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Parents & Guardians

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Getting started – For families – Safety Center – Google As a parent or guardian, you know what feels right for your family and how your kids learn best. To help your family navigate through new technologies, gadgets, and services in an ever-changing online world, it helps to get practical advice. That’s why we continuously talk to safety experts, parents, educators and communities around the world – to keep a pulse on what works. Together, we can help nurture a community of responsible digital citizens.

Free ESL (English as a Second Language) Lesson Plans to Download - This page was originally designed to share my materials with other English teaching assistants in France, especially those who have no experience in teaching ESL yet. I've also included worksheets that I used for private English lessons in France as well as some of the materials I used in my ESL classes in the United States. Feel free to use them as you'd like. Some of the lessons listed under the Assistant section can also be used for private lessons and vice versa. There is a page of English grammar if you need a review. If you want to use videos with subtitles in your classes, Yabla and FluentU offer many videos on a variety of topics.

Texting and driving: Gruesome safety video goes viral Graphic UK ad: Texting 2die4 WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A British police force releases a shocking advert on the dangers of texting while driving. 27, 2009 Chromebook Academy In the fall of 2015, all LSR7 students were checked out their own Chromebook to use for learning. Therefore it is important for all students to develop keyboarding skills so they can create evidence of their learning. Suggested Order of Activities: Review Chromebook careLearn or review correct keyboarding techniquePractice correct keyboarding technique (see tabs above)Emphasize correct keyboarding technique all yearBecome a Chromebook Challenge Champion by the end of first quarter Even though these lessons are discussed and taught at the start of the school year, students are expected to model, practice, and demonstrate these skills everyday throughout their career as a LSR7 student.

How to Make Your Classroom Dyslexia Friendly Infographic Special Education Infographics Teacher Infographics The strong right brain of dyslexic students offers them many unique strengths, however, tasks that require a set process to be accomplished (and hence, a dominant left brain) are much more difficult for dyslexic students – including language tasks. Despite the obstacle that this presents, it provides valuable insights into how to improve the process that information is taught. Dyslexic students require a clear process in order to understand many concepts (especially how to read) – but, clear instruction is beneficial for every student. The How to Make Your Classroom Dyslexia Friendly Infographic presents 8 tips that teachers can implement in their classroom to better accommodate the learning needs of the dyslexic students (while benefitting all students):

A Bullying Quiz Printer-friendly version Objectives: Understand how evidence regarding behavioral patterns might challenge personal beliefs and assumptions about social behavior Use evidence about bullying behavior to inform daily decisions regarding social interactions and understand the necessity of making personal decisions in bullying situations Use factual information to consider consequences and alternatives of personal behavior choices IntroductionEven students who have experienced bullying might be surprised by the statistics and studies about bullying. It's important for adults, student leaders and other educators to raise awareness about the prevalence of bullying and its detrimental effects for all involved. The frequency with which students admit to bullying might surprise students who feel alone and isolated due to the wrath of a bully.

The Representation of Non-Violent Political Activism in Bloody Sunday and Omagh – Offscreen Bloody Sunday The debate between violence and constitutionalism runs through films about Irish history, and in particularly those which deal with political violence in Northern Ireland (generally referred to as “the Troubles”). This conflict is typically dramatized in the form of an Irish Republican Army (IRA) member considering giving up violence. Two relatively recent films, Bloody Sunday (2002, Paul Greengrass) and Omagh (2004, Pete Travis) are unusual and interesting because the question they dramatize is whether their protagonists should reject non-violence, but offer different conclusions to its effectiveness and legitimacy. The similar and different ways in which they represent the violent and non-violent options, as well as the state apparatus and the larger community, particularly Protestants, is central to how they reach their different conclusions. Historically, one of the constants in films dealing with the Troubles is the dramatic tension between two paramilitary gunmen.

Warning Signs You Should Know To Keep Your Child Safe Online Keeping up with what our children are doing online and with their cell phone activity is vital these days. Parents must always be looking for warning signs and red flags in protecting kids and keeping them safe in cyberspace. Safety experts say parents need to watch for issues like cyber bullying and harassment such as social withdrawal, falling grades, or self-hating behavior.

New G Suite Apps to Boost Your Effectiveness We’re fortunate to teach in an era in which 1:1 classrooms—with one device for each student—are increasingly the norm. Still, we’re constantly asking ourselves: Are we utilizing this omnipresent technology to the best of our abilities? How can we be sure that its use supports our students’ academic growth? Libraries and Autism: We're Connected - Access these links. The LibrariesScotch Plains Public Library Fanwood Memorial Library Outside Links of Interest We try and keep the focus of the resources we provide here at primarily on libraries and service to those on the ASD spectrum and their families, and the areas and topics where the two cross paths, but from time to time we are made aware of other resources that may be of interest to some of our users.We are providing those links HERE.

An Outstanding Internet Safety Cheat Sheet for Teachers and Parents Internet is like a jungle full of predators ready to take you down anytime you give them a chance. Strolling in this jungle sometimes comes with a very high cost, a cost that is way higher when it comes to kids. Online safety issues comes at the top priorities of parents. They all show a deep concern about their kids use of internet and the time they spend navigating the web but when asked about the preemtive measures to take to protect their kids, several parents hide behind the popular " I am not tech-savvy" excuse. Do students understand their ‘digital footprint’ and how it can affect their employability? Last year I presented to a group of 1st year Business School students on the topic of their use of Social Media and Social Networking websites and how this could have implications on their employability. Presentation: Social Media & how (students) can survive online (2010) This year I’ve been privileged enough to be invited back into lecture slots for all the first year under graduate Business School students (Law, Accounting & Finance, and Business).

Print Custom Sticky Notes with Google Slides Post-it and other brands of sticky notes are put to good use everyday by teachers and students. The Post-it website has a page filled with resources for teachers, and they have a really cool iOS app for digitizing, sorting, and sharing square sticky notes. Those small pieces of paper that can be attached, easily removed, and repositioned can be even more useful when you print on them. While there is a printer designed to print sticky notes, you can send sticky notes through the printer you already have. You’ll need a template for printing, and I just so happen to have one for you.

6 Top Rated Google Apps for Education (Plus four coding apps!) By Gabriel Michaelson Education has an ally in the tech world: Google. Classrooms can enjoy the powerful suite of Google’s free productivity tools, for education use, as part of a collaborative effort between schools and the tech giant.

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