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It’s easy BrainRushes are easy to play, create, assign and monitor. Plus they’re Common Core aligned and cover all topics. It’s fun We know how much students love their screens, so why not engage them on their beloved digital devices? It saves time

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Gender and change Gender: The condition of being male or female.Inequalities: When people are treated differently and unfairly.Equality: When everyone is treated in the same way.Empowerment: To invest with power, this may be legal power to do something or social power and belief to do something.Emancipation: This means freedom, in geography people often refer to the emancipation of females, which means that they have the freedom to do whatever they want, including getting an education and a job. Education - Afghanistan Taliban restrict women's education in Pakistan - Independent articleTaliban end opposition to educating girls - BBC articleAcid attacks and rape: growing threat to women who appose traditional order - Guardian articleAfghan Girls Scared by Acid Defy Terror Embracing School - NY Times articleMalala Yousafzai, schoolgirl shot by Taliban, now in UK - BBC article Summary Table About Importance of Female Education

Create Quizzes Now Quiz also available for your favorite device with HTML5 This activity consists of a group of questions that are asked sequentially. The user that creates the Quiz must decide the number of possible questions to be shown in each Quiz. You can create a Quiz with a higher number of questions than the number of questions prompted to the user, so these questions are shown randomly. Formulation This is the second version of Organic Chemistry Mechanisms. Due to me using a second software update kit, I cannot update my old app and update it and retain my 1,000+ down loaders. So to get my user base back, I am offering versions 2.0 of this app for %50 OFF!!! MCAT, College Organic Chemistry.

6 Steps to Add Voice Comments to Google Docs Here is a step by step guide to show you how you can add " Voice Comments " within your Google Docs. This application is developed by 121 Writing. Here is how you can do it : 1- Head over to your Google Docs and click on " Create". scroll down to the bottom and click on "connect more apps " 2- Type in the word " voice " in the search panel then click on connect in front of " voice comments " 3- Go back to your Google Docs and right click on the document you want to add voice comments to then select open with voice comments

Beyond Assessment: 3 Other Uses for Socrative This is a guest post from Beth Holland (@brholland) of EdTechTeacher, an advertiser on this site. Socrative is a free student response system that works on any device. With its built-in quick questions and quiz options, it is an incredible resource for formative and summative assessments. However, Socrative can be used for more than just quizzes. IB English A: Language & Literature: 8 writing tips Dear Ms X, Over the past six years, each morning, as soon as my students walk in the door… I am so happy to see them again and see my classroom take on life again; It feels so natural to me to be a primary school teacher. Yet for the past few months I am longing for and thinking about a new personal challenge in the field of primary education. As I am very much intrigued by different cultures and languages I have decided to start looking for a position at an international school.

English - Exercises, Quizzes, Tests Quiz Maker Charles Kelly Quiz Maker Kristina L. Pfaff-Harris Quiz Maker Easy Test Maker Quiz Maker Quiz Buddy Quiz Maker Quiz Star Quiz Maker Attotron Quiz Makers Linguistic Funland Quiz Makers Hot Potatoes Quiz Makers self-grading / David K. Jordan Quiz Makers self-grading / Webwinder Quiz Makers allthetests Quiz Makers CREATE ... ... Audio & Video RealProducer ... an Online Course ... a Webpage 100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom 100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom by Students and educators have a wealth of learning and productivity tools available to them online. Google offers some of the highest-quality resources on the web to meet all your study and teaching needs, and all you need to access them is an internet connection. The Google Docs collection provides a streamlined, collaborative solution to writing papers, organizing presentations and putting together spreadsheets and reports.

Digital Technology Tools for Implementing Formative Assessment – Post One We’ve blogged numerously on classroom formative assessment strategies that can be implemented easily into everyday classroom activities. All of the formative assessment blogs we’ve done to date can be categorized into various types, to include: – Rubrics – All student response systems – No hands up – Feedback – Activating self and peers – Eliciting evidence of student learning Within each of these formative assessment categories, there are digital tools that can help facilitate the assessment, most of which are free or affordable. In this blog we’ll identify and share digital tools for the first two categories, and we’ll cover tools for the other categories in subsequent blog posts.

IB Mathematics HL & SL free further differentiation methods It seems appropriate to place Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz prominently at the top of this page. Along with major contributions in areas such as philosophy, physics and technology (he invented several mechanical calculators),... more probability of events

BGfL Quiz Creator Welcome to the BGfL Quiz Creator. By following the simple instructions, you will be able to create your own interactive quizzes. Once you have entered all the information and clicked on the 'Create the Quiz' button your quiz is ready to use. You can check your quiz and then go back and edit it (by using your browser's 'Back' button) as often as you like until you are satisfied with the results. Blendspace - Create lessons with digital content in 5 minutes Make mobile learning awesome! Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! Save time by using free lessons & activities created by educators worldwide! Be inspired! Combine digital content and your files to create a lesson

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