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Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe - Lisa's Silent Movie Page 1900 -Motion pictures are a regular part of vaudeville shows, and kinetoscope machines can still be found in most penny arcades and amusement parlors. The movies are very short, and usually consist of nature shots (breaking waves), action shots (trains & street scenes), brief comic interludes, short variety acts, current events (the Spanish-American War) and boxing matches (which prove extremely popular). These snippets of real life are known as actuality films. 1901 -Edison builds the first indoor glass-enclosed studio. 1902 -The birth of movies as we know them. They no longer simply record the world around us; they begin to tell stories as well. 1905 -The idea of the Nickelodeon is born. 1907 -Nickel Madness! 1907 -Already, people are worried about the impact these "nickel emporiums" are having on the public. 1910 -Up until this time, the performers appearing in motion pictures are usually stage actors who consider it "beneath them" to do movies. 1913-1918 -Movies come of age. Music Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe - Lisa's Silent Movie Page
25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven't Seen Pt. 3 25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven't Seen Pt. 3 Mr. Nobody Who would you have been when, at crucial moments in your life, you chose to walk a different path? That thought experiment is explored brilliantly by this amazing science-fiction movie as we follow Nemo(s) for 118 years. Set in the past, the now and in the future, we follow different branches of his life through time, covering the topics of technology, love, human fragility and how decisions shape who we will end up being. Spectacular. Yo, También You haven’t seen a romance story like this before, and you don’t have to like them to fall deeply in love with this one. A Scanner Darkly Based on the book by Philip K. They Live This 1988 Hollywood movie is counter-culture classic. Un prophète (A Prophet) Gritty, raw, dark. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring This is perhaps my favorite movie of all time. The Act of Killing This is a deeply disturbing movie that has to be seen by everyone. A Single Man You can watch this movie just for the cinematic beauty alone. The Edukators Her
Crime Watch online full movie: Nancy Drew (2007) for free. Teen detective Nancy Drew accompanies her father on a business trip to Los Angeles, where she happens upon clues to a murder mystery involving a movie star. Director: Andrew Fleming Writers: Andrew Fleming (screenplay), Tiffany Paulsen (screenplay) Watch online full movie: The Best Offer (2013) for free. A master auctioneer becomes obsessed with an extremely reclusive heiress who collects fine art. Director: Giuseppe Tornatore Writer: Giuseppe Tornatore Stars: Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Sylvia Hoeks Watch online full movie: The Trial of Vivienne Ware (1932) for free. Director: William K. Watch online full movie: Be Cool (2005) for free. Disenchanted with the movie industry, Chili Palmer tries the music industry, meeting and romancing a widow of a music executive on the way. Director: F. Watch online full movie: The Dark Mirror (1946) for free. A man is found murdered, with witnesses convinced about the woman they saw leaving his apartment. Crime

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5000 films tombés dans le domaine public à télécharger gratuitement Dès qu’une œuvre tombe dans le domaine public, elle peut être « uploadée » sur le site La liste ne peut donc que s’agrandir. Pour les cinéphiles, c’est une véritable caverne d’Ali Baba. On peut déjà y trouver près de 5000 long-métrages, regardables en streaming, mais également disponibles en téléchargement (très souvent de haute qualité). Films noirs, films d’horreur, cinéma Bis, screwball comedy, le choix est vaste. Voici ma petite liste maison de 13 films : Freaks : La Monstrueuse Parade (Titre original : Freaks) est un film culte américain réalisé par Tod Browning, sorti en 1932. Metropolis : film expressionniste de science-fiction allemand produit pendant la courte période de la République de Weimar. The 39 Steps : A 1935 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The Phantom of the Opera : A 1925 film adaptation of the novel by Gaston Leroux, this silent film version stars the infamous Lon Chaney as the Phantom.
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בא במייל -סרטי קולנוע באורך מלא עם תרגום לצפייה ביוטיוב
הרשמה לבא-במייל | אמנת השירות | הסבר על השירות | עזרה | תנאי שימוש | הצהרת פרטיות | אודותינו | צור קשר Ba-BaMail הינו שירות, השולח מידי יום מיילים מדליקים למייל האישי שלך בחינם ! בא במייל ירכז עבורך את כל התכנים המרתקים ברשת, כגון: סרטונים מדליקים, בדיחות, חידות, מעולם המחשבים והאינטרנט, קטעי ספורט, מתכונים, בידור, פנאי, חידושי מדע וטכנולוגיה, עיצוב, תמונות מצחיקות, משחקים ועוד. ההצטרפות לאתר היא בחינם וללא כל התחייבות. תזכרו – לצחוק זה תמיד בריא וגם שורף קלוריות... בא במייל -20 סרטים ישראלים זוכי פרס אופיר לצפייה ישירה בא במייל -20 סרטים ישראלים זוכי פרס אופיר לצפייה ישירה
101 cortos animados que puedes ver en línea (Parte 7) Twitter505 505facebook15.1K 15.1Kpinterest17 17google plus43Share43linked in6 6email7 7stumbleupon57KShare57Kmeneame9Share9 Los 101 cortos animados que se presentan a continuación tienen una cosa en común: todos han sido nominados al Oscar y están disponibles para ser vistos en línea. Es una recopilación a través de 20 años (con excepción de la sección especial) en la que cada corto difiere en temática, técnica de animación y duración. Así que no queda más que disfrutarlos. Nota: ciertos cortometrajes no están traducidos o subtitulados al español, mismos que cuentan con una leyenda en cada caso. 61.- The Old Man and the Sea (1999) - Subtítulos en inglés - Ganador del Oscar a Mejor cortometraje animado, esta historia se basa en la novela de Ernest Hemingway acerca de un viejo pescador quien cuando sale al mar a realizar su labor recuerda sus antiguas glorias y la ayuda de un muchacho quien ya no pudo seguir trabajando con él; en ese tiempo logra una hazaña que cambiará su vida. (Inglés) 101 cortos animados que puedes ver en línea (Parte 7)
The 15 Greatest Avant-Garde Filmmakers Of All Time Existing beneath the razzle and dazzle of mainstream cinema are an underground community of cinephiles, who remain intent on subverting the conventional, and exploring the realms of cinematic capability. Fifteen of these individuals are listed below – a multicultural select few who specialise in an engagement with experimental filming techniques; creating alternative works that question the medium we so often take for granted. There remain hundreds of talented avant-garde artists scattered all over the globe, but the list below can be recognised as comprising of key members that constitute the bedding of the cinematic underground, please note this list is ranked in no particular order. 1. Andy Warhol A unique character in every sense of the word, Andy Warhol remains one of the most inimitable figures ever to pick up a paintbrush or camera. For all his experimental artistic efforts, Warhol’s 1964 production “Empire” remains arguably his most cryptic work. 2. 3. 4. 5. Pages: 1 2 3 The 15 Greatest Avant-Garde Filmmakers Of All Time
15 Essential Films Every Aspiring Screenwriter Must Watch Even if you’re not an aspiring screenwriter and have general interest in extremely good screenplays, these are the basic films whose narrative construction, character development, solid yet mind-blowing plotlines, etc., make for terrific readings and life-changing experiences. Any good screenwriter should keep in mind the work already done by masters of this craft throughout film history, taking notes of outstanding accomplishments in such works, underlining twists and turns and everything that makes these films so groundbreaking. This list does exactly that with 15 mostly modern classics that have paved way for today’s market and what we can learn from them, while understanding in what particular aspects they mattered most and its relevance to film culture. Links to the scripts are listed below each film commentary as an incentive to anyone who wishes to read the words behind some intriguingly brilliant films. 1. This genius comedy owes a lot to its clever screenplay. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 15 Essential Films Every Aspiring Screenwriter Must Watch
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Spark Enthusiasm - Teacher Resources Spark Enthusiasm - Teacher Resources Bee MovieHappy FeetHorton y el Mundo de los QuiénRíoRío 2Una Aventura Congelada (Frozen) FAMILY/FRIENDSHIPAl Otro LadoAtlético San PanchoBee MovieBellaCarol's Journey (El Viaje de Carol)Casi CasiCautivaEl Libro de la VidaEl NorteEntre Nos¡Gol! El Sueño ImposibleHappy FeetHorton y el Mundo de los QuiénLa BambaLa Historia OficialLa Misma LunaLos Colores de la MontañaLos Diarios de MotocicletaMaría, Llena Eres de GraciaMcFarland, USAThe Princess and the Barrio BoyReal Women Have CurvesRíoRío 2Rudolph, El Pequeño VenadoSelenaShrek I, II, IIISugarUna Aventura Congelada (Frozen)Una Vida Mejor¡Viva Cuba!Voces InocentesWalkoutFUNAtlético San PanchoBee MovieCasi CasiEl Libro de la VidaFrosty, El Muñeco de NieveHappy FeetHorton y el Mundo de los QuiénThe Princess and the Barrio BoyReal Women Have CurvesRíoRío 2Rudolph, El Pequeño VenadoShrek I, II, IIIUna Aventura Congelada (Frozen)¡Viva Cuba!HISPANIC CULTURE IN THE U.S.BellaEntre Nos¡Gol! IMMIGRATIONAl Otro LadoEl NorteEntre Nos¡Gol! ~ ¡Gol!
11 Animated Shorts in Mexico's Indigenous Languages 11 Animated Shorts in Mexico's Indigenous Languages To residents of the Americas, Europe can seem like a tower of Babel with dozens upon dozens of languages crammed into a small geographical space and vying endlessly for dominance or survival. On this side of the world things are much simpler: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and a few Dutch speakers make communication generally much smoother across the continent, along with a few New World Patois thrown into the mix for good measure. At least so the thinking goes. In reality, the American continent is a place of vast linguistic diversity, with more language families found solely in Mexico than in the entirety of the European continent. And with each language comes a particular vision of the world, an inimitable expressivity, a treasure trove of wisdom accrued over the centuries and codified in words and idioms. Yet these languages struggle desperately for survival in the midst of a post-colonial landscape dominated by a small handful of European languages. [h/t: Global Voices]
Binge watching good commercials can be just as entertaining as the shows! Thanks to the #langchat community, here are some great videos to get you started. Plus I added a few follow up activities that you can use immediately. “I can” Statements Here are some generic “I can” statements that could be used with most of these commercials. I can describe a commercial.I can tell how a commercial makes me feel.I can give my opinion about a commercial.I can identify products and practices from the culture.I can explain how a commercial reflects the perspectives of the culture. Note: If you keep this in the target language, then you are doing so much to support our 5 C’s! Authentic Resources I encourage you to watch the videos, especially if you do not speak the language fluently. French Merci to Wendy Farabaugh for sharing this sweet one. Did you notice the “Pour vote santé” disclosure at the bottom? Spanish Pick and read some of the comments under the video too! German “Ist das lecker!” Share Below Or… Watch Holiday Commercials | Creative Language Class Watch Holiday Commercials | Creative Language Class
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Il futuro è verticale - Link Se lo smartphone ci presenta il mondo in forma verticale, tocca prenderne atto. E così gruppi editoriali e pubblicità stanno sperimentando il nuovo formato video. Partiamo con una domanda: state leggendo questo pezzo su un pc o sul vostro smartphone? Se lo leggete sul cellulare, le probabilità che lo stiate facendo tenendolo in posizione verticale (e scrollando il testo con il pollice) sono molto alte. Stando ai dati del MOVR (Mobile Overview Report), gli utenti di smartphone reggono i loro telefoni in posizione verticale per il 94% del tempo. L’articolo ha un titolo emblematico: “Sì, è arrivato il momento di prendere sul serio i video verticali”. I numeri sono incontrovertibili: il mobile video è in piena esplosione. L’intrattenimento è mobile Ma è nato prima l’uovo o la gallina? La relazione tra consumo ed evoluzione tecnologica è sempre stata fluida, marcando l’intrattenimento. Gli esperimenti in verticale delle tv tradizionali… … e quelli delle imprese digitali
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8 important TV shows that were lost or destroyed One TV network dumped its entire collection into the sea. Image: NBC It took a while for networks and studios to fine-tune how to preserve the television shows they produced. The primitive method for broadcasting meant a lot of early shows didn't make it past the 1950s. Whether it was due to low-quality film, live broadcasts or negligence by the networks, these eight television shows have been lost or destroyed. Do you remember watching any of these shows? Mary Kay and Johnny The series broke ground as the first television show to feature a couple sharing the same bed, but it's also noticeable for only having one episode still in existence. The entire DuMont Network Mary Kay and Johnny wasn't the only television program from the 1950s to go missing. Television actress Edie Adams testified at the Library of Congress that the episodes were dumped into Upper New York Bay during the 1970s because they were deemed insignificant. Image: DuMont Search for Tomorrow The Edge of Night Jeopardy!
10 missing-feared-lost TV shows More lost than the ill-fated passengers of Oceanic Flight 815, many classic episodes of cult TV are sadly absent from the archives – missing, presumed wiped. The back catalogues of inspired programmes that had millions of spellbound viewers carbon-fused to their sofas every week back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s are now in a sorry state. Like the admirable traits of Red Dwarf's Arnold Judas Rimmer, episodes are painfully noticeable by their absence, thanks to a general policy among broadcasters of junking shows to re-use valuable videotape and save space on their shelves. Doctor Who He might have saved Earth more times than Superman on speed, but even the Doctor couldn't prevent the BBC from wiping a huge proportion of his early adventures out of existence. To Who fans the saddest loss is probably The Tenth Planet part four (1966). Doomwatch A For Andromeda Out Of The Unknown Out Of This World The Quatermass Experiment Hancock's Half Hour – The Horror Serial Counterstike Ace Of Wands Dark Shadows
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