How To Tie A Knot. Our books come with a Monk’s Lace… but since not everyone is an actual monk, we’ve put together a short video showing our favorite way of tying the knot. watch the video Check out the the spread in Standard Magazine !

Iona Handcrafted Books : How To Tie A Knot

A behind the scenes look at where the magic happens!! What a gorgeous magazine! Also, there is an interview video with me (includes live action in my East Austin Studio!!) Howdy Booklovers….We are in the studio for the month of August preparing for the Plaza Art Festival in Kansas City … Sept 19-21! Morgan Le Fae's Trinkets: Altered book, my new iPhone case. Lately my daughter and I have been making books and booklets, among other things.

Morgan Le Fae's Trinkets: Altered book, my new iPhone case

We even started a little DaWanda shop to sell some of the booklets we make. It's called "Morgan Le Fea's Trinkets, after my daughters second name.