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Oxford Study Courses. BrainRush. Paper Rater. CommandTerms. IB International Baccalaureate Mathematics - Standard Level Syllabus. IB Maths Studies. I also HIGHLY recommend this website!

IB Maths Studies

It has loads of great, ready-to-use resources. The website is easy to navigate and easy to find material. The activities are creative and meaningful, encouraging greater understanding of the topics. I've subscribed... Hellen Phan, International School Augsburg-ISA-gGmbH, Germany (2015) This site is very helpful for students and useful for teachers ,I used the worksheets and questions a lot in my teaching studies,all ideas about internal assessment also are meaningful and students can benefit from them. Sana Saeed, Modern Knowledge Schools, Bahrain (2015) IB Mathematics HL & SL. Free further differentiation methods It seems appropriate to place Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz prominently at the top of this page.

IB Mathematics HL & SL

Along with major contributions in areas such as philosophy, physics and technology (he invented several mechanical calculators),... more probability of events. IB Maths Resources from British International School Phuket. The IB SL Flipping Maths Videos are grouped into: 1) Algebra: geometric and arithmetic sequences and series, binomial expansion, log laws and rearrangements, natural log and e. 2) Functions: Finding domains and inverses, function notation and inverses, vertical asymptotes, solving quadratics using the determinant, basic transformations and sketching quadratics. 3) Trigonometry: Sine and cosine rules, converting between radians and degrees, remembering the unit circle sketching trig graphs, using trig formulae, solving trig equations using factorisation. 4) Vectors: Dot products, unit vectors, magnitudes, vector equations of lines, checking if lines intersect, shortest distance from a point to a line. 5a) Probability and Stats 1: Finding the mean from grouped data, finding the median from cumulative frequency curves, introduction to standard deviation, correlation, Pearson’s Product Moment 6a) Calculus 1: Differentiation rules – chain rule, product rule, quotient rule.

IB Maths Resources from British International School Phuket

Learning and Teaching IB Maths. Course: IB Math SL. Maths SL Formula Booklet. Adrian Sparrow- Math Tutorials and Tutoring online. Practical Algebra Lessons. IB English A: Language & Literature: Written tasks. Throughout this course, you will build a portfolio of written tasks.

IB English A: Language & Literature: Written tasks

There are two types of written tasks, known as written task 1 (WT1) and written task 2 (WT2). These are very different in nature. Written task 1 is an 'imaginative piece' in which you demonstrate your understanding of the course work and a type of text. For example you could write a letter from one character to another character from a novel that you have read for Part 3 or 4. Or you could write a journalistic review of a speech that was studied in Part 1 or 2. Written task 2 pertains to HL students only. Remember: An essay is not an acceptable type of text for the written task 1. WT1 basics. IB English Papers. IB English A: Language & Literature: 8 writing tips. Dear Ms X, Over the past six years, each morning, as soon as my students walk in the door… I am so happy to see them again and see my classroom take on life again; It feels so natural to me to be a primary school teacher.

IB English A: Language & Literature: 8 writing tips

Yet for the past few months I am longing for and thinking about a new personal challenge in the field of primary education. As I am very much intrigued by different cultures and languages I have decided to start looking for a position at an international school. Your school attracted my attention, as it is a relatively young international school and I would like to be member of a pioneering and ambitious team. I also like the fact it is a Dutch subsidised school with competitive fees, so it is open to a very broad variety of students.

Initially I am interested in positions in groups 3-8. I am an open minded person with excellent social skills. Yours sincerely, Candidate Y. The Writer's Handbook. Definition and Examples of Literary Terms. IB English A: Language & Literature: Sitemap. The Best IB Biology Study Guide and Notes for SL/HL. IB Biology is challenging, College-level biology, so sometimes you will need a little more study help than your class notes provide.

The Best IB Biology Study Guide and Notes for SL/HL

In this article, I compile the best FREE online IB Biology Study Guides (including IB Biology Notes and IB Biology Revision) into one useable resource and provide you with some IB Biology practice questions. I will order this IB Biology Study Guide using the IB Biology Syllabus. How to use this IB Biology Study Guide If there is a single topic you are interested in learning more about, use the Command + F function on your computer to search the article for that term. For example, if you want to learn more about Cell Theory, use Command + F to bring up the search function.

If you are looking for general quiz material for the whole IB Biology Exam, you can skip to the end of the article to the Overall Reviews section for great overall study resources. Command Terms in IB Biology. Course Outline. This is a proposed outline of content delivery and may be subject to change Regarding the use of Biozone and Campbell's Biology These resources (included as proposed post-reading and activities) are not IB-specific and should be used only to broaden your understanding of related topicsIt is not expected that you will complete all the post-reading or activities - choose sections relevant to your individual areas of weaknessIt is more important that you are developing your own revision resources and completing the periodic ClassE tests Term 1 Term 2.

Course Outline

IB Biology Papers (old) The Best IB Biology Study Guide and Notes for SL/HL. Command Terms - IB Geography. 12 Mock - Geography for 2015. Geography for 2015 & Beyond - Home. Gender and change. Gender: The condition of being male or female.Inequalities: When people are treated differently and unfairly.Equality: When everyone is treated in the same way.Empowerment: To invest with power, this may be legal power to do something or social power and belief to do something.Emancipation: This means freedom, in geography people often refer to the emancipation of females, which means that they have the freedom to do whatever they want, including getting an education and a job.

Gender and change

Education - Afghanistan Taliban restrict women's education in Pakistan - Independent articleTaliban end opposition to educating girls - BBC articleAcid attacks and rape: growing threat to women who appose traditional order - Guardian articleAfghan Girls Scared by Acid Defy Terror Embracing School - NY Times articleMalala Yousafzai, schoolgirl shot by Taliban, now in UK - BBC article Summary Table About Importance of Female Education Health - Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Migration Work.