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You searched for library. Looking for a robotics challenge to finish out the school year?

You searched for library

Why not hold a Sumo-Bot competition? Last May, I was invited to McCoy Elementary School in Georgetown, Texas to see the sumo robots in action. The little bots moved across a ring, attempting to push the other out, just like the traditional form of Japanese wrestling. After the competition, I chatted with G/T teacher Tina Bertucci, and she gave me the lowdown on their robotics adventure. School Libraries.

There are 90,400 public and private schools for grades kindergarten through high school in the United States.

School Libraries

Of those, 82,300 (91%) have school libraries and only 56,000 (61%) have full-time librarians. However, schools with a strong school library program and a certified school librarian ensure their students have the best chance to succeed. Summer Reading - Hassenfeld Library - LibGuides at University School of Nashville. Bishop Lynch High School. Studying more strategically equals improved exam scores. Patricia Chen is lead author on a paper that shows that a psychological intervention encouraging students to use available study resources in a strategic way made them more likely to perform better in class.

Studying more strategically equals improved exam scores

(Image credit: L.A. Cicero) Despite access to a trove of learning resources – including textbooks, online references and homework assignments – some students routinely fall short of their performance expectations. The solution may not be to work harder, but more strategically. That’s the key takeaway from new research led by Stanford scholars, whose study published in Psychological Science found that applying a strategic approach to studying helped college students improve their exam scores by an average of one-third of a letter grade.

Inspiration to strategize. (47) Future Ready Librarians - Mark Ray. Academic Libraries in the Digital Age. (46) Google Public Data Explorer. (46) Learning in the Age of Google - The Library Channel. Updates for Library and Map - Google Slides. Understanding Library Space Planning. TechnoLink® Mobile Reference Desks - Curved - - Palmieri Navigate Mobile U-Shape Executive Desk. BCI - Modern Library Design Process: Planning, Design, and Layout. Libraries today are an architectural stamp for educational institutions as well as a versatile showplace for communities and corporations. They are so unique in structure that they have become the blueprint for the character of the community.

Their function no longer limited to students cramming for tests or avid readers checking out the latest best seller. We are all drawn to a library for different reasons and it has become a central hub for gathering, learning, exploring, dreaming, informing, inspiring and discussing. In addition, modern technology has forced the inclusion of electronic devices everywhere and therefore, has changed the form of yesterday’s library into a new progressive modern environment. Therefore we must rethink the library interior design and its layout. At BCI we have three simple stages to creating an inspirational library space – Planning, Products and Projects. Planning Next is a complete gathering of information. Products Projects. Shelving - Creative Library Concepts.

New library. Fiction shelves minus some popular series Today was our second day of unpacking boxes into our new school library.

new library

After being away at a meeting yesterday, I spent some time walking the space and thinking back through Monday’s decisions. For the most part, I was still happy with what was decided. I flipped one shelf around in the fiction section and it really opened up the flow into the library better. Some new rolling tables had arrived, so I worked on putting those into the 2nd projection area where I think students will most likely use devices while paired with demonstration on the projection screen. Idea Gallery - Ideas & Inspiration from Demco. Roll It Over! Mobile shelving helps libraries to open up space - Creative Library Concepts. The Journey from Library to Learning Commons. The library, at one time, was the center of the school building.

The Journey from Library to Learning Commons

It's where knowledge was held, books were shared, and ideas were generated. It was quiet, to the point that mini-lessens were taught about the edict required while in the confines of this environment. A library in 1980 could look very similar to one today - Why is this? Nothing else has stayed the same...our students are different, technology has changed the way we gain information, and brain research has restructured our approach to the way students gain and understand information. At Christie, we were ready to transform our library to a Leaning Commons, and to once again make our library the center for learning. Before I begin it is important to note that everything we have done, all that was created, was due to Christie’s amazing teachers and supportive parents.

One of the things I love most about education is our willingness, and even love, of sharing information. Fundraising. Step One: Paint. Step Six: Lego Wall. Sioux Center: Teen Space Central. Designing Libraries for a Flexible Learning Environment. Program – Designing Libraries VII. Location: High Density Library (morning) & Lab NEXT, 3rd Floor, Taylor Family Digital Library (afternoon) **Buses will leave from the north entrance of MacEwan Student Centre at 8:30 and provide return transportation to MacEwan Hall at 12:00.

Program – Designing Libraries VII

Prakash Nair. Bishop Lynch High School. Designing Collaborative Spaces. Library implementation guide. Designing Collaborative Spaces. Shannon M. Miller: Hi everybody. I’m just going to open up the window so we can start the webinar. Save bookmarks and favorite websites online. Future Ready Librarians Resources. That Kid Future Ready and Mark Ray. (1) Pinterest - abednarczyk.

The Researcher's Perspective for and by the Community. Characteristics of Future Ready Leadership: A Research Synthesis. (45) iGen: The Smartphone Generation. (45) Changing the Conversation About Librarians. Community of Online Research Assignments. (46) Project CORA. Items - Collections. Library flyer download. (45) Future Ready Librarians. Fueling Future Ready Librarians! One of the most exciting roll outs this fall has been that of new Future Ready Librarians ISTE U Course!

Fueling Future Ready Librarians!

As the ISTE U site states, Welcome to our classroom. As an educator your time is limited. FutureReadyCurationWorkshopHyperDoc.