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Receta de arroz negro de sepia y chirlas. Recetas de arroz. Maridaje y recomendaciones Este plato merece ser cuidado como una auténtica obra de arte.

Receta de arroz negro de sepia y chirlas. Recetas de arroz

Su sabor intenso y su calidad, logrará apasionarte y robar los corazones de tus comensales. ¿Quieres que esta sea una ocasión especial? ¡Presta atención a los detalles! La importancia de un buen producto: estás preparando un buen arroz, por lo que utiliza productos de calidad para realizar este plato. No olvides usar el arroz indicado para esta receta. Trucos y curiosidades Una receta con tradición El arroz negro es propio de Valencia, uno de los orgullos gastronómicos de zona y una de las especialidades más solicitadas de la cocina levantina. Se llama así precisamente por el tono que coge el arroz cuando se mezcla con la tinta natural del calamar, dándole el nombre a este plato. El toque especial: el alioli Una buena guarnición es importante, pero la salsa con la que acompañes la receta, en ocasiones puede recibir todas las miradas y piropos de la mesa.

20 best egg recipes: part 4. Shuko Oda’s ankake chawanmushi Chawanmushi was one of my favourite savoury egg dishes when I was a child.

20 best egg recipes: part 4

Its warm, silky texture and combination of simple ingredients are the perfect way to enjoy the umami flavour of dashi. The simple components of the dish mean that you can play around with seasonal ingredients. This particular recipe is a plain chawanmushi, with a thickened dashi to pour on top at the end. Makes approx 4 For the dashi (makes 750ml)bonito flakes 15ghot water 750ml For the chawanmushidashi 450ml (see above) usukuchi soy sauce 15ml (Japanese light soy sauce, available online) salt a pincheggs 3 For the toppingdashi 200ml (see above) chanterelle mushrooms a handful soy sauce 25ml mirin 10ml katakuriko 10g (potato starch, available online) citrus peel, needle-cut ginger or a twist of black pepper to serve (optional)

20 best seafood recipes: part 2. Vivek Singh’s king prawns in coconut curry sauce Chingri malai curry is one of the all-time favourite Bengali dishes, reserved for very special guests, big celebratory dinners, weddings and so on.

20 best seafood recipes: part 2

I remember this dish once served inside a green tender coconut. As a child, I was told the term malai refers to the creamy flesh inside the green coconut that can be enjoyed while tucking into the coconut. It made sense then and it makes sense now as this is how most people relate to the dish. While travelling and working as a chef, it surprised me no end to see the similarity between this dish and a Malaysian laksa, and I wonder if the Bengali name originated from Malaya, as it is known in India.

Marinate the prawns with half the turmeric and half the salt for 5 minutes. Heat half the oil in a pan and add the bay leaves and onion paste and sauté over a medium heat for 10-12 minutes until very light brown. Mix the remaining turmeric, the ground cumin and ginger-garlic paste in 75ml water.

Morning stars: breakfast for the adventurous. For a nation built on boiled eggs and soldiers, porridge and the full English, we have come a long way in our understanding of the first meal of the day.

Morning stars: breakfast for the adventurous

We asked top chefs to update the breakfast menu for 2016. Rye-bread porridge with skyr and hazelnuts “This porridge was originally a way to use leftover rye bread and beer, but it’s just as nice made with water,” says Brontë Aurell, the Danish cook and entrepreneur behind London’s Scandi Kitchen shop and café. Skyr is an Icelandic yogurt, but if you can’t get that, any natural or Greek yogurt will work.

Serves 2-3dark rye bread 200g, ideally not seededwater 600mlorange peel 1 piece, unwaxed, 2.5cm in diametercinnamon ½ tsp, groundcocoa powder ¼ tspcaster sugar 3 tbsporange juice 1-2 tsp To serveskyr or plain yogurthazelnuts toasted and roughly chopped berries fresh blueberries or raspberries Cut the rye bread into small pieces, then add to a saucepan. Add the orange peel, cinnamon and cocoa and bring to the boil.

Kejriwal. The 20 best Mediterranean recipes: part 4. Theodore Kyriakou’s garides saganaki For this classic Greek saganaki recipe you need fresh medium-to-large-sized prawns, which are deglazed in ouzo to give a unique taste.

The 20 best Mediterranean recipes: part 4

When I think of saganaki, I taste salty melted cheese with hints of ouzo and plenty of grilled bread, and then I start daydreaming about eating under the Almyrikia trees, my feet in the sea. The word “saganaki” refers to the cooking pan, a flat little frying pan with squat handles on both sides. It looks like a cross between a tawa and karahi, the equivalents from East Asia.

Serves 4 as a starterprawns 12 tomatoes 4 good size, ripe and juicy, peeledolive oil 80ml banana shallot 1, peeled and finely choppedgarlic 2 cloves, choppedAleppo pepper a pinch salt and freshly ground pepperouzo 70ml, or dry white winefeta 200g, crumbled basil ¼ bunch oregano a pinch Peel the bodies of the prawns, leaving the heads and tails on for extra flavour. Grate the tomatoes into a bowl, using the large blades of the grater. Shred the basil.