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Resources for Representation in Books

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School Library Journal. Diverse Books for Tweens and Teens Written by Own Voices Authors. Within the last several years, the publishing world has been producing more profound and relevant diverse stories perfect for middle grade and young adult readers.

Diverse Books for Tweens and Teens Written by Own Voices Authors

The increase of diverse stories being told by authentic “own voices” authors gives young people more opportunities to read about marginalized characters from someone within that same marginalized group. If you think back to your middle school and high school required reading lists, you’ll likely see a plethora of classic book titles written by white males — titles like Hamlet, The Great Gatsby, and Macbeth come to mind. While those books are important works of literature, there are now many other voices in the literary world that kids need to hear from. With the new school year on the horizon, now is a great time for educators to update their reading materials in classrooms and libraries, as well as lesson plans, with more representative books. Books we recommend children should match the current world in which we live. 20 Book Bloggers of Color to Follow in 2020 - Bookish. YouTube.

We Need Diverse Books Campaign Video. Diverse Reading List. This is a categorized list of diverse books.

Diverse Reading List

Enjoy. If you want me to add any, dm @xhelvar Mexican GothicCemetery BoysGods of Jade and ShadowA Forgery of Magic (Nocturna) The Wrath and the DawnThe Daevabad Trilogy (City of Brass)Sands of Arawiya (We Hunt the Flame)An Ember in the AshesGirl, Serpent, ThornRebel of the SandsThe Assassin's CurseCrescent Moon Kingdoms The Poppy WarThe Blood of Stars (Spin the Dawn)The Green Bone Saga (Jade City)The Sword of KaigenGirls of Paper and FireFlame in the MistRed WinterForest of a Thousand LanternsThe Drowning Empire (Bone Shard Daughter)Shamanborn (Forest of Souls)Descendant of the CraneThese Violent DelightsWicked Fox The Star-Touched QueenA Crown of WishesThe Tiger at MidnightStar Daughter.

Reading Without Walls. Gene Luen Yang began drawing comic books in the fifth grade, and in 1997 he received a Xeric Grant for his first comic, Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks.

Reading Without Walls

He has since written and drawn a number of titles, including Duncan’s Kingdom, The Rosary Comic Book, Prime Baby and Animal Crackers. American Born Chinese, his first graphic novel from First Second, was a National Book Award finalist, as well as the winner of the Printz Award and an Eisner Award. He also won an Eisner for The Eternal Smile, a collaboration with Derek Kirk Kim. Children’s Books with Positive Disability Representation - Growing a Reader: Kids' Books, Tips and More. Reading about people who are different from you lets you imagine, reflect on, and learn about their lives.

Children’s Books with Positive Disability Representation - Growing a Reader: Kids' Books, Tips and More

And sometimes it is good to read about someone who is like you, too! Celebrate and learn about diverse abilities through great stories. The Disability: Read Up On It! Booklist is a collection of children's books featuring positive disability representation, including picture books, novels and nonfiction. Here are seven highlights from the list. My Ocean is Blue by Darren Lebeuf, illustrated by Ashley Barron The ocean is many things, and different everyday! Charlotte and the Quiet Place by Deborah Sosin, illustrated by Sara Woolley Sometimes the world can be a noisy and overstimulating place. Not So Different: What You Really Want to Ask About Having a Disability by Shane Burcaw, with photographs by Matt Carr Shane Burcaw was born with a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) that hindered his muscle's growth and his mobility.

This book is also available in French. Representation in Literature: Why It’s Important & How To Handle It ~ WRITERS HELPING WRITERS® Happy to welcome Deborah Dixon, a passionate author, editor, and racial justice activist to talk a bit on Representation in Literature, a topic of importance and something I think many of us want to understand better so we can encourage the right sort of discussions and help bring about change.

Representation in Literature: Why It’s Important & How To Handle It ~ WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Please read on! The issue of representation has become an important one in literature and throughout the entertainment industry. As an author and publisher of color, I am often asked to offer insight on how best to include characters of diverse backgrounds. John Green: Why We Need Diverse Books. Diverse Books Archives. 22 Diverse Book Choices for All Grade Levels. In a vibrant, multicultural society, representing the richness of students’ lives in a class or school library takes a conscious effort. Including writers and fictional characters with a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and life circumstances is a way to increase the chances that students will find both windows and mirrors in the library—books that reflect their lives, and ones that give them insight into the lives and experiences of people who aren’t like them.

No book shelf is going to represent the fullness of this nation. From the descendants of people who arrived here more than 15,000 years ago to the newest immigrants, we’re simply too much. But the inclusive set of books below—many of which were recommended by multiple teachers—span all grade and Lexile levels up to 1140L, and include award winners and best sellers, books that have stood the test of time and newer options. Grades pre-K to 2 Grades 3 to 5 Grades 6 to 8 Grades 9 to 12. We Need Diverse Books –