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Libé – Pokémon, traduisez-les tous. A Naïf In Neverwinter Nights: Exploring Roleplay In An Erotic Fantasy Server. Ridealong: The Underground Fight Clubs Of Dark Souls III. When Dingle arrives at the circular ruins outside the old church, the first thing he sees is a man in a crown, holding a flaming torch – it is the man he must kill. But the crowned man shows no fear, he simply waves and beckons him over.

Dingle is curious. He approaches with caution and looks into the grassy arena below, where he sees two dark spirits – red phantoms like himself – taking swings at each other. The man in the crown begins silently dropping glowing stones everywhere, one by one. [SKYRIM] Les Mods *Le Topic ou on passe plus de temps à modder qu'a jouer* V2. Braid-ending-explained-by-jonathan-blow. Jonathan Blow has explained the rationale behind some of Braid's ending and story.


The creator of the indie platformer talked about the game's closing chapter during a director commentary session at Nottingham's GameCity festival. Blow said that the design of the epilogue was meant to show that the world was "falling apart" and explained why the text books were hidden from the player. "The epilogue, which I neglected to talk about [earlier this evening], actually has puzzles in it. But they're puzzles that are not connected to rewards, there're just things that you can just notice. It's also full of pattern breaks, it's like this is where the world's falling apart," he said.

Jouez à "A Blind Legend", un jeu vidéo 100% sonore. Vous êtes Edward Blake, le célèbre chevalier aveugle.

Jouez à "A Blind Legend", un jeu vidéo 100% sonore

Guidé par votre fille Louise, vous partez sauver votre femme, Dame Caroline, enlevée par Thork, le roi fou de High Castle. Pendant votre voyage, vous devrez trouver votre route, braver les pièges et les embûches et affronter de nombreux ennemis de l’armée de Thork. A Blind Legend est un jeu d’action-aventure sur mobile, où l’ouïe remplace les yeux grâce à la technologie du son 3D binaural. Transportés dans une aventure chevaleresque inspirée de l’époque médiévale, les joueurs ne peuvent compter que sur leurs oreilles pour mener à bien leur quête. Tout en contrôlant leur héros en utilisant leur smartphone ou leur tablette comme joystick, ils évoluent dans un univers sonore en trois dimensions, rendu possible par l’intégration de la technologie binaurale, encore à ses premiers frémissements dans l’univers du jeu vidéo.

Quand le jeu vidéo propage le son. A Blind Legend, le jeu vidéo produit par France Culture et le studio de création de serious games DoWiNo sort ce mardi.

Quand le jeu vidéo propage le son

The queer masculinity of stealth games - Offworld. When I reach the bottom of the subway stairs, three men unpeel themselves from the wall and approach me.

The queer masculinity of stealth games - Offworld

Nomenclature - montparnasse - Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own] Rekindling - Rakenvy - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own] Leliana inspected the thick red and gold velvet of the dress between thumb and forefinger.

Rekindling - Rakenvy - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]

"I seem recall you stating that you would sooner let Alistair dress you than wear this exact ensemble. " Morrigan bowed her head uncharacteristically shyly. "I suppose I was... A tad hasty. Software Library: MS-DOS Games : Free Software : Download & Streaming. 5401_578f_500.png (PNG Image, 500 × 550 pixels)

Merlanfrit. Leaf - a game about life. The Best Stories from the Dwarf Fortress Community. A wishful fancy - sqbr - Dragon Age: Origins. Leliana cooed over the elf shopkeeper's wares like a small child in a bakery.

A wishful fancy - sqbr - Dragon Age: Origins

"Ooh, Morrigan, come look at this! " she cried, gesturing enthusiastically. "I would rather not. " replied Morrigan, looking up from the staff she was examining. "This whole exercize is pointless. I do not need your pity, if Curon prefers to be with that murderous elf then on his own fool head be it. CheapShark - Digital Game Deals, Compare PC game prices on Steam, Amazon, Gamer's Gate, and more! A closer look at Bioware’s progressive sexual politics. This article was adapted from an episode of PBS Game/Show.

A closer look at Bioware’s progressive sexual politics

Sonic Chronicles was the exception to the rule, thankfully, but BioWare has earned the reputation as the RPG studio who lets you go to bed with your party. The tradition goes back to the inception of the stone-cold classic Baldur’s Gate in the ‘90s and has continued into the modern day, as we saw with last month’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. They haven’t always gotten this right, as we witnessed when queer players were exiled to their own remote gay planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but there is a refrain of sexual liberation that you don’t find in other big studios’ games. Players are free to live out any sexual orientation they want, including, gay, lesbian, or bi. Dragon Age: Inquisition is all business.

Do you remember the murder knife?

Dragon Age: Inquisition is all business

The most famous weapon in Dragon Age: Origins couldn’t be found in your inventory. It only came out in cutscenes: a plain blade the hero drew whenever you decided to kill someone mid-conversation.