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Look Beyond Borders: a 4 minute experiment. Austrian hotel seeks to show the way on hiring refugees. These Architectural Playscapes Provide Therapy for Children with Autism. Good architects have always designed with tactile sensations in mind, from the rich wood grain on a bannister, to the thick, shaggy carpet at a daycare center.

These Architectural Playscapes Provide Therapy for Children with Autism

It’s an effective way to engage all the senses, connecting the eye, hand, and mind in ways that create richer environments. But one architecture professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is working on a tactile architecture-for-autism environment that does much more than offer visitors a pleasing and diverse haptic experience: It’s a form of therapy for kids like 7-year-old daughter Ara, who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Ara, Sean Ahlquist’s daughter, interacting with the Social Sensory Architecture pavilion. Courtesy Sean Ahlquist, University of Michigan. Social Sensory Architectures, an ongoing research project led by Sean Ahlquist, creates therapeutic structures for children with ASD. AJ+ - Studies suggest it takes four minutes of direct eye... Blog ‹ Jean Louis COLOT. Exposition du 8 octobre au 18 décembre 2016 ma contribution à l’exposition Ben, Mark Brusse, Pol Bury, Lourdes Castro (avec André Morain), Jean-Louis Colot, Pierre Cordier, Pierre Descargues & Catherine Valogne, Erik Dietman, Suzy Embo, Jacques Evrard, Philippe Gielen, Jean-Louis Godefroid, Charles Henneghien, Scott Hyde, Roger Kockaerts, Tetsumi Kudo, Pol Mara, Eric Masquelier, Jacques Meuris, Jean-Paul Philippe (avec Roberto Crocella, Jean-Bernard Naudin et Marcello Stefanini), Jean-Michel Pochet, Jacques Richez, Marcello Stefanini, Gérard Titus-Carmel, Francis Tondeur, Topor, Serge Vandercam, Georges Vercheval.

Blog ‹ Jean Louis COLOT

Le grand Banket de Françoise Schein s’est tenu place Sainte Catherine Bruxelles à l’occasion du 10ième anniversaire de la Centrale le 26 juin 2016. La table dans l’ombre de la Tour Noire, vestige de la première enceinte de la ville. Ausländer raus - Schlingensiefs Container. Ausländer raus! Schlingensiefs Container. Hintergrund[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Ausländer raus! Schlingensiefs Container

Designmatters. For the first four weeks of the studio, students were introduced to the painstakingly detailed process of setting type and hand printing on the center’s vintage presses.


For students familiar only with the ease of digital composition – where changes can be made with a single mouse click – the letter-by-letter placement challenged them with patience, persistence and a steady hand. Many students observed that the intensely slow practice became meditative in nature, allowing them to reflect deeper and more intimately on their subjects. UNHCR - Vienna fair rewards best ideas for integrating refugees. A fair in Vienna has sought to find the best ideas for integrating refugees into Austrian society. © UNHCR/Zsolt Balla VIENNA, Austria – Ali Asgar Tajik has been making clothes since he was 11, so it was no problem for him to make a sweat jacket in a trendy retro fabric for his Austrian colleague, Jimmy Nagy.

UNHCR - Vienna fair rewards best ideas for integrating refugees

Ali has made something more sophisticated for his fiancée, Zara Tadjek – a black pleated pinafore dress, with a black silk blouse underneath. Now they have cause to go out and celebrate because Kattunfabrik, the textile venture in which they are all involved, has won a prize at a fair in Vienna devoted to finding the best ideas for integrating refugees into Austrian society. Ideegration (ideas for integration), an initiative of global companies and organizations committed to social enterprise, looked at 104 projects before choosing 15 finalists for the fair, which was held in the former Ankerbrot bread factory on 10 November.

Bowdoin Asian Students Association - Photos. Refugees Welcome: Supporting Informal Language Learning and Integration with a Gamified Mobile Application. Home - fairmatchingfairmatching. Blog - What Design Can Do. SozialMarie. SozialMarie. Werde #Türöffner – Unterstütze Geflüchtete bei der Jobsuche. - Social Impact Award - Empowering students to make a difference. Untitled. Beschreibe die Initiative in einem Satz PANGEA.


Werkstatt der Kulturen der Welt ist ein transkultureller Verein in Linz, der mit Kunst- und Kulturprojekten respektvolle und lebendige Begegnungsräume schaffen sowie gesellschaftliche Teilhabe für alle Menschen ermöglichen möchte. Untitled. Beschreibe die Initiative in einem Satz Fremde werden Freunde ist eine Initiative zur gesellschaftlichen Inklusion.


**NOMINIERT zum Österreicher des Jahres für humanitäres Engagement** Ich kann am 9. November 2016 am Vorbereitungsworkshop teilnehmen und kann am 10. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. SozialMarie. Untitled. Beschreibe die Initiative in einem Satz KAMA organisiert Kurse und Workshops, die von Asylsuchenden, MigrantInnen oder Asylberechtigten geleitet werden und die du gegen eine freiwillige Spende besuchen kannst.


Ich kann am 9. Untitled. Untitled. Beschreibe die Initiative in einem Satz Junge Menschen mit Flucht- oder Migrationserfahrung haben in Österreich einen erschwerten Zugang zu Bildung, daher bietet PROSA Basisbildungs- und Pflichtschulabschlusskurse an, die durch Sozialarbeit und soziale Inklusionsarbeit bzw.


Nachbarschaftsarbeit ergänzt werden. Ich kann am 9. Untitled. Untitled. - Social Impact Award - Empowering students to make a difference. Ideegration Konferenz. KAMA: Unser Angebot. Jeder Mensch kann die von KAMA organisierten Kurse und Workshops besuchen.

KAMA: Unser Angebot

Wenn du möchtest, kannst du den oft finanziell schlecht gestellten Kursleitenden mit einer Geldspende unterstützen (diese Spende stellt keine Gegenleistung dar und ist - auch in ihrer Höhe - vollkommen frei). KAMA nimmt von dieser Spende selbstverständlich nichts - wir arbeiten ehrenamtlich (Wenn du uns finanziell unterstützen möchtest, bitten wir um eine Überweisung). UNHCR Ideas. Innovating with and for refugees. More4Refugees - University of Salzburg. The University of Salzburg is participating in the MORE-Project of the Austrian Universities: The aim is that refugees have the possibility of accessing a university education. Admission ProceduresApproved persons who are entitled to asylum and asylum seekers can be enrolled as external students. Le pavillon de l'Allemagne à la Biennale d'architecture 20…

Le pavillon de l'Autriche (Biennale d'architecture 2016, V… Le pavillon de la Grèce face à la crise des réfugiés (Bien… BIENNALE ARCHITETTURA 2016 – NATIONAL PARTICIPATION OF AUSTRIA - Google Arts & Culture. UNHCR - Syrian refugees transform crisis into a drama. Amid the familiar bustle of daily life in Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp, something out of the ordinary is taking place in a dusty yard outside one of the many thousands of shelters.

A dozen or so refugees are busy erecting sets, setting up lights and cameras, and donning makeup and costumes. Ahmed Hareb and his friends are about to start filming on their soap opera, entitled Ziko & Shreko. It offers a humourous take on serious issues affecting Syrian refugees, including child labour and early marriage. The big picture. Making Heimat. Germany, Arrival Country. Pavillon allemand : Making Heimat. – FSB Blog. La contribution « Making Heimat. Germany, Arrival Country » est une déclaration aussi éloquente que marquante. Les percées, l’ouverture, et enfin la vue longuement attendue sur la lagune de Venise : l’intervention sur ce bâtiment chargé d’histoire se décrypte immédiatement, autant sur le plan ambiant que politique. Des chaises en plastique blanche bon marché sont disposées çà et là sans ordre apparent.

Architecture, crise migratoire et biennale d'art: le pavillon allemand à la Biennale de Venise 2016. Centre d’habitation à côté des centres administratifs d’accueil des migrants. Biennale d'architecture : le pavillon allemand. BIENNALE ARCHITETTURA 2016 – NATIONAL PARTICIPATION OF AUSTRIA - Google Arts & Culture. How music programs are helping young refugees adjust to life in Canada. By Amitha KalaichandranThe Canadian Press Thu., Oct. 27, 2016 MISSISSAUGA, ONT.

—At 11 years old, Majid has a voice that more than does justice to her slight 4-foot frame. Standing in the hallway of the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ont., Majid is practising one of several songs she has learned as a member of Nai Syrian Children’s Choir. This song is about peace, a new concept for the young choir members, all newly-arrived refugees from Syria.

“I like singing songs in English, Arabic, and … English again,” Majid says, her eyes sparkling, “and we sing at home too. Refugee Crisis: Be In Their Shoes. ONLY FOOTPRINTS, by Jeta B, Dec 2015, Grande-Synthe, France The International Organization for Migration estimates that more than 1 million migrants arrived across Europe in 2015. The continuing refugee crisis is being met with hostility instead of compassion. The footprint reminds us of the long and dangerous journeys they’ve undertaken in the hope of a new life. Painter Norman Lewis said, “The goal of the artist must be aesthetic development, and in a universal sense, to make in his own way some contribution to culture.” BAG2WORK backpacks are made from recycled boats and life vests. Two Dutch designers have worked with refugees to create a rucksack from discarded boats and life vests. Designed to offer the most possible space using the minimum amount of material, the 21-litre BAG2WORK bags are made from one square metre of boat rubber and four life-vest straps, which cross over the rucksack to hold it closed.

Designers Didi Aaslund and Floor Nagler – working under the name No Mad Makers – are currently crowdfunding the production of the bags through Kickstarter. Hyperledger's Brian Behlendorf explains how blockchain technology can help save refugees' lives — Quartz. A few years ago, Google conducted a massive internal study to understand how to build an effective team. Researchers concluded that the most important ingredient for good teamwork was psychological safety—in which members of a team feel comfortable expressing conflicting opinions and taking risks, knowing that their colleagues have their back. Management researchers and organizational psychologists largely agree that this dynamic is crucial to a company’s success. There’s just one problem: The very psychological safety that helps employees come up with their best, most creative work may also make tempt them to break bad.

This may come as a surprise, given that psychological safety would seem to be a boon for ethical behavior. Theoretically, employees who feel secure venturing outside their comfort zones should be in a better position to shoot down bad ideas, call out misbehavior, and blow the whistle if necessary—especially if they’re supported by strong leaders. Art with Syrian Refugees: The Za’atari Project. Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan, 2013. This piece was created in collaboration with Syrian refugee children, and explores the importance of water conservation, especially for those who suddenly find themselves stranded in a desert. Project partners: AptART, ACTED, UNICEF. Za’atari refugee camp (photo by Max Frieder) As the Syrian War rages on, desperate civilians continue to pour across the borders into neighboring countries.

Cucula-Designermöbel aus Wrackteilen: Migranten bauen Stühle mit Vergangenheit - reporter. Manon van Hoeckel designs "neutral" travelling embassy. Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Manon van Hoeckel is crowdfunding her In Limbo Embassy – a travelling office that aims to facilitate open discussion around immigration in the Netherlands. Van Hoeckel's "embassy of the undocumented" – currently a simple wooden trailer that she purchased and rebuilt herself – is planned to travel across the country to provoke debate about migrants. "Too often direct contact between refugees and society is lacking," said the designer, who conceived the project during her studies. Pim van der Mijl designs "living room" for refugees and locals. Dutch Design Week 2015: Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Pim van der Mijl's De Voorkamer project proposes a communal meeting space to help break down barriers between refugees and local communities in Holland (+ slideshow).

De Voorkamer, meaning the living room, has been designed as a new domestic environment for asylum seekers and locals to socialise, with the aim of helping refugees integrate. Asylum seekers use their own skills and abilities to contribute self-made objects to the space, such as pieces of furniture or textiles, gradually turning it into something resembling a more welcoming living room. "I started by visiting refugee centres," van der Mijl told Dezeen. "I noticed there is this huge gap between the centre and the village around. It's very closed off. AHOMEAWAYFROMHOME.NL. Foster reveals vaulted drone port prototype at Venice Biennale. Venice Architecture Biennale 2016: Foster + Partners has unveiled the first full-scale prototype of its Droneport concept at the Arsenale, which is designed to transport medical supplies to remote regions in Africa using unmanned flying vehicles (+ slideshow).

The structure is the inaugural project from the Norman Foster Foundation, set up by the British architect to anticipate technological advances in the field, respond to humanitarian needs and encourage a more "holistic" view of architecture. AHOMEAWAYFROMHOME.NL. Creative Capacity Building. Shared Space, Shared Future - Challenge. TOOLKIT FOR CULTURAL CONTACT - Challenge. FELLOWSHIP FOR A NEW CULTURE - Challenge.


WINNER 5: REFRAME REFUGEES - Challenge. WINNER 4: MAKERS UNITE - Challenge. Untitled. Untitled. WINNER 3: EAT & MEET - Challenge. Humanitarian design. TOP 10: DESIGNS TO IMPROVE LIFE FOR REFUGEES - INDEX: Design to Improve Life® Techfugees – A tech community response to the needs of refugees. INDEX: Design to Improve Life - INDEX: Award. TOP 10: DESIGNS TO IMPROVE LIFE FOR REFUGEES - INDEX: Design to Improve Life®

TOP 10: DESIGNS TO IMPROVE LIFE FOR REFUGEES - INDEX: Design to Improve Life® Refugees Company for Crafts and Design. Refugee Republic wins at Dutch Design Awards 2015. Refugees Company for Crafts and Design. THE REFUGEE CHALLENGE FINALISTS ANNOUNCED! - Challenge. Ikea's flat-pack refugee shelters go into production. Free picture dictionary and app for refugees / Kostenloses Bildwörterbuch & App für Flüchtlinge. Ikea's refugee housing: "an unusually sensitive response" You searched for refugees. Architects for Society creates low-cost hexagon refugee houses.

What Design Can Do Refugee Challenge unveils 25 shortlisted projects to improve refugee's lives.