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No, Really - Hannah Sheenan

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Download Rust by No, Really – Acoustic Folk Pop that Leaves You Wanting More. Hannah Sheehan Music. Interview with Hannah Sheehan (No Really) Recently writer and critic Robert Nagle made a list of 11 Incredible Musicians You Can Download for Free .

Interview with Hannah Sheehan (No Really)

Many of the musicians on this top list make their music freely available on Jamendo , a free and legal music sharing site. Several musicians appearing on this list also gave interviews to this blog ( Read the other interviews ). You can also download a free sampler containing full songs from artists profiled here . Hannah Sheehan is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Tennessee who recorded 10 tracks from her album Rust all on a single day in a San Diego recording studio. The resulting is astonishing. 2010-best-of-jamendo by idiotprogrammer.

There be Monsters – Hannah Sheehan (Composer) RUST LYRICS. Gratis muziek, tourneedata, foto's, video's.