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FAB14. DID by dmoyanod. Propuesta Fab Lab / Fab Center para Altadis, Sevilla. Nota sobre el posible desarrollo de un makerlab / fablab / laboratorio de fabricación digital en el edificio Altadis de Sevilla Imagen1: Fab Lab de Vestmannaeyjar, Islandia, hacia 2014.

Propuesta Fab Lab / Fab Center para Altadis, Sevilla

Imagen elegida por la red para representar como es un Fab Lab (aunque cabe señalar que faltan mujeres, que sí abundan en otros laboratorios de la red) 08.2015 José Pérez de Lama, Fab Lab Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura Universidad de Sevilla AA/ Solicitud de propuestas del equipo municipal de ParticipaSvq El documento que sigue a estas páginas introductorias es una propuesta en proceso para la creación de una red de Fab Labs a escala urbana (Sevilla), como red de apoyo a la innovación y el desarrollo de un #NuevoModeloProductivo Se describe en qué consiste un Fab Lab, se justifica su interés social y tecnológico y se relacionan los equipos, personal y presupuestos necesarios para su funcionamiento, entre otras cuestiones. Fab Lab Barcelona @Maker Faire Shenzhen. IaaC|Fab Lab Barcelona exhibited the latest projects at the fourth annual Maker Faire Shenzhen, last week.

Fab Lab Barcelona @Maker Faire Shenzhen

With more than 220 exhibits and 50,000 attendees, Maker Faire Shenzhen extended the Faire to three days this year, adding an Education Day. “…there are currently about 10 makerspaces in Shenzhen and at least 10 school-based makerspaces in the works. “Shenzhen is a city-sized TechShop. CNC mills and laser cutters are so easy to find,” says Lau. The city has even declared June 18–22 as Maker Week, with a host of Maker-friendly events taking place in various locations, as well as competitions where teams have 48 hours to prototype new products” (Source: Makerzine)

Next edition - Fablab Festival Toulouse 2015 - Conférences et ateliers DIY, Imprimante 3D, robotique. The FabLab Festival 2015 will take place from 6 to 10 May 2015 in Toulouse (France) The « FabLab Festival 2015″ is open to any citizen, whether child, student, retired, researcher or professional.

Next edition - Fablab Festival Toulouse 2015 - Conférences et ateliers DIY, Imprimante 3D, robotique

Once a year, a festival to gather the French and European FabLab’s community. We look forward to welcoming over 2500 visitors. The festival is free and open to all with the curiousity to learn. You’ll find conferences, workshops and demonstrations of FabLab machines (laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC …). You can attend a talk by MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld pioneered the « fab labs » movement and by Anjan Contractor, co-inventor of NASA’s 3D food printer for long space missions.

In BioFablab, the fish feed the plants, orchids grow in test tubes and tapenade toast are made with spirulina. With these demonstrations, we will show you the local revolution that will have a global impact: the DIY (Do It Yourself). Xornadas FOU - Fabricando Ourense - La Molinera. Fab Lab: The DIY Factory That Can Make Anyone a Maker.

Blair Evans is an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an entrepreneur.

Fab Lab: The DIY Factory That Can Make Anyone a Maker

For the past 15 years, he’s been the superintendent of a group of charter schools for troubled kids in Detroit, and in 2010 he opened the city’s first Fab Lab inside one of his schools. The do-it-yourself factories are designed to make it easier and cheaper for ordinary people to turn an idea into a product. Every Fab Lab includes a computer-controlled laser, a 3D printer, and a pair of computer-controlled milling machines—all connected by custom software. “We’re building people, not just products,” Evans says. “We get better outcomes if the kids can engage in useful work. The initial Fab Lab in Detroit cost from $200,000 to $250,000 to assemble, and Evans put his own money behind the project. “Commercial success isn’t just selling products,” says Neil Gershenfeld, a professor who runs the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms and came up with the idea for Fab Labs a decade ago. CNN Video - Breaking News Videos from

Los Fab Labs: laboratorios que llevan del bit al átomo y del átomo al bit. Multilabpucp [ 3D fab+design ] The Third Digital Revolution: Making Things. Neil Gershenfeld runs MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms and teaches the class “How to Make Almost Anything.”

The Third Digital Revolution: Making Things

His students’ past projects include a dress that defends the wearer’s personal space; an alarm clock you have to wrestle with in order to convince it you’re awake; and a web browser for parrots. “This is like the birth of the Internet, but it’s literally an internet of things.” – Neil Gershenfeld From that class came a new idea: a kit he calls a fab lab — a collection of about 10 tools, including a 3D printer, computer-controlled lasers and milling machines. Individuals can use the fab lab to make “almost anything.” There are a few hundred of these fab labs now, including above the arctic circle in Norway, in rural India and in African villages. Gershenfeld calls it the “third digital revolution.” Fabrication Laboratories: Problems and possibilities of implementation in Latin America by Pablo C. Herrera. Help Ale go to Fab Academy! by Ale Bert.

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