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Sciencelearn Hub. ICBL: Investigative Case Based Learning. Biology - PhET Simulations. Lesson on Calculating the Post-Mortem Interval. Courtesy of Patti Bertino’s email post.

Lesson on Calculating the Post-Mortem Interval

The postmortem interval (PMI), also known as a time since death estimate, aids forensic scientists in death investigations. This lesson will introduce your students to the processes of decay and decomposition, forensic pathology, and forensic entomology. Edheads - Activate Your Mind! BioInteractive. Systems Thinking Games. Systems Thinking Games, developed in partnership with Filament Games, are designed to be used by youth and educators to assess systems thinking skills both in the classroom and in afterschool contexts.

Systems Thinking Games

A precursor to the GlassLab, this project brings together teachers, assessment experts and game designers and developers to collaboratively design and build a suite of games with data tools that support teachers in evaluating the way players approach problem-solving, and the strategies players use in understanding and interacting with complex systems. Currently, research is underway to develop assessment frameworks that yield valid and reliable assessment measures across the suite of digital games. To learn more, please join the Institute’s community for updates on our progress. Science Simulations. Free Game to Practice Chemistry Knowledge!

Also available for your iPhone/iPad/iPod here or Android device here.

Free Game to Practice Chemistry Knowledge!

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