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Gramm-O-L'eau. Sans préparation, sans correction, sans papier ni stylo. Inference Bags! Today I did a neat activity with my students.

Inference Bags!

I called it the "Inference Bag" activity. I thought this was a neat activity that would allow my students ownership. Step One: I handed out paper sandwich bags to each of my students Step Two: I handed out a name tag and glued it on their bag Step Three: I let the students place anything that would fit in their bag. Step Four: Staple the bags closed. Step Five: Hand out one index card to each student. Step Six: Have students write out 6 clues about their mystery object in the bag. Step Seven: Place the bags in a corner of the room with their clues and a sheets of paper with all of the students names on them. A close-up of one of the bags and the student's clue card. Vocabulary Games: March Madness Vocab Style. Vocabulary Games: March Madness Vocab Style Posted on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 (Grades 2-12+) Recently updated with a "Bracket Battle" worksheet for those of you who don't want to play March Madness in November :) It’s March Madness time everywhere-from the weather to the hoops.

Vocabulary Games: March Madness Vocab Style

While I’m not the biggest sports fan, I still want to get in on the bracket fun because it’s a great way for students to review vocabulary! My idea is to have students fill out brackets for vocabulary words –and let them decide the “ultimate vocabulary word” in the categories of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Madame Belle Feuille. Littératout. Cercle de lecture. Tableau de bord ‹ Entramis 6e année — WordPress. Untitled. Chance Pour Tous. Sanctuaire historique de Machu Picchu. Cape2ndGrade - Task Cards. Writing Prompts. Outils en ligne gratuits d’écriture collaborative : les pads (dossier) Spelling Word Practice. The dreaded spelling word practice is (as you probably know) a very important part of your student's week.

Spelling Word Practice

I know from personal experience that many children do not enjoy spelling practice UNLESS it is fun. How can we make it fun?? Definitely NOT by the boring and not very effective "write your spelling words 3 times each" practice but instead by playing fun, educational games that will keep your students' interest throughout the entire week. Here is a list of some of the activities I did with my first graders throughout the week that can be done at home: *Find the Word - Have your child write his spelling words on pieces of paper or postcards. *Spelling Word Dance Off - Using your stack of note cards that have the spelling words written out, write additional words to add to the stack.

*Spelling Word Word Search - This is self explanatory. *White Boards or Magnets - This one is plain and simple yet fun because it's different. Whole Group Games. Sight Word Scramble (my class favorite) This takes a little room rearrangement and is high energy but FUN!

Whole Group Games

You will need to print off two copies of a rocket word list with enough sight words for each student to have one, you want multiples of each word and a copy for yourself so you can call out the words. Have the students move their chairs in a circle, leave one out. There will be a student standing in the middle. Here it is in The Mailbox magazine.Click on the picture to read and print this idea. Secret Sight Word Separate the class into groups of four according to the level sight words they are working on. Read and Tally Separate the class into groups of four. Around the World. Keep a 5 Year Journal - Daily Prompts and Steps for Getting Started. By Tami Taylor (Click here to see all 12 months.)

Keep a 5 Year Journal - Daily Prompts and Steps for Getting Started

What’s a 5 year Journal? That was my question when I first heard of it. (Ok, my first question was “five years??” Stick with me, though, it’s relatively painless. I promise.) What is your number one goal this year? Getting Started Step 1. Do you want to write a line about the day as it occurs to you or would you like to have a little direction each day? 365 Questions – January. Art Journaling! « I’ve not posted much lately, but I have had some rather random potential post ideas floating around in my brain.

Art Journaling! «

I actually logged in to post a very random, unconnected sort of post, but then I looked at the March Journaling Idea Page and decided to use one of the ideas! One of my very favorite folk artists is Edward Hicks. He’s famous for his “Lion & Lamb” pictures, as I call them… his Peaceable Kingdoms. It’s interesting to note that in the actual Bible verses (Isaiah 11: 6-9) that inspired Hick’s artwork, a lion and lamb are not actually paired up anywhere in the text, but the two animals seem to typify his work. The Bible text prophesies of a time when there will be peace on Earth… when the most ferocious beasts will eat and sleep alongside the most timid.

Edward Hicks was orphaned as a baby, and was raised by a Quaker family. His most famous paintings were his “Peaceable Kingdoms”… and Hicks painted at least 62 of them! The story of these particular paintings is very interesting.