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Scope and Sequence

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Collections. The scope-and-sequence hat | 500 Hats. Scope and Sequence – K-5 Digital Literacy Scope and Sequence. The Scope and Sequence is organized by four areas Foundational OperationsProcesses for ProductivityCommunicating & InquirySafety & Citizenship The New Version (May 2017) of the scope and sequence is embedded in the following Lessons & Resources will be posted to the blog for this site and linked in the google spreadsheet above. You can view them all in order of latest created to earliest at the Lessons & Resources page. The lessons and resources are categorized the same as the scope and sequence. You can use the search in the top right hand corner of the site to search everything on the site including the lessons and resources. Tech Scope and Sequence. Technology Literacy – Staff – San Gabriel Unified School District.

K-5 Digital Scope and Sequence. Information Literacy in elementary schools 3. Building Information Literacy. The Contemporary School Library's Role: "Pillar of the Lifelong Learning Community" School libraries have changed; they are no longer simply collections of print (and some audio-visual) resources, offering instruction in "library skills" within a fixed schedule, often isolated from the rest of the school's curriculum and programs. This change has been taking place for two decades, it is reflected in the philosophy and emphasis on resource-based learning found within Minister's Directive MD-007 on School Libraries, which supercedes (Circular 92-03): Other existing documents which reflect this same philosophy and emphasis on resource-based learning are: School Library Handbook, published by the P.E.I.

Department of Education.Selection On-Line Database (link to P.E.I. School Libraries)Journey On: Working Toward Communication and Information Technology Literacy, published by the P.E.I. The Role of Reading (Independently, and For Enjoyment)